6 Tips to Better Time Management

By | August 4, 2016

The main thing in life is to make a change to begin to learn to manage time efficiently. Time management is the planning, organizing, and monitoring productivity of time. Quality of life depends on the good management of the use of the time available.time management

As a businessman, owned a definite often divided, and therefore you must be smart to consider some more time will be spent.

There are only 3 way to spend time, that is, thinking, talking, and doing other things. Regardless of the lived today, businesses will not be separated from those three things. Here is a technique to master the timing is good.

1. Remember and Understand Whenever Valuable Time

Bring schedule and remember the contents of your thoughts, conversations and activities to do during the week. This will help understand some of the things that can be completed within one day. And when valuable time will pass. You can see some more time spent to achieve a result. So how much time has been discarded for activities that are not productive.

2. Create Schedule for Yourself

All activities and conversations that are important for success should be a period of time. List of work will increase very much if filled with things that can not be done. Make a schedule for yourself where you can take the time to think and do things that are productive for yourself.

3. Take Time To It Productive

Plan at least 50% of the time you have to make it productive. Plan is also a time to rest, pulling away from the busyness that you have. Please also take the time during the first 30 minutes each day to start your day. Do not start before the completion planned activities.

4. Preferred Priorities

Take time for 5 minutes for all decisions to be taken. This will help show the priority that should be prioritized. Similarly Spend 5 minutes after activity or decision taken to determine whether you specify the target was achieved or not. Correcting if there is anything missing or not.

5. Do not Hesitate to Refuse

Do not hesitate to reject any interruption of the time you really need to do something to completion. Blokirlah all things that are not related to work such as social media, except it help your business.

6. Create 20% Activity Being 80% Results

Remember that it is impossible to finish it all. And remember that good things are made twenty percent of activities, making eighty percent of the results that you can