4 Criteria Products that Can Be For Sale Online

By | May 8, 2015

Seeing a business opportunity online that more promising at this time, many people became interested and flocking set up an online shopping that sells a variety of items needed such a lot of people. Any online business shop has now become a lucrative business for those who are keen on broad market considering the growth of netizens are increasingly rising in number.

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To set up an online business shop as a sideline is not too difficult. For those of you who have a large capital or at home already have Small business who make handicraft products, can directly sell them online. But for those who do not have a large capital, could try dropship business as a first step to start a business selling online.

The question that often arises is what products to sell online? surely we can sell a variety of products, but there are some more specific criteria if we want to sell products online then the goods are shipped via courier expedition.
The following criteria:

1. The product is much sought after consumers

No sales because no purchase, so when we sell both tangible goods or digital surely we need to know is there any demand for the products we sell? we often assume that my product is good but why no one is buying? may not be a problem with the product, but rather whether the product is needed? products that are sought after people usually in the form of basic necessities such as clothing and food.

2. Have a minimum profit of 25% more

People think that every product sold online should at least have the advantage of 50,000 rupiah. Legitimate assumption like this, but the figure of 50,000 could mean very little if we exceed the sale value of 300,000 dollars. Price 300,000 dollars charged to the buyer, we benefited 50,000 means we get 1/6 or about 17% profit gain. Compare with us to sell products worth 30,000 but we got the benefit of 15,000 means the percentage of profit of 100%.

Of course by using a percentage, we can gain more qualified than the pursuit of profit quantity. Especially for a dropshipper, better pick based on the percentage of profit rather than profit should average hit a few dollars. In fact, we sell a variety of products, it does not make sense if it should benefit 50,000 rupiah.

3. Easy to be sent

Products that can be sold online should be easy to meet the criteria sent by courier. Products that can be sent by courier had mild specifications, form a solid, easy to carry. Suppose you sell sand online, of course very difficult to be sent out of the city. Similarly, sells woodworking tools such as nails, hammers and others, such objects can not be sent because it was too heavy. Postage charged to the buyer will be far greater than the price of the goods themselves.

4. Adjust to the market

For example, in the real world you sell a bike, you can not necessarily be successful in online by selling bikes as well. But can include clothing, or accessories mobile phone for example. Likewise, in the real world is not necessarily selling clothes in the virtual world can be successful selling clothes. Later, you will find that if the market itself is suitable for land used reap the benefits of online business shop