5 Stages to enable businesses to “Go International”

By | February 28, 2017

In the era of open information, as now, penetrated foreign markets is not just a pipe dream. Many local businesses are slow to market its products to foreign countries.


Of course, to be able to penetrate foreign markets takes a variety of innovations to the product you offer is superior to competitors. In addition, there are other steps you can do to make your business more known around the world.

Following various tips that you can do to go international:

1. Find lots of information

The first thing to do is look for information related to your business. For example, for a souvenir or handicraft business, you need to find out how much interest people overseas when you market a product there. Is carving and souvenir sales you made abroad will give you a big advantage? How does the production costs when actually marketed abroad? Whether it will cover the costs of production if high sales numbers? Do not be a deficit too much if sales declined? This is what must be considered and understood.

2. Take advantage of Social Media Promotion

Did you know that the power of sale may be one of the business success? Please create the widest possible network. Perhaps social media can help you in developing the business and promotion. Moreover, people can judge and comment directly readable and reviews of others. If your business is successful, it means that the campaign carried out successfully. Automatic, good reviews come from buyers.

3. Create a product with a quality number 1

It is certain goods with quality number 1 will look for a lot of people. Although the price is a bit expensive, there are still people want to buy because of its quality. Especially if you want to run a business abroad. In addition, from the reviews, you can also assess and introspect whether the quality of the goods have been acceptable abroad or not. This evaluation is important for the future of your business produce goods or well received.

4. Find Relationship

Seek cooperation or relationship is not easy. This relationship can be used for anything, for example, to seek additional capital, cooperation care goods or consignment, and more. Including promotional and advertising media. Therefore, it helps you expand your network and find relationships. For goods, work by becoming a supplier or suppliers. For services, you can work together as a service provider or additional services.

5. Have a plan and set your business

Widen overseas business means developing skills and strategies in business. If it is true, you should have a business plan and set up as clearly as possible. It could be your colleagues or outside the company wants to see your business plan in the future to ensure that they establish relationships with the right people. By doing so, they will be more confident to do the same job if you are planning clear. You could also think about your future plans if the plan you’re running now succeed. For example, when having a business abroad and it has been reached, you certainly will not sit idly by and do not think about where the future will be brought to your business, is not it? Sure you are looking for the next target to get your business become better and better than before. With the business plan, you do not need to worry later about the next target. You like already have their own sketches for the future and staying developed and carried out.