Be the Leader in Your Field

By | October 20, 2013

competitionSome important things that affect your company seems to be out of control: all of it is controlled by government or regulatory agencies and affecting the industry as a whole. A leader can decide to become a leader in the industry.

Peter Martin is the principal operating officer of Norgine, a privately-owned pharmaceutical company. Some of the company’s most important products are the products ‘branded generics’, especially the kind that is reformulated to generic medicines available.

When Norgine representative industry body, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), filed an action cost savings to the UK government will introduce an automatic replacement by a pharmacist of the cheapest generic drugs available, Martin felt that the ABPI is no longer represent the interests of the major company or the interests of other pharmaceutical companies of the same size. He also strongly believes that the new legislation does not favor long-term interests of the industry, especially the patients and did not result in cost savings.

Peter Martin is a favorite quote the words of George Bernard Shaw who said, sane people adapt themselves to the world, the less sane forcing the world to adjust to him. Therefore, all progress depends on people who are less sane. “I decided that I should be the one who is insane.”

Norgine led by Peter Martin and backed by dramatically resigned leaders of their industry body, the ABPI. Martin began to build a network with a group of other companies that have the same stance and hired a public relations firm to conduct the business lobby to the government. A petition was launched and asked the British prime minister to hold a public consultation on the issue. Martin worked closely with the pharmaceutical industry trade press to broadcast its position and its funding nearly all the business costs and prefer to be a pioneer in the business rather than creating a similar committee is even more upsetting.

The decision by the government or other regulatory bodies and legislation seem beyond our control. Leaders can decide to oppose the decision and lead their industry sector. Your own company may or may not be the ones who benefited from the success but if no one wants to do it, do it yourself. Make sure that you have the support of your directors. Wake up networking, do lobby and empowering media. Invite all players in the industry with you.