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7 Suitable Business Ideas For Fresh Graduate

The increasingly tight competition of the working world has made the fresh graduates have to rack their brains to survive with their capabilities. Not surprisingly, some of them prefer to start a business as a stepping stone in the workplace career.

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There are some business ideas that can be tried fresh graduate pioneered. Who knows, by pursue this business the fresh graduate can earn more than office work.

1. Clothing business

Selling clothes is the easiest business idea to do. If you like to make design clothes then make it into a finished garment, why not start your own clothing business?

In the beginning, you can do it yourself. But for business development, you should also look for tailors or vendors that fit your line of business.

2. Creators of social media content

Other business opportunities that can be tried is to open the services of writing content. The existence of sosmed today makes our life for 24 hours as if it never stopped.

Creative individuals such as writers or graphic designers can explore their talents to produce high-quality content, both for business and for the media.

3. Business EO

Actively organize and often hold events campus activities can be your stock in opening EO business. You are used to working with people, being chased deadlines, looking for sponsors, and handling other technical matters.

By having acquaintance of tent supplier, sound system, exchange desk, i and other event equipment, you can start this EO service business.

4. Make craft

In addition to clothing business, handicraft business is also a business idea that does not require capital in large quantities.

Many examples of handicraft products that you can try to make your own. After that you can sell it via online or through social media.

5. Social media admin

Currently, no business does not need social media as a means of promotion. Usually, some companies will hire people who have high creativity to attract clients or buyers.

And to produce interesting content, companies are willing to pay their social media admins to find references from various sides that can be an attraction.

6. Freelance writer

The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business without large capital that can be done at home online. Become a freelance writer on one website that has a topic about business.

Articles written about business and references can be seen from various business articles on the internet or books.

7. Photographer

As a freelance photographer, you do not have to worry about boring looking at the background of the photo that’s all.

Because usually, you will be assigned to some activities, both indoors and outdoors. This work will also invite you to see the beauty of the world for free.

Avoid 5 This When You Want to Do Business

When running a business or business is not as easy as imagined. It takes struggle and hard work for success. Doing one small mistake sometimes can be fatal consequences.

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There are many examples of businesses that are closed even if newly opened. Therefore, it takes a proper planning and calculation if you want to start a business.

As a beginner businessman, you must be careful and consider the factors that can make you make unnecessary mistakes. Some mistakes can indeed arise when you set up a business.

One of the keys to a business lasting long is to avoid business mistakes that can be detrimental. Here are five common mistakes a businessman should avoid when starting a business.

1. Don’t ignore the formal business plan

Every big or small company must have a plan. A business plan does not need to be long and complicated. It’s simple, but make sure to write it down.

Make a plan by setting the foundation of what you need to be successful. It also serves as a barometer to review your business progress. Keep in mind, in many cases, people never plan to fail, but on average they fail to make a plan.

2. Don’t mix personal and business finances

Many new business owners are tempted to confuse business with their personal finances. They often think it will be easier to manage.

And this way it can actually make a business so messy. Make sure you have a separate bank account for your business and company. If necessary, consult a legal counsel or tax advisor to discuss the company’s establishment and financial issues.

Increase Sales with Brand Awareness

One way to increase sales is to create a high brand awareness in the eyes of consumers. You can do it with branding activities.

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Branding is an activity to better introduce products that are sold so that potential customers become the target market to recognize the product, interested, and perform purchasing activities. Activity can be done through promotion or product knowledge.

And at least there are at least three ways to do branding.

First, through online activities, such as websites or media, social. For branding through the website, you should create an eye-catching website, keep updating website content so that visitors do not get bored, and make your website more interactive, for example by installing chat feature, so that visitors can communicate directly with you.

Second, do a brochure spread at locations where your business consumer target is located. Good brochure is not too much to give information in the form of writing. So make sure the photos or pictures are printed on the brochure. Use interesting call-to-action phrases to attract potential customers.

Third, you can also use t-shirts as a means of promotion of your business. Make a special t-shirt with an attractive design and has good contrast so it is easy to read. T-shirts can be a media campaign running when worn.

If you do not have good design skills, can use freelance design services for branding needs.

Five Ways to Grow Your Business

business-leadershipBeing a businessman is not easy. One of the hardest parts to expand and grow your business. Here are five ways that you can do to grow the business.

1. Provide additional incentives to your employees

Employees are the heart of a company and they should be able to benefit. But do not make them work just as a business machine. You must need to gave appreciation to employees for their services, whether it be in the form of salary bonuses, add facilities, or time off.

2. Networking with existing clients and vendors

Do you work with clients and vendors, who have a business opportunity gives you repeatedly because they like your work? So take this opportunity to grow your business. Ask them to provide guidance and recommendations that will help you get a business opportunity from other parties.

