5 Ways to Save While Spending Weekend

By | October 31, 2016

Weekend is the most eagerly awaited by the people. Neither was a schoolgirl or people who are already working. They are all so wait whose names weekend.

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Why is that? Because the weekend is where they can relax after a routine activity for almost a week old.

Weekend usually spent by relaxing or resting at home. Even some who take advantage of the weekend to seek a sweat exercising for fitness of the body to keep you healthy and keep your mind fresh and controlled. Weekend activities depends on each person who carry it out.

But be careful with the name of the weekend. It could be money you drained the weekend due to run out to buy this, buy that and other things. Just imagine if in a normal day you have spent money for everyday purposes.

Especially you who already work certainly when in the office spend money for lunch and to go to the office whose name was definitely in need of fare. It is a common thing that you spend daily.

His name is also our job certainly no such thing as spending right? Well do not let our spending is more swollen and ended up making our ATM sold out its contents.

Especially when it’s the weekend sometimes ourselves rather forget themselves and many are spending money to go to the mall.

At the time of the mall’s many temptations yes, whether you want to shop new clothes or wants to eat to the restaurant. This is a frightening specter, spending a weekend in greater when spending on a normal day.

To prevent this, the following tips on how to control the finances at weekends:

1. Food

Surely if our weekend trip to the mall is eating. Not maybe we did not eat when we go to the mall. Well sometimes we like indulged and finally entered the restaurant which is quite expensive.

Imagine if every weekend you eat at a restaurant that exorbitant price. Your salary might be discharged only for the weekend only. Therefore you should eat first at home if you want to go to the mall.

With this then you will be discouraged to eat at the mall. If it can not then I suggest you eat at the restaurant’s many package. It is useful to reduce your expenses when you weekend at the mall.

2. Watch in Cinema

It is definitely your destination when the weekend at the mall is to visit the cinema to see the latest film. This is fine for those who want to movies but watch your spending.

3. Snack

When going to the movies for sure you will pocket-small pocket and buy food such as popcorn, hot dogs, and sodas. Just info only if you buy food in the cinema it is expensive.

It could be twice the price of movie tickets we buy. Then you should buy a meal on the outside and do not buy food at the cinema.

4. Transportation

For those of you who do not want exposed to the parking fee is now gone mad better wear a cab. Now a lot of really taxi online, which are cheaper than conventional taxis. So you can save expenses for transportation affairs.

5. Clothes Shopping

It is he who always make our money vanished in an instant. If you want to shop then look for good stuff but was there a discount so you will not be too put out a budget that much for it.

That these tips to save money at a time when weekend at the mall. Indeed, all people need entertainment while weekend but it would be nice if you take advantage of weekend wisely.