7 Business Inspiration from Successful Entrepreneurs

By | April 6, 2015

successfully tipsOne way to increase revenue and improve your career is to build your own business. And, it would be better, if you start this thing ever since young. To help you, there are some inspiring effort you can take from a few people following successful.

1. Lena Thong

Lena Thong is the CEO of a company that provides ready-made office. According to him, there are three things needed to start a business while still easy. The third thing is there’s a will, ability and money.

Willingness comes from an interest in your chosen field. Ability is how your preparation, both in terms of knowledge and expertise in the field. While capital is money to start a business. If you do not have one of these three things, you can partner with others.

2. Mental Champion

In addition to the above three main thing, a winning mentality is also required by the pioneering attempt at a young age. Mental champion is mentally where you can win repeatedly. All successful entrepreneurs have this mentality. With this mentality, they are able to pass through any obstacles and challenges.

3. Focus

Inspiration attempt this one came from Google and Charlie Ayers. Charlie Ayers was hired cook Google. Charlie managed to make Google employees come early and come home late with food.

The above means in starting a business, you have to focus on the right things. That is, the continuity of the company and business influence on consumers. Charlie did it on Google employee who recruited him. Your business must be so for your customers.

4. Divide Science

Billy Boen, an Indonesian businessman also managed to inspire efforts for many young entrepreneurs. He also managed to develop its business and become one of the most successful young businessman in Indonesia.

Billy secret is shared his knowledge to others. By sharing the knowledge, he can build a good relationship. In addition, the person with whom he co-operation will also be useful for business.

5. Sthepen R. Covey

Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People also provide some inspiration for your business. One is “Begin with the end mind”. That is, you should start by imagining the ultimate goal of business you start.

In this way, then all the potential and ability will appear and deployed to achieve that goal. This will make the chances of success of obtaining the goal becomes larger.

6. Integrity, Passion and Happiness

Donald Trump reveals a lack of passion or passion is often the cause of failure. Passion and joy in running a business will help you to not give up.

7. Positioning Yourself

Before you start a business, you have to position yourself. That is, you must be in a proper position in running the business. You must have the knowledge and skills needed to run a business. This is what makes you successful.