Branding: It’s in the Details

By | October 13, 2016

When it comes to projecting a brand image, it would be hard to imagine someone not having business cards or a letter head with the brand logo and tagline. Brick and mortar businesses have signs, and even price tags, shopping carts, and shopping bags are likely to be branded. Of course, every business brands its advertising and promotional materials.


Businesses may overlook one channel for advertising and promotion, however. That overlooked channel is creating customized waterproof labels, custom stickers, and vinyl decals for the business.

Compared to other forms of advertising and promotion, hundreds, even thousands, of sheets of customized labels, stickers, and decals can be printed off relatively inexpensively. Moreover, customized stickers, decals, and labels can be put to a number of versatile and ingenious uses.

Because they are comparatively inexpensive, a sheet of stickers could be put in the bag of each customer who makes a purchase at a brick and mortar store or given to each child after a visit to the doctor or dentist. Sheets of stickers could be sent to customers along with catalogs, sales flyers, or other promotional and advertising materials.

Customized stickers, labels, and decals do not necessarily have to be cut in the standard square, circular, oval, or rectangular shape. Look for companies that can cut customized stickers, decals, and labels in made-to-order shapes, and print designs in full color on the entire sheet. A florist, for example, could order sheets of stickers with the business’s name, address, phone number, website and email address on a header and then have the rest of the sheet printed to resemble a flower garden which each flower cut to be a removable sticker.

To present a unified brand, the florist could have larger flower-shaped stickers printed with company information to stick on shopping bags and mailing envelopes, possibly saving money on printing custom envelopes and bags.

To add a whimsical memorable touch to the storefront, a florist could have customized floral decals made to frame the front windows, with another large decal, or individual letter decals, to place the store’s name in the center of the window. Customized decals could be less expensive than painting the window, and decals would also allow the florist to change the types of flowers to suit the season or an upcoming holiday.

Imagination turns customized stickers, labels, and decals into assets for any business.