6 Important People in The Office

By | September 15, 2015

Research shows, happier employees work when they make friends with colleagues. Working so much fun, tasks can be enjoyed, there is its own satisfaction in doing it. If they have friends in the office.

Results were justified by business motivator and author Michael Kerr Ryan Kahn was quoted by Business Insider. Both suggest you treat everyone in the office like you want to be treated.

team work

Additional tip of Kerr and Kahn, for goodness sake, could not hurt to be extra nice to the following people:

  • Administrator. Need emergency meeting space, need a car loan operations? They may be willing to make extra efforts to help your difficulties. Keep in mind to not just take advantage, but also see their good side.
  • Financial. When dealing with large contracts, or need guidance through the maze of bureaucracy to finance office, your friendship can be beneficial. Menuun stress levels, the likelihood of conflict is reduced.
  • Receptionists and security guards. Usually they were the first time you meet in the morning. Starting the day by saying good morning and a smile was never wrong. “They are the eyes and ears of the company. If your relationship with them well, you can know the latest gossip,” said Tor Refsland productivity expert.
  • Influential people. Every company has employees like this type. They are often involved in making major decisions. Osborn TyAnn personnel consultants suggest you make an appointment with the person to talk while stealing science.
  • Information Technology. Start business internet connection to install the program on your computer, it can be completed in an instant.
  • Boss. In a way, your fate is in the hands of the boss. What if your friend has now become the boss, or vice versa? Your relationships can be tricky, but a hassle it can decompose if you want to try. To avoid the appearance of golden boy boss, you need to know the limitations friends with the boss.