6 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich

By | March 14, 2016

Everyone in the world can be rich. Based on the confessions of the billionaire, has a wealth of up to tens or hundreds of billions is not because of a fluke, but it depends on yourself.

You have to change your thinking and make changes to achieve a better life. Change your mindset from “why could not I rich?” To “Why am I not rich?”

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Here is a list of reasons why you are not too rich:

1. You think being rich is not yours, but the rights of others

We live in a capitalist society. It is given every opportunity to individuals to become rich. It just takes a willingness to try to provide the best for yourself.

2. You do not feel smart

The lack of formal education did not hold success in others. The inventors Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Dell have never felt the college, even a dropout student.

3. You think not afford to be rich because you are not ambitious

People who are rich do not have the ambition to be rich like you. It’s just that they have confidence in themselves to make their dreams come true. To be rich, you need to have more confidence in you.

4. You are focused save money

Not that rich people do not keep their money, but they are more interested in saving money with a number of high interest. When save their money, they save their money wisely with the investment objectives and earn higher profits.

5. You must be principled earn money by working hard

When you get paid per hour in your work, and your overtime, you’ll obviously only get paid more. Moreover, it is not the way to wealth. Wealthy people actually complete the work which will increase their wages, and it does not concern the time.

6. Fear of Failure

Individuals who achieve independent wealth ever fall occasionally before they achieve success. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Think of it as learning mistakes to achieve success. Failure is a teacher and not the end of everything.