7 Suitable Business Ideas For Fresh Graduate

By | July 10, 2017

The increasingly tight competition of the working world has made the fresh graduates have to rack their brains to survive with their capabilities. Not surprisingly, some of them prefer to start a business as a stepping stone in the workplace career.

fresh graduates

There are some business ideas that can be tried fresh graduate pioneered. Who knows, by pursue this business the fresh graduate can earn more than office work.

1. Clothing business

Selling clothes is the easiest business idea to do. If you like to make design clothes then make it into a finished garment, why not start your own clothing business?

In the beginning, you can do it yourself. But for business development, you should also look for tailors or vendors that fit your line of business.

2. Creators of social media content

Other business opportunities that can be tried is to open the services of writing content. The existence of sosmed today makes our life for 24 hours as if it never stopped.

Creative individuals such as writers or graphic designers can explore their talents to produce high-quality content, both for business and for the media.

3. Business EO

Actively organize and often hold events campus activities can be your stock in opening EO business. You are used to working with people, being chased deadlines, looking for sponsors, and handling other technical matters.

By having acquaintance of tent supplier, sound system, exchange desk, i and other event equipment, you can start this EO service business.

4. Make craft

In addition to clothing business, handicraft business is also a business idea that does not require capital in large quantities.

Many examples of handicraft products that you can try to make your own. After that you can sell it via online or through social media.

5. Social media admin

Currently, no business does not need social media as a means of promotion. Usually, some companies will hire people who have high creativity to attract clients or buyers.

And to produce interesting content, companies are willing to pay their social media admins to find references from various sides that can be an attraction.

6. Freelance writer

The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business without large capital that can be done at home online. Become a freelance writer on one website that has a topic about business.

Articles written about business and references can be seen from various business articles on the internet or books.

7. Photographer

As a freelance photographer, you do not have to worry about boring looking at the background of the photo that’s all.

Because usually, you will be assigned to some activities, both indoors and outdoors. This work will also invite you to see the beauty of the world for free.