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Success Tips Jack Dorsey Lead two Big Companies

Can not imagine how busy the founder Jack Dorsey microblogging service Twitter post was appointed as CEO some time ago. Because, in addition to expanding the task to increase the share of Twitter being down lately, Dorsey also must stints as CEO at Square a financial company decides to go public on November 19 last.

jack dorsey

Obviously, you’re wondering how this 39-year-old man divided his time to perform all the tasks that? Well, to answer it recently WallStreetJournal reveal what exactly is done Dorsey to successfully carry out the arduous task as CEO of two companies at once.

Dorsey reportedly did not have a desk to work both on Twitter and Square. Men who are still single was also reportedly prefers to work in mobile rather than to settle down in a room and a table in one of the separate office block in the office of San Francisco, USA.

In fact, Dorsey reportedly divides his schedule very well and tight in both the company he leads. In the morning until noon, Dorsey reported to be spending time on Twitter, while the daytime to nighttime turn Dorsey spent his time in the Square.

Not only that, on Monday reportedly Dorsey will spend his time in the morning for a meeting with senior management Twitter consisting of eight executives, including CFO Anthony Noto and President Adam Bain. Afterwards, at around 1.30pm Dorsey reportedly will go to the Square to do the same thing with the executives of the financial services company.

Dorsey’s work ethic is very tight on the schedule was reportedly not separated from the advice she received from Robert Iger, CEO of Disney. According to reports, Dorsey is now also included in the board of directors of Walt Disney Co., a lot of inspiration from the work ethic Iger who successfully led several companies at once, such as Walt Disney and Pixar Animation.

Keeping Better Payroll Records and Saving Your Company Money

Payroll inaccuracies account for many companies’ biggest financial losses. When you underpay or overpay workers, your cash flow takes a serious hit. You can improve the payroll records and protect your company’s bottom line by investing in technology that comes with equipment like computerized time clocks and other record keeping systems. By shopping the online inventory of businesses like Allied Time and other makers of these systems, you can find the technology that best suits your needs and will save you time and hassle in keeping your company’s payroll.

time clock

Traditional Clocking Systems

Choosing the technology that best suits your company goes beyond selecting a system that you like the most. You also must ensure that your staff can use it as it is designed. While many employees today have mastered how to use the Internet and log onto WiFi, others, particularly older workers, have yet to understand how this technology works.

Rather than take a chance on workers not utilizing the time clock correctly, you can instead choose from clocks that feature more traditional and easier-to-use designs. Time punch machines and clocks that require workers to type in identification numbers can still be found available on the Internet. These systems record payroll down to the second for every employee who worked. They also take into account details like holiday pay, sick leave, and lunch hours. Your payroll accuracy will increase and your cash flow will stabilize. You can look forward to avoiding paying out too much or too little money to workers each payday.

Computerized Time Keeping Systems

If you feel that your employees have the knowledge and capabilities to use a computerized WiFi clock, you can also find one of these systems for sale online. These clocks rely on wireless Internet to function. They are extremely accurate and can function with a wireless signal even when the electricity goes out. Many WiFi providers make available signals that stay up for at least five hours during outages. You can maintain your payroll even during outages and other times when your regular computer system goes down.

Like regular clocks, these systems also account for employees’ time on the floor, lunch hours, sick leave, vacations, and more. When you print out your records each pay period, you can be confident in their accuracy.

Your payroll can make or break your cash flow. Keeping accurate records can be accomplished with better time clocking systems.

Want To Be A Professional In The Office? Bad Habits Leave It

When you’re working in the office, in the company or in any course, professionalism should presumably your case. Although sometimes just something that is small and does not seem important, but you need to know also how to maintain a professional work.

presentation business

Do not until you look unprofessional even though you are working with dedication and integrity. Because you have to know a few little things that if you do will affect how people against you.

You must remember that the world of work is not the arena game that you can do something you arbitrarily. Well, for that you need to be careful with some of the bad habits that will make you look unprofessional. Habit does it, and if you are a frequent habit of it? See explanation below.

1. Habit Come Too Late

Do not until you get used to it. The habit of late for various reasons will be very difficult to remove. Late habits will make you very bad in the eyes of fellow employees or in the eyes of the boss.

