5 Tips That Make Your LinkedIn Profile Perfect

By | December 16, 2016

For those of you who just graduated from college must still figure out what career steps will be taken, and what work will be occupied in the future. Creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out could be one attractive option for HRD.


Not only for professionals, LinkedIn is also very useful for new graduates to get the best career opportunities.

Why build critical LinkedIn profile? This is because nine out of 10 recruiters using LinkedIn as a means of seeking the best candidate for the company. And 75 percent of recruiters surveyed Linkedin candidates before deciding to accept it.

Here are five tips that can make your LinkedIn profile interesting.

1. Add photos to make it instantly recognizable

By using images, helping you to be recognized by your followers on LinkedIn. Photos used do not need fancy, as long as you can put a photo on the portions. For example, you can take pictures selfie semi formal wear clothing that is comfortable while you work, or formal photo to make it look more professional.

One thing you should keep in mind before uploading the photos to LinkedIn ie do not upload photos with friends or pets. By uploading photos on LinkedIn, allows recruiters in candidate search process and had Viewers 21 times more than not using a profile photo.

2. Boost your educational background as well as experience that you can ever

Boost your educational background as well as experience you’ve ever behind education Background you show who you are and what you are good at. Another thing that you can put on a LinkedIn profile in order to attract HRD namely courses and organizations that once you get into, as well as various certifications and awards you get.

No need to feel inferior when you do not have professional experience at all, because the internship or volunteer experience can demonstrate your skills as a potential candidate.

3. Highlight your skills on several fronts to get the endorsement and recommendation

Besides include educational background, courses, work experience, or awards you get, also mention other abilities you have in a particular field. Because usually, in the search for the best candidate, every company will see the capabilities of prospective employees first.

Capabilities such as easy to communicate, be able to think critically, and be able to work individually and with good teamwork can be a plus in your LinkedIn profile.

4. Use your summary to show who you really are

Use your summary to show who you really are.  Summary is needed to make your LinkedIn profile is perfect? It lies at the top, the main focus for recruiters.

To that end, write a summary compelling as possible, you could describe yourself with unique and bold in order to attract the attention of HRD. For example: “I am an author who used to write 12 articles a day.” By being an extraordinary, a chance to glance even bigger.

5. Always update and stay connected with followers

Try to always post something on your LinkedIn, either post an article, or write about a topic that you know and you think is useful, and look at how many people who saw or even share your posts on their LinkedIn.

With more than six job opportunities available, your chances of getting that dream job more wide open. So make sure you have created a LinkedIn profile as possible, because LinkedIn is part of your career journey.