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Importance of Trust in Online Business Running

Trust is very important for the sustainability of online businesses. Keep the trust of customers is a necessity for an online store is very different from the way the operational regular physical stores. Due to some situations in between, sellers and buyers can not meet in person, the customer can not see directly the products we sell and process the payments through bank transfer or with the online payment system.


To overcome this we will discuss a few tips to keep the trust of online customers in your business:

1. Provide the information needed by the customer

In the online shop customers can not see and try out the products that we sell. Therefore, we must describe the state of the goods we sell very clear from the price of goods, model, size, materials used, colors available etc. Of course we as the seller must know and understand the information about the goods we sell well. It is intended that customers do not feel cheated or lied with the goods ordered.

2. Easy to be contacted

To maintain the trust of your customers must be able to respond to customer orders quickly (fast response). Therefore it is very important to include some communication media to contact you such as phone numbers / sms, pin BBM, WhatsApp, Line, username Twitter, Facebook, and others. It is intended that customers can easily contact you.

If there are customers who want to inquire about a product or make a payment confirmation, do not let them wait too long for your reply. If there is indeed an obstacle that makes you late to reply or difficult to contact, then immediately explain to the customer why it happens in order to keep customers put their trust in us.

3. Create an attractive website

Note that the information displayed is always up to date, free of spelling and coding errors, and free from broken links. Make sure that the web pages lightweight so it can be accessed quickly in order not to make the customers get bored and leave your website. In addition, the themes and ecommerce web design, it would be better if adapted to the product and the target buyers.

For example if we sell fashion items or accessories women will be better ecommerce web design with muted colors and shades sweet, customers will undoubtedly be more comfortable than that would show the professionalism of our efforts.

4. Include customer testimonials

Based on the meaning of the word, a testimonial is a statement that is usually written, in favor of other characters and a personal recommendation. In online business, testimonials is important to be able to attract the attention of potential customers, because usually they tend to seek the opinions and responses of consumers who had already shopped at the store in order to get a reference to buy a product.
From the testimonials also we can find out whether customers are satisfied with the products and services we provide so that we can make corrections and introspection that our online store is getting better. The most important thing in our business is included testy lest you install testy our own false or essay, the article of today’s consumers are far more intelligent and understand which words are genuine and which are fake. It would be better if it included link social media accounts, or at least the email of the giver testimony.

5. Accept return of goods

Sometimes the products that we sell damaged, late in coming or even goods delivered to the customer is wrong. It is common in online stores. Maybe this is not purely our fault but it could be damaged goods on the way to the customer. Surely we should be ready with these risks and are willing to replace it. This is considered as a way to maintain the trust of customers to an online store.

6. Take care of customer privacy

Privacy issues are very important in the virtual world. Assure your customers that the data they provide to the need for buying a product will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.

7. you want to see your concern

In keeping with the trust and familiarity with the customer, we can also do by showing a sense of care for the customer. For example, we did a survey or an online poll about what products they expect from our store. Or we could offer the customer to participate in the event we are holding. That way they will feel appreciated and expected to continue to shop at your online store.

4 Habits It Could Make Life More Successful

Success is something that certainly coveted everyone. Many people are willing to laboriously sake able to achieve the desired success.

habits of people success

But success did not only come from hard work and efforts. Some of it was able to make you more successful in life.

1. Always keep your health

Health is an important factor in life. A healthy person will be able to do a lot of work he wanted. Therefore, maintaining health is an important factor that you can do on the road to success.

2. Have a purpose in life

Many people still do not understand the purpose of life that had been desired. The average person living his life like water flowing. In fact, to be successful you have to plan what you want done.

3. No debt

Debt is a problem that often whack a lot of people. Instead of being able to pay off, many people are actually desperate to pay off debts that had been owned. One characteristic of successful people are those who are able to live his life without debt.

4. Always share

Humans are social beings who need to socialize with their environment. According to a psychologist, mutual aid can affect one’s health. Therefore, good habits like helping other people need to be instilled in.

You not only can improve your health, help others can also help to be more successful.

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich

Everyone in the world can be rich. Based on the confessions of the billionaire, has a wealth of up to tens or hundreds of billions is not because of a fluke, but it depends on yourself.