Respect time and of course also respect other colleagues. Do not be as good as his own, there are times when there is a need that can not be avoided, but certainly not every day right. Therefore, try as much as possible lest you arrive late at work so that the values ​​of professionalism to yourself can be maintained.

2. Dressed Not Appropriate

Clothing or clothing greatly affect a person’s outlook on the attitude of your professional. Simply put, if you choose clothes that fit just can not how can you do the work in accordance with the directives of superiors. Although sometimes people who blindly dress also can not necessarily be said to be unprofessional.

But you need to know that in a business or office is certainly no rule written or not the dress that has been determined. Then, you also need to comply with these regulations in a dress.

3. Lack of focus and concentration While Working

You have to be careful here, with advances in technology such as this, then focus and our concentration very easily distracted. With the wide range of social media, it is very easy to distract us.

If the work you are more often open social media, search engines such as Google and others, it means that you are less focused at work. And it is very bad if it keeps you leave it alone, just as you are not professional in their work. For that from now on try to introspection in the work.

4. Can not Distinguish Relationships Friendship And Professionals

Although on one side of your teammates is a friend, but you should understand also that in your work environment must be professional. You have to know the positions of the friends of the co-workers.

Although you already know close to them, try to keep your attitude, especially if you already know a friend who is a boss. However in the work environment you have to respect it, and you do not ever apply disrespectful in front of him.

5. Too Much Talk, Do not Want to Hear

This is a very bad habit and will make you look totally unprofessional. Let’s say you already know about something, but in a job you still need a lot to learn and a lot of information. And, one way to learn and to be able to get a lot of information is to listen and listen.

You must remember the saying “an empty keg tinny sound”, do not let the proverbial inherent in you because so many of your talk.

Well my friends, if you already know some of the bad habits that make you look unprofessional, it is time you should introspection  themselves. Is the above habits often you do or not. If often, then you should start now to fix to reduce it bit by bit.

Some ways to get Money From Internet

Nowadays almost every day we access the internet. Most of us just use the internet to access social media, such as facebook, twitter, and others to interact with others or as a medium for information. But you can easily get extra income from the internet, you can make more money. And of course free and without capital. Here are 5 ways to earn money from the internet.


1. Blogging

Through blogging, you can share information with others. Moreover, through blogging you can make money for free with advertisements on your blog or website if you already have a blog site visitors a lot. The way you simply register your blog or website advertising sites, such as popads, Google Adsense and others. After that, you would place their ad on your blog or website. Next you will be paid for each blog or website visitor who saw or clicked ad

2. Following Online Paid Survey

The way this one is quite easy and I highly recommend. I myself get a sizable income in this way. Simply by answering the survey and you will get the money as Survey Junkie program.

3. Shop Online

If indeed you want to seriously seek income through the internet, you can try to open an online store. As for something that you can sell as a book, ebook, clothing, literature, something unique, and others. Or you can use the trading site to advertise your product for free.

4. Following the program Paid To Click (PTC)

Paid To Click (PTC) is a program where you will get paid for every ad clicked or viewed. The program is quite popular on the internet. Although the pay is quite small but if you are diligent you will also get a lot of money from PTC programs.

Marketing Mistakes Your Company Might Be Making

As many corporate leaders know, marketing is one of the most important components of any business-building strategic plan. However, many business owners regularly commit marketing mistakes that detract from their organization’s ability to grow and thrive. Here are three marketing mistakes that your company might be making right now:

marketing mistakes

1. Outdated Equipment.

In many cases, the use of outdated equipment precludes business owners from maintaining excellent marketing campaigns. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, update all of your equipment regularly so that you are using the most cutting edge, customized products available to you. Companies like Carpenter’s Time Systems offer excellent handheld inkjet printers that can help you expedite and optimize processes like marking and coding your marketing materials.

