Before Investing, Watch Your Habits

By | January 18, 2015

investmentInvesting into the future land that is promising. However, to start investing preparedness need to pay attention and you are in shopping habits.

Not always big income can guarantee to save. To the need to do proper planning to start investing.

First, take the first money to invest your income or savings. Second, allocate items of income funds for the primary needs.

Explained further, as long as this is still one of the public mindset in terms of investment and saving. Society tends to think of the investment income of the remaining funds, should be prepared to invest earlier than income funds.

Meanwhile, to allocate funds indispensable requirement. For example, for social funds need to be prepared 2,5-10 percent, debt payment or the 30 percent maximum credit, insurance funds (health) 10 percent, 10-20 percent of future investment, 15 percent of education costs, living expenses exceeding 60 percent, 5 percent of the cost of travel, entertainment (entertainment) maximum 2.5 percent.

With eight posts should be in accordance with the needs of the total revenue by 100 percent. For that we need discipline, mental readiness and lifestyle that are not based on lust of your spending habits.