3. Focus on customer feedback

The simple answer to the question of how to grow your business is that you have to hear what is happening in the market and the opinions of the customers. If a customer is not satisfied with a product or service, it will look on your sales. Focus to hear feedback about your business will give you extensive knowledge.

4. Diversification

Many businesses forget that they actually have the ability to gave additional products and services for customers, who have faithfully wearing your product. To understand how to grow your business, consider choosing diversification or expansion of products and services. Who knows, this will help you to capture new market segments.

5. Improve and expand marketing network

Do you know why most businesses never learn how to grow their business? Because they all are only concerned with raising sales of their products. Customers hate to producers who do not provide services after they buy the product. Focus on building a relationship with your customers, do not just think about how to benefit only.

10 Questions You Need Answered Before Initiating A Company

There are many plans that wish is realized when they have a desire to go into business. However, the reality is not easy as you think. Of course there will be many challenges facing your business. It takes determination, courage, and hard work in building a business, even the smallest business.

Business start

Running a business and open up a new company to be a step selected people getting tired of being an employee. No matter how proficient you are in the field, establishing the company remains to be done in a planned and thoughtful. Do not let you open a company that just a few weeks old. Moreover you to give up because it failed to run the company.

Various things you should be considered from the beginning that the company could be born and grow up according to plan. Not only was it. You would expect a number of advantages over the business you run, do not you? The following questions are required to understand before deciding to set up a company.

1. Is this your first company?

If yes, would you not have thoughts about establishing the company. Conversely, if it turns out you’ve set up the company before you step to establish the new company would be much easier. Especially if it turns out you are successful in building previous companies.

For the first time, there are many things to be prepared as a prefix in building companies. First of all you need to have is capital, either money or mentally. Then a plan drawn up with the full calculation. Then the network of connections (networking) that can help smooth business.

2. Are You Sure Want to Be Entrepreneurs?

Having a business life can be defined has a number of pretty good ability in the face of various obstacles in the company. That is, you understand exactly how to act when there is a problem and develop the company in various ways right. All abilities can be absorbed very well there.

However, if it turns out you have doubts / fears and do not want to take risks for the sake of the company, chances are you are not an entrepreneur. It would be more suitable for you to work with people as employees by salary each month.

3. Understand How Business Will you at Initiated?

If interested in the field that you make as a business, it is a good sign in starting a business. Unfortunately, it is less than adequate. Because in building a business, you will need an understanding, knowledge, and expertise are qualified to manage it. All that will help you to survive. Moreover, if one day you lose interest in the field.

4. How Understanding Your People in Business Such What?

When had the idea to pioneer the company, you might tell those nearby. You also expect feedback on the idea that you have. It is advantageous if they really understand the business you want to wake up. You can get honest feedback and constructive. Not just a mere compliment to all the plans.

5. Can you Run it on the Right Path?

In starting a business, you must have the ability to look at business opportunities that you may achieve in the future. In this case, you should be able to see whether the business you run is on the right track to deliver themselves to success or not. A good understanding of the business you are going to help you to find the most appropriate path to grow your business.

6. What You Want to Achieve?

No matter what business will be established later, you are required to have a clear goal on the business. This would be particularly relates to the field / type of business you run. Because you can specify that you want the achievement of the future. If you do not have goals, and how you will run the company well?

7. Understand How You Will Difficulties Facing Possible?

Running a business would have to be coupled with planning. You will pour all your wishes on the business. Not only plan alone, but various difficulties that may occur should you take into account in it. You can take various steps in anticipation of the good from the beginning. Basically business risks and uncertainties in it so important for you to understand this from the beginning.

8. Working Alone or Together with Others?

Most people will be happy when working with others. However, some others apparently would be enjoying his independence by working alone. It can show us how you handle the business in the future.

9. Work with High Salary or Running Your Own Business?

For some people, this may be a very difficult choice. However, if it has the entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in ourselves, we can be sure you will refuse the highest paying job though.

10. What about capital?

If you have a sufficient amount of capital, you will not face a problem in funding the company. Because you can finance his own company. However, if you do not have the capital, you should have the ability to find an investor for the business. You can also avail the loan facility in the form of Loan. Choose the smallest flowers that you do not weigh in paying credit.

10 Tips to Start Small Business and Achieving Success

Better be the head of ants than elephants. Once the pretext of employers. Entrepreneurship is indeed very tempting. With the right attitude, success is not just a dream.

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If you look at Bill Gates or Mark Zuckenberg, would you be tempted by their extraordinary wealth. But are you aware, that they also start from their small businesses. And none of those who guessed scored a success as it is now.

