5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Online Business

By | March 6, 2018

Along with the development, online business increasingly rampant digandrungi many people. Various ways were done to make it attract many visitors and generate coffers of dollars. One way is to use SEO help.

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For the online business, the role of SEO is very important and can no longer be ignored. No wonder, those who work in the field of advertising, must be the role of SEO mahfum.

Well, if you still do not understand the role of SEO, here’s a complete explanation of how important SEO.

1. Should be smart in choosing keywords

The biggest challenge conquering SEO must be on this one point: keyword. To get the right keywords, searchable for many people, and certainly in accordance with the target market, you should be able to recognize market trends.

For example, if a business is engaged in Korean fashion online, you should use keywords like “cheap Korean clothes”, “latest Korean fashion”, and more. Develop creativity for keywords that are used not-that’s all. If you enter the right keywords and search for many people, then the ranking of the site will surely rise in the top ranks. Well, to find this keyword, diligent-diligent survey detailed!

2. SEO needs quality content

If you already good at finding the right keywords, you need quality content to succeed. One of the tips of the managers of SEO, SEO and content are two things that can not be separated. If you want a good SEO, the content must be qualified.

For that, you must hone the ability to write in order to create content that is easy to read and load the existing keywords. You should also pay attention to the authenticity and selection of diction. The trick, multiply the research writing competitors. Who knows from there gets inspiration for new content.

If you have a good SEO, the site could appear on the first page of Google search. For this reason, there are many recalcitrant businessmen who are desperate to do illegal ways to get into the ranks of Google search.

In fact, this action is dangerous. If Google detects cheating, your site may be blocked. Instead of profits, instead of losing the sale.

So, it’s good to avoid black hat SEO and choose a legal path. Rather than busy playing cheats, it’s better to improve customer service.

4. Carefully choose links for content

To add value to SEO, you can add about three external links in the content. However, these links should be watched carefully on a regular basis. Because it could be an external link was deleted by the original owner, or it actually pointed to another site.

Do not forget to always survey and make changes to the link if needed.

5. Pay attention to changes in Panda

Last point, be careful and always update with changes to Google Panda. Google Panda is a Google-made algorithm that aims to improve the quality of search results from Google search engines.

Often when checking, you find that the site rankings drop dramatically because Panda updates without notice. So, there’s always the possibility of your site in the top ranks of today, down on the second page tomorrow.

Therefore, you are required more up to date and follow the trend. Reportedly, Panda will update every quarter. However, some believe that updates are done every day. To be safe, create great original content, keywords that fit, and do legally. This can minimize the fall of site rankings.

SEO does seem quite complicated and difficult. However, if you are used to playing SEO, it would be nice. From here, you can look for opportunities for success in online business. The key, do not hesitate to keep trying.