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Instagram Advertising business exponentially growing

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram started entering the digital advertising business. The number of advertisers continues to grow, along with the increasingly aggressive expanding its business services.


Reveals that the advertising partner in Instagram grew doubled in the last six months. Now number more than 500 thousand, of approximately 200 thousand in February 2016.

Instagram advertising business growth in line with the growing popularity uphill. Instagram ad technologies used by targeting specific audiences, managed to attract the attention of ad agencies and use it to hold a campaign in social media

In addition, 1.5 million businesses turn to Business Tools Instagram in the past two months, since the program was launched earlier this year.

Through this program, businesses can promote and adjust the post’s profile on Instagram, so potential buyers can contact them via phone, email and instant messaging.

Instagram itself currently has more than 500 million users. Companies bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion in the 2012, is predicted to pocket the ad revenue of $ 1.5 billion this year.

6 Ways to remain productive despite working from home

Technology is growing more rapidly enable workers to work more dynamic. Now, many workers who can get the job done from home. This trend is also growing, especially for women who also have to take care of domestic affairs.


Working from home does have a lot of advantages of its own. However, some workers actually admitted it difficult to remain productive. Especially when it comes greater interference while working from home.

There are several things you can do to stay productive.

1. Optimization of office

Create a work space at home to be very convenient. This can help increase productivity at work. You also can design suitable workspace preferences so that the mood at work is maintained.

2. Put some greenery

Besides being able to make more fresh air, put the green plants in the office can also make you a better mood at work. A study suggests people who work close to the green plants can work 15 percent more productive than people in general.

3. Set limits for your friends and family

Friends and family can be a nuisance when you are working alone. Especially when the work you do from home.

Try make a restriction in the form of reminders to your friends and family. Make them understand in a certain span of time you can not be bothered because he was finishing work.

4. Have a regular working time

Do not forget to have a regular work time if you are working from home. It allows you to work with more regularly. Indirectly you will still able to manage the affairs of others when I was at home.

5. Have a complete technological equipment

Working at home means you must work dynamically. Your work will be highly dependent on the technology. Make sure you have a good internet connection and complete technology equipment to support your work.

6. Get enough rest

Difficult to adjust the pattern of work at home and in the office. A lot of work can make you forget for taking a rest.

Though it is important especially when you want to be more productive. Try to always specify the time to rest. This can help you to get the job done better.

How to Manage Employees Right

Employee lifecycle is an important tool for human resource professionals. It is a way for them to identify what phase of their employment that a specific employee is in. This can give them the information that they need to help them optimize their activities at work. It can also help manage each employee more efficiently. There are even consulting and software companies that can help with employee lifecycle management. An employee lifecycle is a great tool for any human resource professional to identify the best way to manage and utilize a specific employee at that company. Each company has a different cycle for each employee. There are some common phases of the cycle that are consistent with just about every company’s lifecycle model.

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This is a phase that is consistent with every company. This the period where the company is deciding whether or not they want to hire an individual. The prospective employee is also deciding whether or not the company is a good fit for them. Each employee is filtered down from a large group of potential employees through a process. Some of this is automated and some of it happens during the interview process. The method of recruitment is different for every company based on the needs of their company and the type of employee that they are hiring.

Career Planning – This is the phase that happens after the employee if first integrated into the system of the company after they are first hired on. This is the time where the managers of the company will work with the employee to help decide where they are going to move in the future. They will assess the employee’s personality and their skills. This information will help them develop goals and objectives regarding their future.

Development – This is the longest phase of the employment lifecycle. This phase can actually last for years. During it, the employee will develop new skills and get new training that will help them further their career. A company will assess their employee many times during the development phase. As they develop new skills and hone their existing ones, they will work with their employer to develop new goals. They may also be promoted to other roles during this time.

Termination – This is the phase that signifies the end of the person’s time at the company. They will be transitioned out of the system of the company. They will also usually give an exit interview to help with information regarding the future of the company.