2. No Digital Campaign.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that a business owner can make is failure to launch and consistently optimize a digital campaign. Don’t make this mistake. A great eCommerce platform can take your conversion rates from ok to amazing with relative speed. Moreover, having a strong, substantive Internet presence will help you extend your sphere of influence and become an industry leader. To ensure that your digital campaign is irrefutably amazing, look for a digital firm with the following traits:

  • comprehensive services (website development, online reputation management, search engine optimization, responsive web design, etc.)
  • positive customer reviews
  • competitive pricing
  • an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

3. Depersonalized Services.

These days, the term “connectivity” has attained great primacy in the world of marketing. Although defined diversely, connectivity basically references the process of a client interacting with her or his customers in a manner that enhances the relationship-building process and thereby optimizes conversion. While connectivity is incredibly important and advantageous, many businesses offer depersonalized services which promote detachment and disconnectivity. Don’t make this mistake. Effective marketing is all about keeping your client’s attention and building your brand in a manner that gets the customer really involved and interested in your products and services. With that idea in mind, optimize connectivity with practices such as contests that offer free promotional prizes and Q & A style blog posts.

Don’t Delay-Optimize Your Marketing Methodologies Today!

If you’re determined to take your business to a new level of exceptionalism, you need to consider whether any of your current modalities are ineffective. In many cases, businesses fail to reach a new dimension of efficacy and excellence because their marketing methodologies are lackluster. Yet by implementing the advertising information and advice outlined above, you’ll likely find that your marketing efforts become more savvy and sophisticated than ever. The end result will be profound, ongoing success!

4 Ways to Overcome Addiction Open Social Network At Work

Whether in the midst of busy, you suddenly open the internet? Yes, it is mostly done by many people. Internet indeed has poisoned many people in this world, to addiction or spend hours and hours to open a variety of social media or a particular website.

social network tips

It is legitimate to do, but if it has to interfere with work or activity at that time, definitely harming yourself.

If you include people who are hard to turn away from the net, following some simple ways that can be done to stop opening the Internet or social media in the current rush hour:

Log off social media

Inevitably, humans are programmed to connect socially with others. Different activities makes people want to stay in touch with people through social media.

One of the simplest ways to avoid this addiction is to log out of all social media before work. If you want a more extreme way, you have to block the app or the website during rush hours you.

Using the application to limit the time

There are several applications that can prevent you to open a Google or other applications. Applications such as Facebook Nanny, can help limit the time you spend on social media.

There is another application which allows you to determine which sites should be blocked and which ones are needed. Checky application can also track the online habits of a person and makes you able to control yourself.


You may have to schedule your trip when weekend or schedule overtime grind. You also need to schedule time to use the internet.

You can schedule after work or in the middle of your break time. Give time a bit longer if you want to settle open the internet, so that when the work is no longer interested in opening a social media or whatever.

Not connected to the Internet

Now, many places that provide WiFi which can be used by everyone. But it was the trigger you want to always open internet.

Not to mention if there is a notification coming from the social media, you certainly want to open the notification of smartphones and social media know it. Better not connect your smartphone to the Internet as long as you work.

Tips Business Capital Increase

Capital became a major factor in running a business, the business capital is certainly not going to go well. Instead of increasing, the business without capital would simply be stalled. It is already very aware for businesses, even the businessmen were already well aware how important venture capital. Unfortunately, many employers are not able to solve the problem when capital began to thin. Well, times of crisis like this is hard to deal with but you do not have to worry as to help you increase business capital, here are some ways that can help you.

financial management

1. Focus

For the small and medium entrepreneurs should be your first focus on the business before venturing any other business. It is not only able to increase funding scores of business in which you worked but with a focus on one sector of the business will be able to save on your expenses. Let your business running stable first, meaning that the current purchase rate has increased new you might try reaching other sectors. But you have to remember, increasing age also contributed to the increased competition.

2. Give Featured Products

To attract investors certainly things that the primary concern is how attractive the product is, the same as the consumer. So, if you want to attract investors to raise funding your business you should really have a product to a system that is really interesting. You should be aware though an investor would pay attention to how high the attractiveness of a product, not only of quality. If you have a quality product then you also have to make it interesting.

3. Reduce Wasted Materials

Capitalization is a sector that required your attention, but it is also equally important in product manufacturing sector. We recommend that you suppress the error, so that you can reduce the use of excess funds in the production sector. This will certainly help you increase funding and improve profitability. If indeed the rest of the material can still be used should be utilized, but remember creative doesn’t mean you have to cheat.