5 Questions Guide to Web Design More Effective

By | May 5, 2015

How nice site today? According to Seth Godin innovation expert who has written books on web design, there are so many examples of websites in cyberspace that bad. In that sense, the sites are not just boring and uninteresting zoom but also ineffective in supporting the business.

web design

? The thesis or main idea in a book written Godin is that the web is a direct marketing medium, something that can be measured and the most effective tool when the person concerned (the site owner) knows a certain angle.

Rather than create a site created by a group of people who decide on all matters that will be displayed on the website and make compromises in every step of the manufacturing, an effective site created by someone who knew exactly what he wanted visitors do on the site.

Godin said, it is still in force in various companies until today although the idea actually has disbursed more than a decade.

Number of bad sites increasingly mounting and urgency on this issue were higher. As more people realize the importance of a good site, the higher the pressure to conduct meetings, to abide by the decision-making groups and to avoid alienating anyone who visited the site just to satisfy a handful of people.

Of course, there are so many elements that are more complex to do, more viralitas, the maximum utilization of available for all those who are brave enough to make something online. However, Godin said again, there are a number of questions that will provide solutions to the challenges facing any site (and the problems in the company that makes it:

  • For whom the site was built?
  • How they will find the site?
  • What message contained? In the site design?
  • What do you want from visitors once they have arrived on the site?
  • How they will decide and promise if you give them to want to do these things?

The only reason to create a website is to change people, so says Godin. If you can not explain the changes and you can not tell someone, then you are wasting time.

If you’ve done this all correctly, if you already have a viewpoint that is clear and concise, you will get a chance to focus on viralitas, social progress and making gestures. However, unfortunately, almost all company sites only display personal information and (at the same time) looked scared and incomplete.