9 Signs You Should Resign from Work

By | February 5, 2018

Not always you have to work in the same place. You can try to move to another place if it feels will make you happy and the future is well guaranteed. If you are thinking of resigning or not from work, try to pay attention first. You can recognize it by signs.


The following which can be an alarm should get away from work:

1. Often feel lazy

One of the most visible signs if you feel bored and have to resign from work is if you always feel lazy.

If every morning you feel no energy to go to the office, this indicates if you are unhappy with the job now.

Find out what is causing this condition and find a solution. If there is no proper solution, it would be better to immediately resign from your job.

2. Working Forced

Of course everyone wants the job he has been craving for. However, what happens if you work out of the way you want?

For example, you have the desire to be a pilot. However, because of certain things, you work as a marketing staff in a company.

In fact, it is not something you like. If indeed this forced flavor happens continuously and there is no change, remember if you have the option to resign. Certainly not possible if you forever work with forced conditions.

3. Feeling alone in the crowd

Most young people today have idealistic thinking so often many ideas come from the mind. Very reasonable if occasionally your opinion is not heard boss.

However, if similar things are also done your colleagues, often even think you are weird, it shows that the office environment is not suitable with you. It would be better if you moved and looked for a company that made you feel welcome.

4. Your skills not growth

Basically, work has two goals, namely earn and to learn. The ideal job is if you can earn income as well as learn.

If you do not get the learning that makes the skill grow, maybe this time it’s time you go out and look for a new job. Of course you do not want it not if it does not develop at all?

5. Losing time for yourself

Maybe you enjoy the job by consuming a lot of time. However, if the job till you do not have time to just hang out with family and friends, of course this is your consideration to resign.

6. No career ladder

When you start working, of course everyone wants if his career can climb in the future and achieve success. However, if you are caught in a company that has high nepotism politics, of course, this dream will be difficult to achieve.

If it is not close to your boss, there may not be a chance for you to be in a position. If these signs are visible, it would be better to immediately resign from the job.

7. The company’s financial condition is unstable

As an employee, it is important to know the financial condition of the company you work for. If the financial conditions change alias unstable, even lead to bankruptcy, you’d better get out of the company soon. The point is, do not let you get trapped and die in it.

8. Stress from work to affect physical condition

Unhealthy work and environment will have a negative impact on the physical and mental. Stress can be present anywhere, both inside and outside of work. If your work begins to affect your physical and mental condition, it would be better to get out of the company immediately.

9. Nature changes to negative

Before, you are an optimist and always think positive. However, your nature turns negative after entering into the company.

If so, it would be better to immediately apply a resign. This becomes a good solution compared to you having to get even worse in the future.

Find Jobs that Deliver Positive Impacts

Finding a job is not an easy thing in the midst of intense competition. However, the most important thing you need to cultivate in mind is to find a fun job and can have a positive impact in the future.