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Habits of Successful People in the Morning Before Leaving Work

To be successful it is the dream of many people. Lots of successful people in this world and society so admired them, whatever field of profession. From how they speak, how they communicate, how they dress, people want to imitate the hope that successful people can be successful as they admire. Even many of which mimic the habits of successful people before they go to work.

habits of people success

Just like ordinary people, successful people are the same. There are a few things they did before leaving for work, so it becomes their daily habits. Here are some of the habits of successful people they always do every morning before leaving for work.

1. Get Up Early

Successful people always get up early in the morning. They always wake up in the morning, which is usually other people are always reluctant to do so. For them to get up early so we could taste the freshness of the air is so healthy and gives us passion for starting any activity. In addition, the morning air is also nice to relax our brain to be more fresh for work.

2. Drink Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate

After waking up early in the morning, then wash your face, the successful people usually drink a cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate perhaps as body warmers in the morning. Did you know that coffee, tea, and hot chocolate have the same efficacy in this regard, that calm our minds.

Often we get up in the morning and feeling lazy and want to sleep again. Well, that’s where we should drink something warm such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Accompanied by bread or biscuits if any, to make us more peace of mind to live that day.

3. Sit on the terrace house or Jogging

Successful people do not just pay attention to the job and his career, but they are also very concerned about their physical and spiritual health. One that can be done to preserve physical health is by jogging (jog). With morning exercise, then our body will feel healthier and fitter, moreover morning air is so fresh and rich in oxygen.

If you do not have time to exercise in the morning, then usually the successful people take the time to enjoy the fresh morning air with a sweet sitting in a chair porch, accompanied by a cup of their favorite warm beverage.

4. Replying to Email or Completed Tasks Yesterday

After exercising, or perhaps while sitting on the porch, successful people always taking the time to read email inbox last night while he was asleep. And replying to email earlier, if it had to reply.

Some of them perform repeated revisions jobs piling up unfinished yesterday and tried to solve them, or just a little installments to be brought to the office to be resolved.

5. Reading the newspaper or on the Internet News

If no incoming email or no jobs are in arrears, they always make themselves untu read the latest news from a newspaper or news portal on the internet. Thus, they always get the latest information about the world, or it may work, or maybe just read an interesting article. All done to broaden them. That is why they are successful because they really like to read, read open window to the world.

6. Breakfast with Family

After completing the above activities, it is the successful person will usually direct employment shower and change clothes. After that, they would have time to have breakfast with the family. For them, even though they were busy with work, but they also remain concerned and take the time even a little with family. And after breakfast, then successful people prepare for work and starting the next lead.

Well, that habits of successful people they always do every morning before leaving for work. So, maybe it’s just habit together with all of us. If equal, then that differentiates us with successful people is their business and their spirit is strong. If our morning habits differ with them, then let us emulate their good habits that morning. Because, who knows we can track their success. Hope it is useful.

Improving Life and Teaching New Skills to the Public

Since the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, everyday life in that country has continued to evolve for the better. People who once were restricted in what information they had access to now are hungry to learn new skills and find out more about how to become independent as they help build their country’s future. Entrepreneurs are making a positive impact on Afghanistan by setting up communication services that range from Afghan Wireless Internet to multi-lingual TV broadcasts that people can gain access to on a daily basis. This service lets them read the daily news, learn business skills, and find out how to improve their health and lifestyles, resources that once were unavailable to them prior to the fall of the Taliban.

mobile network

Growing Subscribers

These services are so popular in Afghanistan that more people continue to subscribe to them everyday. They now reaches more than three million subscribers, with more people signing up everyday for Internet and cell phone services. By helping people gain access to technology that other people around the globe take for granted, businessmen and other entrepreneurs demonstrate their concern for their country and its future. They want to see the country progress rather than return to the days when freedom of information was restricted.

To make this information as accessible as possible to the people, the new Afghan network broadcasts the news, educational programming, and other services in several languages. People who tune into these broadcasts can hear them in Dari, Pashtu, and English. Because Afghanistan is a large country where several different languages are spoken, business professionals that include Ehsan Bayat and others like him recognized the need for multilingual broadcasts. People who speak one of these languages, but not the others can still be well served by this service.

Honors and Awards

The rest of the world recognizes that Afghanistan is experiencing unique challenges in forging ahead in its progress. Because entrepreneurs are stepping up to the challenge of improving everyday life in this country, organizations like the Friends of the South Asian American Communities are quick to applaud these efforts. Its Mahatma Ghandi Humanitarian award was awarded recently in recognition for making wireless services and broadcasts available to as many people as possible in Afghanistan. The 2008 Corporate Responsibility Award from the Canada-Afghanistan Business Council also recently was awarded in recognition of Afghanistan technology improvements.

Afghanistan has come a long way since the Taliban was removed from power in the last decade. People now have access to information that helps them improve their daily lives.

A Few Things Desired By Investors

Investors. The word is often called and sought its existence by entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs or who are in the early stages of the stage. Many who know what it means but sometimes when given the opportunity to meet, do not know exactly what investors want.

angel investor

Actually, there are a few things you want to be seen by investors, especially professional investors. Here are the things that investors :

1. It’s not about the business. It’s about who we are

Many entrepreneurs who earlier met investors too excited to explain about his business, without preparing the executive team. But the views of investors first is who we really are? Do we deserve financed? Like what his track record? However every business is about people business. Donald Trump has ever said that, “I never bet on business, i bet on people.”

TIPS: If we feel we are not enough track record to sell, find a counterweight. Hire people who have a good track record or are looking for some experienced advisers who want to accompany us in running the business.

2. Clear business model

The second thing that is important is what kind of business model? In short, what the business flow of a process of selecting raw materials to finished products and to be in the hands of consumers, along with the allocation of costs and revenue projections. Here began the technical talk, and we must be able to retain all the assumptions that we make in the business projections.

