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5 Easy Ways to Find Business Opportunities on the Internet

In the era of information technology, as now, making a website to be the main key to a prospective business customers can be found online.

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But that does not mean when you’ve created a website, then customers will come by itself. Need more effort and interesting so that potential customers are interested to visit your business website.

There are some simple steps to make your website look consumers and find business opportunities on the internet:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key ways that can help increase website traffic. SEO is the way in which we can use keywords strategically on the content of the website to make sure your website can be found by people searching through the search engines. Enter keywords or phrases relevant is important, so that when visitors looking for something related to the brand, the search engine will direct them to your website. The other important thing is you should not use keywords that are too often or otherwise rarely used. Maybe this sounds a bit complicated, but apply the basic principles of this SEO program will increase your chances of gaining new customers online.

2. Optimization for Mobile Devices

Development of smartphones and tablets make searches via mobile devices has also increased sharply. Mobile traffic increased rapidly as people use mobile devices not just to find information, but also to make a purchase. Mastercard survey conducted in 2015 found that 55.5% of mobile users in Indonesia make purchases on mobile. If your website is not optimized mobile device, you can potentially lose customers and sales, as well as making your frozen out of business. The use of mobile devices are supported by a network of local telephone companies allow searching easier.

3. Social Media

The website is an online identity of a major business and social media be the best way to drive traffic to the website. The combination of social media and website is one smart choice to connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers. When you decide to use social media, keep in mind that every business has a different character. You need to map the social media which is most suitable for your business. For example, Pinterest be a good choice to drive traffic to the product page, while Facebook will be suitable for use as a means of interacting with customers and build your brand culture.

4. Site Review

Many of these small businesses lose a great opportunity for not having an account on the site review or reviews. Nowadays a lot of customers who are looking for reviews about the product or service before making a purchase. Thus, these sites have become very influential review on businesses because potential customers will pay attention to reviews given by other customers. If customers write positive reviews, your business is likely to benefit. However, if the review is negative, will greatly affect the customer’s preferences. That said, this is a word of mouth marketing or word-of-mouth kind of new.

5. Complete Information

If you’ve done all the ways mentioned above, but do not include contact information, location and hours of operation, visitors might be confused. You may have already made contact page provides a mailbox for customers to contact you. However, installing the contact information such as address, hours of operation, phone number, email, and fax in each page will make it easier for visitors. Contact information can be placed in the middle of the top or at the bottom of your website.

These Tips For Successful Sales Strategies Online

Starting an online business might seem a little complicated. Especially those that cloud with the development of information technology today. Nevertheless, the proverb says “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You do not need to worry, the following 4 tips on starting an online business success:

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1. Define Your Audience

The most important thing that you should do as a prospective online entrepreneurs is to determine who the target market of your product or service. We may not satisfy all people. Is you have to make a more specific target. Market-specific allows you to perform marketing strategies such as the concept of advertising, the sale price.

2. Carefully choose Web Hosting

Almost the entire server computing in the modern world now runs on 32-bit platforms. Do you think “What is the most important aspect of a business website?” Yes, it is most important is the quality of a website hosting it.

The online store you may be well known in your market segment and visited by many visitors. But what would be felt by potential customers if your website feels heavy, slow, or unstable.

3. Services web designer

Obviously you want your website look attractive, credible, and can meet the needs of clients. The design is ugly, slow, and other mistakes you can avoid by hiring the services of a web design expert.

4. Smartphone

Now people not only access the web through a computer, but also smartphones. The smartphone market exploded in the course of the last few years, and now people are browsing using mobile devices more than those who only use the PC.

Looking at it, it means your website should only be friendly to mobile devices. If you do not, you could potentially lose a sizeable market.

5. Social Media

When you do business is certainly a product you want to be known by many people. Advertise on conventional media is quite expensive, fortunately, social network where you can do a promotion for free (if do it yourself) or with a reasonable fee (if you hire someone). In today’s business climate, promotion on social media is quite effective.

Tips and Tricks Strengthens Management Startup

The question that often arises in starting digital startups (startup) is the division of roles. Who will be the chief executive officer (CEO), chief marketing officer (CMO), chief technical officer (CTO) and chief finance officer (CFO)?

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The uncertainty that often makes startup in Indonesia in particular and the world in general, even finally gatot alias failed miserably.

CEO of Catalyst Bold, consultants, human resources (HR) specialists startup in New York said many were trapped determines the A match in position B, or the B match at position C, and so on.

Yet the truth is defined and an inventory of what the company needs first. Only then are matched with individuals, see the suitability of skill and knowledge.

By mapping the needs of the company first, duties and functions of a person in a startup will be sharp. In fact there was a possibility, one would assume two positions because most adequate skill and knowledge.

Next tip is the startup never looking for employees who simply smart. More important of all is to find the most willing to work hard with a desire to learn the most high. Often happens, smart employees instead merely bothersome because work is not total and tends to underestimate.

HR feel superior there typically have no personal goals are aligned with corporate goals, so that they work in small ways or the term simply to fulfill the task to be immediately payday at the end of the month.

Another issue that many startup forgotten is how to resolve the conflict. A small example in making decisions. Under certain conditions, from the beginning of the written agreed there should be a vote. A majority vote is taken, so that the conflict was muted from the start. CEO is not always dominant, not always enforce the decision.

Business Psychology Doctoral Candidate of the the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC provides tips last trick, the startup will contain many HR groups millennial generation. They are always connected to the internet and tend to be more energetic and all-knowing. Management should be able to bring the trust and meet their expectations in improving skills.

6 Tips to Better Time Management

The main thing in life is to make a change to begin to learn to manage time efficiently. Time management is the planning, organizing, and monitoring productivity of time. Quality of life depends on the good management of the use of the time available.time management

As a businessman, owned a definite often divided, and therefore you must be smart to consider some more time will be spent.

There are only 3 way to spend time, that is, thinking, talking, and doing other things. Regardless of the lived today, businesses will not be separated from those three things. Here is a technique to master the timing is good.

1. Remember and Understand Whenever Valuable Time

Bring schedule and remember the contents of your thoughts, conversations and activities to do during the week. This will help understand some of the things that can be completed within one day. And when valuable time will pass. You can see some more time spent to achieve a result. So how much time has been discarded for activities that are not productive.

2. Create Schedule for Yourself

All activities and conversations that are important for success should be a period of time. List of work will increase very much if filled with things that can not be done. Make a schedule for yourself where you can take the time to think and do things that are productive for yourself.

3. Take Time To It Productive

Plan at least 50% of the time you have to make it productive. Plan is also a time to rest, pulling away from the busyness that you have. Please also take the time during the first 30 minutes each day to start your day. Do not start before the completion planned activities.

4. Preferred Priorities

Take time for 5 minutes for all decisions to be taken. This will help show the priority that should be prioritized. Similarly Spend 5 minutes after activity or decision taken to determine whether you specify the target was achieved or not. Correcting if there is anything missing or not.

5. Do not Hesitate to Refuse

Do not hesitate to reject any interruption of the time you really need to do something to completion. Blokirlah all things that are not related to work such as social media, except it help your business.

6. Create 20% Activity Being 80% Results

Remember that it is impossible to finish it all. And remember that good things are made twenty percent of activities, making eighty percent of the results that you can