5 Tips to Make an Effective Twitter username for your Brand

By | July 19, 2015

As the world’s largest social media with half a billion users, Twitter has now become a thing of the potential to be used as a means of improving brand. However, to achieve a strong brand on Twitter, you should have the strategy and consistency in managing it. One strategy to achieve that you can do to achieve a strong brand on Twitter is by creating a Twitter username effectively.

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Username or account name that is going to be your identity on Twitter is very important for you and your brand. Username that you create will indeed reflect your identity to present and future. Twitter Username will also show a representation or image of who you are. Therefore you can not just in making and specify a username.

For that you need to be observant and precisely determine your username. Then how to make the proper username and effective? Here are some tips that we summarized from various sources, which can be considered in order to create a username that is good for your brand on Twitter.

1. Use Name Relevant

The first tip to make the right Twitter username and effective way is to use a name that is relevant. Try as much as possible using the username or Twitter account relevant or appropriate to your name and your company or business. Username that will be displayed on your profile and Twitter URLs will make other people can find your profile easily. In addition, the relevant user name will also be make you avoid spammers.

However, if your Twitter username much different from your real name, it will make other people having trouble finding in cyberspace. But what if you want to create a username already in use someone else? You do not need to worry, create another username that is associated with the add photos of your actual brand.

2. Avoid Use Figures

The use of numbers is often us on social media Twitter and legitimate to use. But if you want to acquire the image of the brand and the account profile and good character then you should avoid the use of numbers. Usage figures on Twitter username is not going to make effective.

In addition because not everyone can remember the numbers properly, the use of numbers will make you unrecognizable to others. Especially if you use the existing numbers are used to resemble. It certainly will be increasingly difficult to make people recognize your actual account. If you really were forced to use numbers, try to be creative in its inclusion as for example by replacing username @ d3wdew be.

3. Try Short

Twitter Username effective next will be seen from the length of syllables used. The shorter and simpler the better username and effective the username anyway. This is because the short username, it will be easier for people to search and mention to your tweet. Moreover, we know that the number of tweets on twitter are limited to 140 characters, this would make users more easily and do not hesitate to me-you mention.

4. Make it as unique and interesting as possible so Easy to Remember

One of the tips and strategies to make effective and rapid username is known is to make it as unique as possible. The more unique and interesting in your account name, the greater the chance you attract the attention of users of other people to remember your name.

Well, when your username much in mind, the greater the chance you to make your account more and more popular. Conversely, if your username is not attractive and hard to remember, then this will make the other person must be searched first in #search engine or on the website only to find your Twitter username.

5. Do not Make Bot Name

Lastly, the tips make a good Twitter username and effective for your brand is to not use the name bot. Nam bot itself is a username which is usually accompanied by the use of symbol characters such as spaces or other symbols. Username such as this usually will confuse others and also will make you considered a spammer.