Startups that turned into a successful company worth billions and even trillions, in the business world is not different than winning the lottery. Put all your money and hope to get the jackpot, you are going down.

Here are 10 rules to start small businesses. This list is to make you aware of the fact that there is, rather than insanely pursue your highest dreams in business.

More realistically. When creating a business model, look around and find a successful example of a business model that you want, and learn. If you can not find, whether you exceptional genius, or your business model is not going to work in the real world.

Don’t invest their own money. Since most business is a risky trip, look for a partner. So, if everything does not go all the plans, you’re not going to go bankrupt because of start-up funds before, and did not pursue the debt.

Enslave themselves. If you are not willing to work hard, long hours, forgetting personal gain and health, entrepreneurship is not for you. At first, you definitely will not be able to pay employees, even though employees were cheap. So, your employees, is your own.

Appreciate the time. Give a monetary value on your time, for example Rp20 thousand per hour. This will help when you have to make decisions: When a store charge Rp10 thousand for shipping every week, and it takes 2 hours to go to the store by yourself, then pay continues postage from the company, because it is cheaper. It may be against the rules to 3, but even though slaves also have economic value.

Recruit employees well. Regardless the size of your business, you will eventually hire employees from outside. To that end, do the recruitment process carefully, without haste, and treat it as important when you start a business. It is unfortunate the attitude of business owners who have a vision for their business, but to recruit employees who actually prevented achieve that vision.

Sell ​​the benefits, not the price. When you start a business, naturally you frustrated marketing. But, if you compete on price, you are ultimately the selling with a mediocre or even below the capital. Master the skills to communicate with customers, to explain that the price of your product is higher because it has better value.

Know basic numbers. Knowing how much money you need for running the business – from the rental shop, electricity, employee insurance, until the price of printer ink, paper, and taxes. And for all that with how many days in a year you will open, and … that’s the basic figure – the minimum amount of income you need each day. If you never thought about the basic numbers, think again.

Use the latest technology. Newer technologies such as applications and data in cloud technology saving very cheap and make a small company can compete with larger companies. Take advantage of low-cost technologies on the market.

Treat vendors well. Treat your vendors and suppliers as possible, just as you treat customers. They can only give volume discounts based on the amount of your booking, or even in order to maintain good relations, and hope that there is an increase in volume in the future. A good relationship makes them also can understand the delay in payment, even give you free shipping.

5 Stages to enable businesses to “Go International”

In the era of open information, as now, penetrated foreign markets is not just a pipe dream. Many local businesses are slow to market its products to foreign countries.


Of course, to be able to penetrate foreign markets takes a variety of innovations to the product you offer is superior to competitors. In addition, there are other steps you can do to make your business more known around the world.

Following various tips that you can do to go international:

1. Find lots of information

The first thing to do is look for information related to your business. For example, for a souvenir or handicraft business, you need to find out how much interest people overseas when you market a product there. Is carving and souvenir sales you made abroad will give you a big advantage? How does the production costs when actually marketed abroad? Whether it will cover the costs of production if high sales numbers? Do not be a deficit too much if sales declined? This is what must be considered and understood.

2. Take advantage of Social Media Promotion

Did you know that the power of sale may be one of the business success? Please create the widest possible network. Perhaps social media can help you in developing the business and promotion. Moreover, people can judge and comment directly readable and reviews of others. If your business is successful, it means that the campaign carried out successfully. Automatic, good reviews come from buyers.

3. Create a product with a quality number 1

It is certain goods with quality number 1 will look for a lot of people. Although the price is a bit expensive, there are still people want to buy because of its quality. Especially if you want to run a business abroad. In addition, from the reviews, you can also assess and introspect whether the quality of the goods have been acceptable abroad or not. This evaluation is important for the future of your business produce goods or well received.

4. Find Relationship

Seek cooperation or relationship is not easy. This relationship can be used for anything, for example, to seek additional capital, cooperation care goods or consignment, and more. Including promotional and advertising media. Therefore, it helps you expand your network and find relationships. For goods, work by becoming a supplier or suppliers. For services, you can work together as a service provider or additional services.

5. Have a plan and set your business

Widen overseas business means developing skills and strategies in business. If it is true, you should have a business plan and set up as clearly as possible. It could be your colleagues or outside the company wants to see your business plan in the future to ensure that they establish relationships with the right people. By doing so, they will be more confident to do the same job if you are planning clear. You could also think about your future plans if the plan you’re running now succeed. For example, when having a business abroad and it has been reached, you certainly will not sit idly by and do not think about where the future will be brought to your business, is not it? Sure you are looking for the next target to get your business become better and better than before. With the business plan, you do not need to worry later about the next target. You like already have their own sketches for the future and staying developed and carried out.