Can Invest Since Young?

By | December 7, 2014

young-investorMany young people are still hesitant to invest because the feeling is still in the stage of building a career and salary are still relatively small. In fact, the investment required for anyone, including young people.

Here are the things that should be noted about personal finance that can be considered.

1. Self-control

One thing that should be controlled in the management of your finances that are just starting a career is the use of a credit card. It is usually necessary to buy a “working capital” such as bags, shoes, and clothing or simply treat friends with newly acquired salary. However, transactions using credit cards must also be controlled. To control the use of credit cards, you should control spending due to “swipe” the card. In addition, it is better to not have too many credit cards so that expenditure can be braked and some revenue can be invested.

2. Browse to where your money goes

Without proper planning, your salary can drift off somewhere. You can only buy things that actually do not need. The best way is to make the budget of every paycheck you receive. Make a list of your expenses each month. Do not forget to set aside some of the funds to be invested so that your income can be channeled properly and are not used for anything unnecessary. Here discipline and self-control you will be required.

3. Keep health

When you can not use health insurance products due to limited income, the most powerful way to limit spending as a result of the disease is to maintain health. This method can reduce your risk of “visiting” the hospital. With a healthy lifestyle and regular anyway, at least you can reduce the cost of treatment. Furthermore, if your salary is slowly crawling, you can use health insurance products. No one knows what will happen next, right?

4. Keep income

To be able to enjoy their own hard-earned income, you have to keep it just disappeared. The simplest way is to set aside income to save. However, if you can invest on the part of the proceeds to acquire return, why not? Before investing, you should find out the characteristics of each investment product. Choose the product that best suits your financial condition. Happy investing!