8 Tips to Get Business Customers via Twitter

By | April 22, 2015

get customer via twitterTwitter encourages the perpetrators of Small and Medium Enterprises to optimize the promotion of their products and services through the microblogging site.

Today almost every small and medium enterprises are still promoting their products and services offline. With millions of active users every day. That is why we are very proud to introduce Twitter Ads to help SMEs and encourage them to penetrate to the consumer

In addition to releasing Twitter Ads, Twitter also provides many tips and guides for businesses to maximize the services that are identical to the 140-character limit this.

At least there are 8 tips to maximize Twitter to attract consumers, as revealed in the pages business.twitter.com

1. Find your voice. Twitter suggest to any businesses that do not be afraid to show the identity of the business, even who’s behind the business.

Obviously, the business style of each person is different as needed, so the duty of the owner of the business is to find a pattern that suits the business and their customers

2. Monitor. Find out the interesting conversation and being dealt about your company, products, and your competitors at Twitter.

3. Interact. Use Twitter to provide insight and information about your company that can not be searched in any customer or elsewhere. Ask your followers and understand their constructive comments.

4. Respond. Reply when they tweet about your business. Favorite, and Retweet the message positive and interesting, and was grateful to those who have provided support.

Do not ignore a tweet just because it is critical. Tackle the issue as early as possible and look for the positive feedback that can be used, Most of the discussion should be completed offline sometimes.

5. Always follow the trend. The basic characteristic of Twitter is content with the allure of the short period of time.

Thus, frequent ngetweet on relevant topics. Try to interact with the hashtag trends and matching with your company.

6. Give the value of sales in each tweet. Everyone has different interests. For some people, which is a valuable educational information or an interesting observation.

For others, it may be a quiz or special offers more important. Find out what customers like and adjust your tweet. Not everything has to be solely about the product or your company.

7. Tweet something that can be shared. More people interact with interesting content. Such as photos, questions, or video Vine.

8. Once your business presence known on Twitter, promote products that can help drive growth in the number of followers and reach more customers.