Build Business in Young

By | January 23, 2015

young businessAre you one of those people who want to have a business at a young age? Or, if you an young professionals who also want to build a business as an extra income? Is it ever occurred to you to invite colleagues / friends you build a business together?

Having a business / business at a young age is something to be said brave and great. Brave, because of a lot of risk in it. Great, because at a young age, we have more time than the relative when we run it at the age of aging and approaching retirement.

Doing business at a young age requires some preparation and planning. Start of capital often be obstacles, to the issue of mental preparation that sometimes often forgotten.
Well, in this article, we will discuss various experiences Indonesian youth who successfully built his business when young.

We will learn the story of their journey to start a business, ranging from tips on success, to a variety of things to kta avoid. Curious what? Let’s find out the tips of their success.

1. The principle of 3M from Lena Thong

“In business there should be 3 key (Want, Able, Money). If one does not exist to be partnering “

There is one important tips in the business of Lena Thong, CEO of a company ready to use office services provider. According to him, for young people who want to set up a business, need to check three factors: willingness, ability, and capital. Willingness advent of self, that is passion. The desire to run a business with a million visions and dreams in tow as well as our love for something that wants to seriously at it.

Lena claimed to be interested in the business of providing ready-made office because he was interested in the world of property. It captures a very good chance that it will be many emerging companies-small firms who need instant office. Based on this reason, Lena execute leader-dream.

Ability. The second factor that is important to have the time to build a business is our capacity to run it. This is related to our readiness in terms of insight into the business world, knowledge of the field which will we are working on, as well as managerial skills.

The latter is money, or capital. So what if we do not have one? Yup, the solution is to partner!

For example, if you have such a passion for fashion and has equip you with the insights of the fashion world, but lack of capital. Look for investors!
Conversely, if you have the desire and money / capital but do not know how to fig doing business, look for a partner / partners as part of management.

Terms of Business by Lena Thong
• Know / Mastering the field that will be run in business
• There should be opportunities
• Passion

“A lot of people who think rationally would give up when faced with obstacles. Often passion is what makes us keep trying. “(Steve Jobs)

2. Win Like The Champion

Tips to success both in business at a young age is a mental “Win Like The Champion”
What does it mean?

We must have the mental to be a winner, not a loser.

Do you know the difference winner and champion?

A winner (winner) could be the winner of a time, but not necessarily be able to repeat the victory. Only a champion (champion) who is able to win, again and again, over and over again.

as well as in running a business, we must be prepared for the game and relentless struggle. This will add to our appreciation of the business in which we live.

When we’ve managed to achieve the target or dream of success, we really win like a champion who made it through the various stages of the match. Not just a new sense of pride because of the obstacles facing small.

3. Do not be too focused on the same financial

There is one interesting story that comes from Google’s headquarters. Charlie Ayers, first cook recruited Google, has a mission to provide food that is able to make at home the computer whiz in Google, ranging from breakfast, lunch, to dinner. He also had to create an atmosphere where people want to come early and come home late. Ayers also reduces pizza and replace it with sushi, which he believes good food for the brain. As a result, every employee of Google so fond of cooking and feel comfortable to linger in office.

From Charlie we can reap valuable lesson that in working / doing business, not only have about money and profit. The most important thing when we build the business is run by the liver. Indeed, profit is an important factor in business, but not all of the success of a company is measured by profit. The extent to which a company is able to influence the market and consumers and make meaningful changes in their lives is also an achievement that is expensive.

4. Do not be stingy to share knowledge

Other successful tips that come from the young Indonesian businessman Billy Boen work summarized in his book, Top Words 2 is the generosity to share knowledge.

In running a business, we can not only rely on themselves without the ability to share lessons and experiences to others. With often share knowledge to business associates or junior, we will get a myriad of benefits. Among other is an increasingly strong relationships with other businesses, the existence of widespread, as well as science increasing because we often repeated when sharing.

5. Identify the capabilities and direction that will be addressed

“Begin with the end Mind” (Stephen R. Covey. In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

One key to success in business is to determine and visualize the peak of your business. What do you want to go and want from the business?

Started from the end, but usually start from the beginning, starting from the beginning. Why should starting with the end? Why do we start from the end? End it is the hope and goal that we all desire. This means that our business is better we have to set a goal first. This is so that we have a clear focus.

Thus, when we already have unwittingly focus all our potential will be devoted to that purpose. Our bodies, our energy, our minds and our hearts will move with the definite and convincing steps to achieve that goal.

By imagining the end, you can easily find out details about anything you need to make it come true 🙂

6. Integrity, Passion and Fun

“Lack of passion is often the case that distinguish between failure and success” (Donald Trump)

One of the principles that are held strong by Ligwina Hananto, one of the leading financial planner in starting a business is Integrity, Passion, and Fun.

In addition to integrity, other important factors that must be owned by a new business is a passion and fun. Working with passion can help you get up quickly when he found the problem. Passion will be a compelling reason for someone to do what he aspired from the beginning. Moreover, in business we also have to run it with pleasure. Although it should be professional and serious about working on a business, make your business as a vehicle for fun.

7. Being, do and have. Focus on self

The last important tips before starting a business is to pay attention to three factors, namely “being, do, and have”. From the third case, which required the first time we have not do and have, but being. The meaning is, before we decided it wanted to do and have something, make sure we’ve ourselves with all our knowledge and skills. Because businesses will only be successful in the hands of those who deserve reap success. Are you one of them?