4 Ways to Overcome Addiction Open Social Network At Work

By | December 8, 2015

Whether in the midst of busy, you suddenly open the internet? Yes, it is mostly done by many people. Internet indeed has poisoned many people in this world, to addiction or spend hours and hours to open a variety of social media or a particular website.

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It is legitimate to do, but if it has to interfere with work or activity at that time, definitely harming yourself.

If you include people who are hard to turn away from the net, following some simple ways that can be done to stop opening the Internet or social media in the current rush hour:

Log off social media

Inevitably, humans are programmed to connect socially with others. Different activities makes people want to stay in touch with people through social media.

One of the simplest ways to avoid this addiction is to log out of all social media before work. If you want a more extreme way, you have to block the app or the website during rush hours you.

Using the application to limit the time

There are several applications that can prevent you to open a Google or other applications. Applications such as Facebook Nanny, can help limit the time you spend on social media.

There is another application which allows you to determine which sites should be blocked and which ones are needed. Checky application can also track the online habits of a person and makes you able to control yourself.


You may have to schedule your trip when weekend or schedule overtime grind. You also need to schedule time to use the internet.

You can schedule after work or in the middle of your break time. Give time a bit longer if you want to settle open the internet, so that when the work is no longer interested in opening a social media or whatever.

Not connected to the Internet

Now, many places that provide WiFi which can be used by everyone. But it was the trigger you want to always open internet.

Not to mention if there is a notification coming from the social media, you certainly want to open the notification of smartphones and social media know it. Better not connect your smartphone to the Internet as long as you work.