A Good Risk Management Strategy

By | January 2, 2018

With the development of diversity issues, mainly related to gender, making the process of risk management formulation more challenging.

The issue of diversity at the level of corporations has created a wide opportunity for women to climb careers at the level of the chief executive. This moment comes along with the business uncertainty that has been felt since last year.

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Grant Thornton US Chief People and Culture Officer Pamela Harless reveals some leadership tips to support appropriate risk management, among them first, building teams that mix male and female personnel. Without diversity, a team will not find many problem solution options.

“Companies that take too long to decide will miss out on important opportunities. But a dynamic and flexible company will make the company more calm and achieve balance, “Pamela.

Second, create opportunities for women’s leadership to be familiar with risk. Despite the experience and the way a person’s leadership becomes a measure of one’s career success, self-confidence indicators are also influential.

Not enough with theoretical training, but involving women to deal with risk management can be a way to build their confidence.

Third, make sure that calculated risk taking is a business strategy, not something that should be avoided. Avoid gender stereotypes. The use of language also needs to be considered so that risk taking behavior is not biased. Avoiding the risk of more negative connotations than being aware of the presence of risk.

Fourth, present the opportunity at every risk. Opportunity and risk double-sided tubs on coins. Make observations about opportunities and risks that are likely to be faced. To be effective, allow all personnel to argue anonymously so that they are not trapped in gender stereotypes. Thus, the participation of each team personnel will be more leverage.