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Choosing the Right Design Expert

Designing an office or commercial retail space is a big task. Often businesses leave it to the hands of experts–architects and designers that can provide your space with fashion and function. There are a lot of different design experts out there, so it is important to get to know your options before you choose who you want to help redesign your space. Here are some tips you’ll want to consider when choosing your next interior designer.

One global design

Understand what Expertise You Need

There are a range of experts that can make changes to your space, but architects and interior designers do it in a different way. Architects are usually more concerned with structure while interior designers want to add the smaller touches to the space to make it all come together. If you are starting with a blank space, you may need both of these experts to bring in form, function and style to your space.

Get to Know Their Style

Another aspect of choosing the right designer for the job is to understand where their style interests fall. Each designer will bring their own unique tastes to the job, so it is important to familiarize yourself with their portfolio before choosing the designer that you want to work with. Their portfolios will contain their best work, and it will show you any themes that run throughout each project that they complete.

Discuss Collaboration

Professional designers know a lot about style, but you also know a lot about what you want in terms of style when you are looking to change a residential or commercial space. That is why it is important to find design experts that are willing to do some collaboration. That doesn’t mean they will feel obligated to use every idea that you have, but you can have some input on colors, textures and other decisions that will make the overall style uniquely yours.

These are just some things to consider when you are ready to hire designers for your commercial space. Remember that the right hire will work with you, not against you so you can have a style that’s put together, but still a reflection of your own style.

Ideas To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of personal finance is that going through bankruptcy means that you will never have credit again. Anyone who has gone through Chapter 7 bankruptcy knows that creditors are sending out offers for credit even while the process is ongoing. Is it a good idea to take those high-risk credit companies up on their offer to help you rebuild your credit? You need to consider each offer separately when you are rebuilding credit, and take a path towards good credit that makes sense.


Take A Break For A Little While

In the immediate aftermath of your bankruptcy finalizing, it is best to take a break from credit for a while and just use cash. Your bankruptcy will remove all of your bad credit items, which will help to immediately stabilize your credit score. Spend about a year using cash and paying all of the bills you have left on time, and then you can look to rebuilding your credit after your financial situation has had time to settle down.

Buy Only Essentials

Bad credit auto loans are great ways to get started rebuilding your credit because they show that you can be financially responsible, and they are indicative of an essential purchase. One of the first types of creditors you will get letters from after your bankruptcy are companies offering car loans, and they are not a bad way to get your credit back on its feet.

Limited Credit Cards

When you feel you are ready to rebuild your credit, you can apply for special credit cards that either require you to have money in the account to spend it, or limit your credit access to only $500 at a time or less. You might not feel like you need to have a limited credit card, but rebuilding your credit using a special credit card shows that you take your credit and your spending seriously.

Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy can be a very quick process, but there are many risks is trying to rebuild your credit too quickly. Rather than take those chances, you should go slowly and gradually build your credit back up to a score you can be proud of. By showing restraint in rebuilding your credit, you will show future creditors that you learned the lessons that bankruptcy had to teach.

How to Choose the Right Used Office Cubicles

Leasing or purchasing a commercial building with an open floor plan is usually cheaper than one that is set up with myriads of individual offices. You want the employees to have a private area to work in, but installing cubicles can be the more cost-effective way to go. Below are a few things to consider before making your cubicle selection.

office furniture

What will the cubicle space be used for?

Creating individual spaces for call center personnel will have different requirements than what might be needed in work areas for account management. Used cubicles come in a variety of sizes to accommodate smaller areas and individual work desk solutions that meet the needs for getting the job done. Employees that are making and receiving calls will need far less space than employees that are dealing with high volumes of paperwork. The needs for specific work space will help drive the decision-making for the best cubicle design.

Available Floor Space

Careful measurements will be critical in determining how many cubicle units you can comfortably fit in your available floor space. This will provide a better picture in determining the size of units that will work well. You may discover that a more open design will work better than the more constricted private cubicle layout. You can also use a combination to create a unique look to your office environment. A bright, creative work area can be a motivational boost for your entire company.

Building Floor Plan

The actual floor plan of buildings vary greatly and a few can prove a challenge for adding cubicle office space. Large open rooms that are square and rectangular might be the easiest planning project, but areas that are narrow, divided, or round will be tougher to arrange. This is where the versatility of used cubicle design pays off. You can choose from designs that back against a central wall or can stand alone in the center of the room. You can be innovative and find the right units to create the needed space for all of your employees.

Customized Units

Used and refurbished cubicles can be custom outfitted with the desk space and storage solutions for your employees. Overhead storage, drawers, overhead lighting and electrical outlets can all be provided in the needed amounts and locations. Color coordination for the aesthetic looks of your office can be as critical as deciding on functionality.

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Quick Ways To Grab Attention For Your Business

If you own a business that relies on foot traffic, then you are always looking for ways to get more people through your door. There are plenty of ways to get targeted foot traffic into your business that would be interested in your products, but every once in a while you want to just try something different to see what kind of results you get. When you take the right approach to getting more positive attention for your business, you will find that marketing can be fun and very productive.

LED signs

Flashing Signs

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that get the most attention. You can get a portable LED sign that flashes, put it in your front store window and bring in plenty of people. You can flash a variety of funny messages, or you can flash pricing specials that are only happening for a limited time. The flashing sign will get their attention, and the messages you choose to flash will bring them through the door.

Celebrity Appearance

It is important to remember that you do not need a special event to make a big deal about bringing people into your business. You can hire celebrities or celebrity lookalikes to spend time in your business and bring people through the door. Once again, the simplest ideas are usually the best and getting people to come to your business to meet a famous celebrity is about as easy as a promotional idea can get. If you sell books, then invite authors to come do book signings at your store. When people start associating celebrities with your business, they tend to come back more often.


People love to get free stuff, which means talking to your vendors about free giveaways at your store is a really good idea. If you can get manufacturers or vendors to donate products to give away, then that works better in your favor. But if you have to invest a little to get giveaway product, then at least you know you will see a return on your investment.

With the business climate as competitive as it is these days, businesses are always looking for ways to get more customers. Retail and restaurant businesses that rely on foot traffic for their revenue should invest in a variety of ways to bring attention to their businesses and get more people through the door.