4 Financial strategy you need to do in early 2018

By | February 26, 2018

The year 2018 opened with news of the increase in the price of various goods. Starting from the increase in rice and important food commodities such as the price of chicken pieces.

Financial strategy

This condition can make many headaches in regulating the adequacy of income. Salaries do not necessarily rise, but the prices of necessities seem incontestable.

You may include the annoyance with conditions that are quite surprising at the beginning of this year. However, griping alone will not solve the problem. Likes dislike, you have to adapt to increase the price of various needs it does not make the financial condition this year so messy.

1. Evaluate cash flows

Try looking again at the flow of money in your pocket in the last three months. Which is roughly a post you can press or whenever possible, is deleted. Then, where expenditure posts are often swollen.

Outpatient expenditure items are what you should first see. For example, expenditure items for hobbies and entertainment, visits to the salon, dining-out expenses, and others.

If it is not too important and wasteful, you can subtract or even strike out of the expenditure list so you can cover expenditure items. Set strategy.

2. Set family priorities

This year you are already planning a holiday with your family abroad. Your budget has been sized by saving the routine. Amid the challenges of 2017 that are likely to be quite heavy, you can consider to look at the holiday plan again. No need to be canceled, but may need to be repackaged with more economical.

Prioritize the plan on the most important needs. For example, continuing investment in children’s education fund, saving for pension fund, settling debt burden, and so forth.

3. Find more revenue

If price movements often run much faster than the increase in earnings, maybe this year you need to include income-generating options from other sources.

How, can be pioneered side business in addition to your official work. Or, can you consider applying for a job in a new, more promising place in terms of well-being?

4. Looking for a side business

If you do not move to work, maybe you just look for a profitable and halal side business while working in your workplace at this time. Do a side job in between free time after work and weekend.

Currently there are a lot of side businesses that can do according to your abilities and interests.

By making preparations and anticipating challenges in 2018, your financial condition this year can be maintained more stable and adequate. Save money and reach your financial dream by 2018.