Accountability Within the Construction Industry

By | July 13, 2015

Neighbors might pass by a construction site in their neighborhood and wonder why it hasn’t been finished yet. From lack of materials to slow permit acquisition, construction projects can be delayed for dozens of reasons. With each delay, however, more money is lost and costs rise in response. It’s crucial to have accountability across all project managers’ departments. When everyone is held up to a certain goal set, they’ll do their best to perform quality work.

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Clear Contract Instructions for All Parties

Contract negotiations are often filled with revisions and concessions, making each document slightly more confusing than it was when it was first drawn up. Even after all the changes, contracts should still be clear for all construction parties. Contracts must define everyone’s job duties and limits. Any vague terminology should be altered because misunderstandings lead to project mistakes and overlooked inspections.

Define Communication Routes

Several construction companies could be working on the same job site, such as steel workers and Earth-moving employees. All these workers must have proper communication all day long to avoid any mistakes and to organize themselves efficiently. Walkie-talkies or cellphones should be used throughout the day and specified in the contracts to ensure streamlined work on the job. Poor communication slows down a job site and costs significant money.

Designate Department Leaders

Each employee group requires at least one leader to delegate duties and control work flow. These leaders must have clear instructions on their particular duties, so confusion doesn’t affect the job. When foremen understand a leveling job must be completed today, for example, they’ll organize their team to get the job done right. They have accountability and pass that responsibility onto their team to assure an efficient project completion time.

Gather Weekly for Project Updates

It’s incredibly easy to lose sight of the project as a whole when it’s divided into many sections. Each week, all department managers should physically meet to discuss progress. All positive and negative job aspects must be discussed to get a clear picture of where a project is heading. With accountable lead managers, the project should finish on time.

In some cases, it may be necessary to contact a construction claims expert, such as Lyle Charles Consulting. These professionals are previous construction workers or owners who now work with companies to streamline their operations. Saving time and money is the key to any successful construction project.