9 Main Mistake Entrepreneurs Starter

By | April 2, 2013

mistakeStarting your own business the same as learning. To build it, you can not only hear the success story of many people. When starting a new business, a lot of homework to be completed from the product test, failed, test it again and do the development.

Making mistakes is an important part of a process, including business. However, Ilya Pozin, the man who founded the company, Ciplex, at the age of 17 years said, not all errors can make you more productive.

In his observations, many entrepreneurs are repeating a lot of mistakes that make it fail in business. Here are nine mistakes new businesses and some ways to cope:

1. Direct investment without prior learning

Your business idea may seem advantageous, but without validation, you will lead the company to the brink of failure. Before you invest money and time for you to realize your business idea, take a little time to test it.

Consult your business idea with a number of experts from the business community. You can learn a lot and adapt your idea to potential customers.

Invest without prior experience and learning, is one of the most frequent mistakes new entrepreneurs.

2. Slow market entry

Although the need to do a consultation, but you need to know, a lot of business ideas fail because it is too long to be realized. Realize the business idea must be done strategically.

Do not spend too much time to realize the ideas and features of your business. All you have to do first is to focus and develop your most valuable product, release and observe how consumers respond.

We recommend that you do not go overboard in building a variety of ideas at one time but it is not finished. It can make you fail to achieve success.

3. Not knowing when to `slam stir`

Through a variety of efforts to validate the notion that done quickly, you may be faced with unexpected conditions. Instead of ignoring all that has been learned, it is better to adjust your business model to prevent failure. Many successful business since changing the business.

4. Too many businesses receive input

Put smart can make your business succeed, but also failed. Ignoring it can make you lose your chance for success.

Conversely, too much input is also dangerous. Expand relationships with experienced entrepreneurs who’ve built and sold his business in your industry field.

Suggestions for you, choose a business advisers specializing in the field you are, not in all areas of business.

5. No marketing, no matter

Too many entrepreneurs think great business idea will grow by itself. In fact, seeks to strengthen online marketing is one thing that must be done every company.

One that can be done is to optimize the search engine (search engine) so that your products are easily found on the internet.

6. No priority to consumer

Products and outstanding marketing concept becomes useless if it is not in accordance with the wishes of consumers. They will not buy it and you will not benefit.

You should recognize the needs of consumers before launching a product. After inaugurating the product, communication with consumers must be maintained.

7. One took the decision fundraising

Without money, you can not set up a business. But that must be taken into account is you how much you need and how to get it.

How to fund management is important to determine the appropriate funding strategy. That way, you can decide which one is right for your business.

8. Less network business

In the end, success depends on the people you know. If you’ve never talked to severe consumer and industry experts, then you will easily lose business opportunities.

Expanding the network should be included in the to-do list. As an entrepreneur, you have to know and be known by many people.

9. Hiring the wrong person

Brilliant ideas do not guarantee a success. But the people who work for you with a myriad of ideas can make you successful.

So it is important for you to look for employees who can work fast and have a high concern to the company. As a boss, you need people with different abilities. But you will also need the hardware to a specific task.