You have to change your thinking and make changes to achieve a better life. Change your mindset from “why could not I rich?” To “Why am I not rich?”

rich tips

Here is a list of reasons why you are not too rich:

1. You think being rich is not yours, but the rights of others

We live in a capitalist society. It is given every opportunity to individuals to become rich. It just takes a willingness to try to provide the best for yourself.

2. You do not feel smart

The lack of formal education did not hold success in others. The inventors Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Dell have never felt the college, even a dropout student.

3. You think not afford to be rich because you are not ambitious

People who are rich do not have the ambition to be rich like you. It’s just that they have confidence in themselves to make their dreams come true. To be rich, you need to have more confidence in you.

4. You are focused save money

Not that rich people do not keep their money, but they are more interested in saving money with a number of high interest. When save their money, they save their money wisely with the investment objectives and earn higher profits.

5. You must be principled earn money by working hard

When you get paid per hour in your work, and your overtime, you’ll obviously only get paid more. Moreover, it is not the way to wealth. Wealthy people actually complete the work which will increase their wages, and it does not concern the time.

6. Fear of Failure

Individuals who achieve independent wealth ever fall occasionally before they achieve success. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Think of it as learning mistakes to achieve success. Failure is a teacher and not the end of everything.

Easy Ways to Manage Business Finance

financial businessOne of the requirements in order to continue our efforts to develop and manage finances. Despite efforts were undertaken including small-scale businesses, but not to be ignored finances, when it happens the same as suicide. Organize business finances is essential to know the profit or loss earned in a business.

Problems often occur, small business entrepreneurs have limitations in understanding the financial system. And if you quickly understand, small business finance you may run with fairly simple.

Here are simple tips that you can do in managing business finances.

Creating separate financial

Often small businesses do not separate the business financial the financial own. The reason is, because his business is still small, so it is not complex. The way it’s wrong. Despite its still relatively small must use a different wallet or a different bank account. Do not let the money be used for personal business, so create two separate accounts, if you need additional capital from private funds then considered a loan that must be returned.

Ask for help calculate financial statements

If you are not able to manage your finances well, you can involve others to help in calculating your business finances. In this way can reduce the risk of errors against your efforts.

Calculate the expenditure and income

If you are just starting this venture, count the needs of start-up funds that had been prepared beforehand. this is done to ensure sufficient capital to run a business owned by one year forward estimates even some of the old capital could be returned. You many examples of calculations that you can be better than online media, or at the bookstore.

Do not underestimate all the expenses

No matter how small the expenditure incurred to run a business, lest you underestimate costs. Although it’s just buying a dish for guests, transportation, purchasing pens etc. You buy it with money, and effort for the benefit of the business, so it should be recorded. From here you can see the post is there any excessive costs or even less.

Do not ignore all receipts

Developed and developing your business from revenue. If you sell goods and forget to charge, of money your income will fall apart. So do not ignore the acceptance slightest. Small businesses will benefit if you pay attention to inclusion in the business.

Read this Book Can Make You More Success

Research has proven that 85 percent of wealthy people read two books per month. Both the education and careers as well as on self-development.

book for success

If the hobby of reading can be fruitful for them, surely this habit can also have a positive impact for you.

Quoted from the article What Rich People Have Next To Their Beds, the results of this research also proved that the book as one of the five mentors play an important role in how the wealth of the rich.

Corley explained the four other mentors are parents, teachers, peers and life experiences.

Here are five books that can make you more successful as launch Business Insider:

1. Girlboss

Girlboss a book by Sophia Amaruso founder of e-commerce sites, NastyGal. This book tells about the journey Sophia Amaruso to achieve success until now.

This book can inspire and full variety of life’s journey that you can encounter.

2. ‘A New Earth’

Eckhart Tolle’s book invites readers to appreciate life possessed. He outlines steps that can be taken to transcend the ego and achieve a more enlightened state.

This book is among the selected books as the Oprah Book Club.

3. Awaken The Giant Within

This book was published in 1992 by one of the world renowned motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. This book is able to give you practical strategies to find the passion that had been desired.

4. Big Magic

The author of a famous book by Elizabeth Gilbert said that the strategy to combat the fear that often arise in life. Titled Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert tells some tips that you can use to find inspiration in life.

5. Business Adventure

This book is one of the favorite books of Bill Gates. John Brooks revealed that one of the main values ​​in business is not profit per se, but rather a value that can be distributed to others.