Best Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Visibility

By | June 29, 2015

Are you wondering how most of the influencers and entrepreneurs are getting most of the business from LinkedIn? In recent years, Linkedin network has made several changes and updates in their network to make it more user-friendly for peoples. If you are already on linkedin and your company profile is created on Linkedin, it’s a great time to check it and refresh your online presence on Linkedin.

If you are looking for how to get started with Linkedin and improve you online visibility, here we have listed best steps to get started.

Fill up your LinkedIn Company Profile with All Details

Did you ever checked, when any visitors first visit your Linkedin profile,, you may have seen a box that highlight fills the screen.As there is saying that first impression is last impression, you should make your profile clearly and updated so that anyone can check out from your profile what you can do for them.

The interesting thing and feature is that it automatically suggest you step by step procedure to update your profile like uploading proper image, adding your education, work experience and much more data you can fill up in your profile to make it visible for peoples to check out.

Use your Skill as your Keyword on your Company profile

There is a field to add about you in summary section on your profile, there you can add about your and complete details in summary section in details.


Write the text in your summary section in the first person, as if you were talking directly to potential clients. Your profile should tell you everything about you and your complete story, your client can directly access from your profile. You can also simply use effective keywords and phrases where they fit.

Hint: The “specialties” section of the summary is a great place to list your areas of expertise using descriptive keywords.

List Your Company Profile On Linkedin

You can also create your Linkedin company profile from Linkedin for business page.There you can mention everything about your company, list your employees and much more. You can also list your company profile similar to Linkedin on

Join and participate in groups

If you don’t know, LinkedIn Groups has recently got a major upgrade with the new LinkedIn mobile application. You can easily take part in the group discussion on the go, that is really great for you to stay visible on active groups those are related to your company’s service.

linkedin 2

Joining Linkedin groups is also easy, click on group tab available on navigation menu and you can easily find groups you have joined, you are following, you may also like or you can also create your company’s group using linkedin and invite peoples to join your linkedin company group.

It is advised that you are joining groups that are relevant to your business and company profile to target your clients easily. E.g. if you are working on local business, you will need to check out the local business listing groups. You can easily connect with professional peoples in your niche using Linkedin groups.