7 Profession of Endangered Because Machine Replaced

By | June 14, 2015

Technology is growing and growing each year make a lot of changes in the world. Technology is actually created to help humans in performing tasks and work, turned out to save something that threatens human dignity itself. One form of such threats is the replacement of human occupation or profession by machine.

According to the analysis of Glassdoor, job seekers community sites, automation is now being implicated in the whole hemisphere is predicted to have a 47 percent possibility of the occurrence of the phenomenon of replacement job or profession that will be taken over by the engine power. According to Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor Community Expert, there are several types of jobs with low skills, such as telemarketers who will most likely be replaced by the role of engine power.

Still according Dobroski, although now the technology and machinery has become a very common thing, but not all jobs will be replaced machines. Some jobs that require creativity or skill multitasking and high social skills such as weeding planner (wedding planners) will never be replaced anytime soon. Then a job or profession What are threatened with extinction due to lost and replaced by this machine?

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1. Bank Teller

The first profession of endangered and irreplaceable machine is a bank teller. Clear evidence that this profession is the emergence of potentially replaced machine engine technology Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

With the ATM that can run most of the functions of a bank teller, people are now preferring to use these machines for a variety of purposes such as withdraw cash, transfer funds, pay bills, and more. Indeed, by making use of ATMs, banking transactions can be easier and save time.

Especially now that the banking world is also developing applications of this ATM technology with the launch of mobile banking and internet banking, the bank teller profession will be increasingly endangered and extinct.

2. Cashier

In addition to the bank teller, cashier profession also endangered the engine replaced. The emergence of a special machine to serve the payment buyers in some large stores in the United States and European countries makes the profession increasingly threatened the cashier.

This particular machine is sophisticated because it has the ability to scan and serve the payment from the buyer independently through the machine. Until now, the standalone machine known to have totaled 430,000 units worldwide, up to four times as much than in 2008.

3. Reception

Receiving a phone call is one of the tasks receptionist who is now widely performed by an answering machine or a virtual assistant system. Answering system that takes over the job itself is called a virtual receptionist receptionist. In countries with advanced technologies such as Japan, the role of receptionist even had replaced the real robot.

4. Operator Phone

Subjected to threats on this front was also override professions telephone operator. Moreover, the main job is the telephone operator received a call from the consumer, of course, will be increasingly threatened due to an automatic answering machine now widely used by many companies.

5. Mailman

It is not a surprising thing again if the current use of email (electronic mail) has become a necessity and habits of the people. And the existence of an email that has now popular will certainly shift the role of the physical form of a letter. And the eventual impact is professions introductory physical mail (postman) will be increasingly endangered.

6. Travel Agency (Travel Agent)

Other professions which are endangered due to replaceable machine is a travel agent (travel agent). As we know that the number of airlines that opened its own website to serve ticket reservations and the emergence of many smartphone applications ticketing service provider will make the existence of a travel agent threatened. Indeed, with their wide range of services via the internet network users will feel the ease and practicality of its own rather than having to go to a travel agent.

7. Print Media Reporters

With the increasing blog services and online media professionals to make professional print journalists or newspapers are also expected to continue to decline. The ease and internet access increasingly affordable and cheap it is to make more people choose online media rather than having to buy a newspaper or a magazine. Threats to the profession of print journalists is starting to be seen by many print media are closed and folded.