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Want Success Without a Bachelor’s Degree? Try 6 Ways It

What you are among those who still have thought that someone who is highly educated and got a bachelor’s degree will be more successful than those who are not educated? If yes, then you are wrong. At present, widely seen successful people are not educated.

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Maybe make a successful career without higher education can indeed be challenging, but not impossible. Higher education or a college degree is not a guarantor of a person can be successful just like that. If you stay focused on the goal, continue to improve the knowledge, and expand the network of course you’ll still get a dream career.

Then, how? Here are six ways to succeed without a college education or a college degree.

1. Self Exploration

There are various ways you can acquire knowledge without going to college, by reading in journals, blogs, books, and magazines. Familiarize yourself starting to contribute to industry blogs and get involved in online forums.

You can also take a free class on the website, such as the Harvard Open Courses, Udemy, Coursera and Open Yale Courses.

2. Build a portfolio

The knowledge would not mean anything if you do not apply it to a career. Invest your time in getting as much experience as possible so that it can add value and achievements to build a portfolio outstanding.

Experience you can get from anywhere, such as by working odd jobs or to become a volunteer, consider launching a campaign to raise funding, attending a conference in the field of your choice, or you can also start a small business.

3. Learn request

Most employers want candidates who have a strong set of soft skills. According to CareerBuilder, employers are looking for candidates who have a strong work ethic, dependability, positive attitude and ability to work under pressure.

The best way to master the soft skills is through experience. When you begin to develop soft skills, then record every accomplishment that illustrates the respective skill. By telling this achievement, you demonstrate the ability of the supervisor to succeed in the workplace.

4. Mentor

One of the secrets to building a successful career is to assemble a team of mentors that will help along your journey. Connect with people who are in a position where you want to be, learn their secrets, and follow their discretion.

When looking for a mentor, think about the role of each individual mentor in your career.

Mentor outstanding can be found anywhere. Connect with people who can reach the professionals who work for companies that want to enter, such as engaging with industry organizations, networking on social media, even talking to people at the coffee shop.

5. Tough

Throughout your career, maybe the unrelenting inform you that you will fail because without a college degree. However, never heard of them. Keep holding yourself accountable for your success and prove them wrong with your accomplishments.

To overcome it, you must have the tenacity and passion to keep moving forward. When feeling down, you can make a list of achievements, experiences and positive goals you want to have for the future. Reflecting the positive experiences and create a plan, you’ll remember why choosing your path in the first place.

6. Know Your Options

Although you do not go to college, there are a number of opportunities that will help you build a successful career path, one is to really know your options.

If you’re looking for a career that is more creative, you can start a business, to become a blogger, opened the restaurant, working as a graphic designer, or work as a freelance writer.

For the profession, a strong portfolio will help demonstrate to potential employers and clients about what you can afford. Whatever your passion and purpose, discover the way that suits your needs.

Cleaning As A Career

If you enjoy cleaning, then consider starting your own cleaning business. There are Minneapolis cleaning services as well as those in other cities that have started from the ground up, developing into a successful company that will clean everything from homes to large corporations.


Keep learning about the cleaning industry and new methods of cleaning that will result in a successful job. There are also new products on the market that can be used that are safe for the environment that are being used. Do a little research when it comes to what the customer wants to use in the home. Find out about the scents that the customer wants as well as things that might be bothersome to family members and pets. Try to use neutral scents and products that won’t damage the furniture or floors.

No matter where you’re working, clean the location like it’s your own. You wouldn’t want your own house being dusty or to have stains on the floor or hand prints on the windows, so don’t let this happen with the homes of the customers that you have. Create a system of cleaning. Make a list of the things that you need to do first before moving on to the smaller details, such as making sure the trash bag is in place or the blinds are closed. Ask the customer what needs to be done in the home, such as laundry or waxing the floor. If there’s something that the customer doesn’t want you to do, then you need to know about this before spending time cleaning that part of the home.

Be very careful when cleaning as you will likely have to replace something that is broken. Most people understand that accidents can happen to anyone, but if you’re careless while cleaning, then it will show in the job that is done. You might miss something that needs to be cleaned, or you might simply glance over something with only a dusting that should receive a full-blown cleaning, such as the windows or an area of the floor that is usually not seen by family members but still needs to be cleaned.

How to keep the endoscope in good condition

The endoscope was actually used during the ancient Roman and Greek periods. Although it was a crude prototype of the ones we have today, one was discovered in the Pompeii ruins. This tool has evolved to become one of the most valuable for doctors today. Therefore, it is important to your practice to keep them in good working order.


Uses of the Endoscope

Gastrointestinal doctors use endoscopic cameras to view the digestive tract. There are several other types of endoscopes that are used to examine other areas inside the body. This thin tube with a camera and light at the end allows doctors to see pictures of the area of concern. This aids in diagnosing a number of problems and diseases. As a valuable tool for the medical profession, it is very important to have endoscopes in top working order.

Repairs are Essential

As with any equipment that is used on a regular basis, sometimes repairs are necessary. Endoscopes that are not working correctly can become a big problem for doctors who depend on them daily. This is why it is essential to have a dependable company such as Benjamin Medical that can handle the endoscope repairs in a timely manner.

Quality endoscopes can be expensive. Keeping them in good repair includes diagnostic checks to take care of current problems as well as identifying future concerns. This can include adjusting the angulation, repairing the tubes, an ocular rebuild, removing minor or major fluid contamination, replacing the light, and anything else that needs repair. Choosing the right repair company can save you the expense of replacing your endoscopes.

Repairs for all Brands

There are several brands of endoscopes so it is important that you choose a company that can repair all types. A good technician who is familiar with all brands from Olympus to Fujinon, Stryker, Pentax, and more is extremely important when choosing the right repair company.

Affordability and Quick Response Time

Repairs that are performed as quickly as possible and an affordable cost are important to your practice. However, you do not want to sacrifice the quality of the repairs. In addition to the repairs, safety as well as performance tests should be conducted on a regular basis as a preventative measure.

Every day that your endoscopes are not working is a day you cannot perform the tests your patients need. A good repair company knows this and will work to get you back on track as quickly as possible.