Building a World-Class Team

By | October 29, 2013

peopel-in-a-business-meetingWe often read success stories of entrepreneurs of the world and in awe of their success. “How a human being can achieve that high?” Maybe that’s a question that is often thrown in the mind after reading achievement entrepreneurs.

The answer is simple. People are brilliantly assisted by a group of people who are no less brilliant in tow. The great entrepreneurs are not working hard alone. They built a solid team that helped him realize big dreams in their brains. Here are some lessons to be learned from the world’s two seasoned entrepreneur, Donald Trump and Greg Dyke.

Donald Trump: You can not do it alone

That’s what was studied by wealthy Americans, Donald Trump, during its passage profession as an entrepreneur. Trump learned many things about entrepreneurship for decades. He learned about how to better use the resources he has, either in the form of financial, infrastructure, services in various kinds, and especially, a great talent.

Trump realized that for success, he can not do all alone. Building a world-class team is the only way to success. We began to build a business, Trump discuss with one of New York’s top lawyers who are experienced in the field of real estate, George Ross. Together with Ross, Trump define all the stakeholders needed for negotiations.

He later founded an architectural firm that can channel his vision forward. A list of resources is very diverse and is increasing from time to time, of the team and project managers to clerks. Trump strictly select anyone who could be a member of his team. After that, he was a delegate and let the ball rolling by itself. However, all team members remain aware that they must take responsibility for Trump on the implementation of the idea. For Trump, the main principle in selecting team members is, “Anyone who can not realize that I have embraced the principles of entrepreneurship, then it is not part of my team.”

Greg Dyke: Recruit people who praise your weaknesses

As a veteran in the world of leadership with a high level of communication skills, Dyke has served as General Director of the world’s largest news network, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Dyke in providing a more concrete example of how to build a team of world-class winner. For him there are four things to consider when trying to build a team:

1. Build a team that you trust

Most entrepreneurs have great ideas and brilliant, but they do not quite understand how to implement them in the field or do not have much time to do it themselves. If you are this type, then Dyke advised to hire people you trust talent, expertise, and the excess will help you realize the vision of a business that has been established. The trust becomes the fulcrum in all the operations team.

2. Recruit the best people and let them work themselves to the fullest

Entrepreneurs do not need to monitor every move of his team every time. If you already believe and trust in them that they will do their best for you, you no longer need to bother to control the small things.

3. Always hire people who praise your weaknesses

Most people can only praise the achievement or superiority. Nothing special with it. But when someone is able to praise your weakness, then it can be concluded that the person is able to see the best in your personal. You need people like that, who can complement your individual as an entrepreneur and compensate for your weaknesses that could hinder the progress of the business.

4. Let them come in and do not let it out just because of doubts

As an entrepreneur, do not let doubt overwhelm you when team members provide a wide range of suggestions or proposals to advance the company or solve a problem. Entrepreneur is a leader with a stable mind. Try not to confuse the other team members with too many decisions to make changes. Things like this will only make them confused and bored.

Build a quality team is not an easy thing, even can take a long time to be able to find the composition of a team that really fit as desired. But with patience and tips above, success with the dream team is not impossible. Good luck!