3. Is it scalable ?

This is important because investors want to know how fast the business that we offer will evolve. Is this business can be duplicated in other areas or not? How fast is the process duplicate? Estimate how long the business will thrive before it reached its mature and then entered a phase of decline? Surely this is related to the level of returns expected by investors.

4. Are there any exit strategy

Depending typical investor, an investor who has a buy and hold strategy, there is also a have strategy buy, build and sell. But any investor tips helps us provide an exit strategy options they can take. There are several kinds of exit strategy that is often used, ranging from buy-back strategy, the second stage of investment, equity to loan capital, up to the IPO (Initial Public Offering). All depends on the type of investors encountered. The average professional investor has a time frame of between 5-7 years, depending character business and negotiating with investors.

The above are some of the components into consideration for investors before investing. There are also many investors who did not heed the above, especially individual investors. However good we are always ready on the above questions because we never know when the opportunity came. All we can confirm is that we are ready whenever the opportunity came.

Too Many “Cooks” Don’t Spoil the Corporate Soup

Small businesses or one-man operations may prosper with only one leader at the helm; however, as a company grows so do the responsibilities. Company expansion also indicates department growth. Most likely, one person- or even two- would be less likely to efficiently and effectively run the business. At this point recruiting leaders who possess the same ideologies as the company’s founder(s) may be in the best interests of progress.

Charles Phillips CEO


The importance of how much more can be accomplished when people work together toward a common goal can be exemplified with a comparison to sport teams. A baseball organization can have the best pitcher in the league or a football team can have an outstanding quarterback, but without every player on the field the likelihood of winning a game is basically zero. And in one person sports like golf, tennis, and swimming the best outcomes are achieved when a coach and supporters are around to cheer on the athlete.

Company Team Leaders

Chief executive officer (CEO) is the label most people are familiar with when they think about the ultimate, decisive head of a company such as CEO Charles Phillips of Infor. Depending on the structure of the company or corporation, other key players may include:

  • President- oversees general day-to-day business operations
  • Executive Vice-President- supports business policies as set by the CEO, President, and/or board
  • Chief Financial Officer- responsible for financial division of the business
  • Chief Marketing Officer- executes and maintains the business’s marketing plan
  • Senior Vice-President- managing director for subdivisions within a company such as human resources, Size, compositions, and industry determine the hierarchy of organizations, whether they are corporations, companies, or nonprofit entities.

Leadership Skills

When looking for leaders to complement the organization’s mission, there are certain characteristics present in accomplished applicants.

  • They have to have an air of trustworthiness. Looking people in the eye, not fidgeting, and paying careful attention to detail are some signs of a person who can be trusted.
  • They have the ability to bring out the best in the workers of their departments by recognizing talent and acknowledging their contributions. This allows workers to maintain confidence in their decisions.
  • Inspirational leaders are secure in delegating tasks. They understand that power isn’t self-inclusive, but realize sharing power is a positive motivational feature.
  • Presence mirrors star-quality. The minute they walk in a room attention is directed their way. They instill self-assurance to everyone in the room.

There are other qualities for talented leaders. Depending on the final product or service, leaders must also hold content knowledge applicable to the organization.

Want to Start a Business? Notice About It

Often in doing and run a business we must have a real priority or goal we want to achieve in the business. It’s OK that it motivates us to keep trying and not give up in the business that we run.

However, please note that, there are several things to consider in running the business starters. Why? Because if the main thing is our focus, then it will make us feel more down. Here are the things we need to do at the beginning of our business.

start business

1. Make yourself as an Employee Not For Bosses

Although we as a business or owner, but to the beginning of the business we do not make it as something that makes us relaxed. We must give the target and the pressure and motivation for ourselves. Try to imagine since the beginning of the business we’ve not only want a headache, how can we regulate and control our future employees? A good boss should be willing to serve.

2. Do not make Money As A Primary Target

Why? Kan is the money that we want to achieve in doing business. Indeed, but if we only target the money it stands to reason that our business will only run briefly. The amount of money is not necessarily depict our customer satisfaction and turnover. Because in doing a business we would expect the business in the long term is not it?

3. Always Learning from Mistakes

Learning from errors. Not only our own fault but also the mistakes of others. We need to take careful steps in starting our business due to the long-term.

4. Give the Vision, Mission, and Goals Right

Vision, Mission, and Goals is what should be our target. How do I get the vision, mission and goals can be achieved? Obviously with continued effort and without giving up.

The above simple things you must do in starting your business. Do not be discouraged of course, because to get to the top of the mountain, we have to climb from the bottom if we directly reached on the date, we will not know how you can reach the peak.

Pioneering Startup Business, Need the Right Mentor

In a pioneering startup requires not only a matter of passion and capital alone, not infrequently a newly developed startup requires the support of a mentor startup right in order to move forward to a better direction again.

It’s not easy to find the right mentor and guiding startup wants us to go to the path of success. Although difficult, it is quite possible we could find the startup mentor figure if we want to pay attention to things that are conveyed by the actors and the following business startup.

Startup Business

1. Being Good Founder to Get a Good Mentor

According to Takeshi Ebihara as the co-founder and General Partner of Batavia Incubator, we must be good figure founder in order to get a good mentor. Takeshi statement is also reinforced by the opinions of weather Wilson, co-founder and managing partner of East ventures.

Wilson stated that a startup mentor will choose to guide a startup that is considered to have potential and a good work ethic to advance. In addition, a strong vision is also one important thing that we must show as founder of a startup.

2. Must be Found Matches

A lot of startup qualified mentor who can guide a startup, but certainly not all of these mentors have a match with our startup. According to Takeshi, where technology is making the pioneering startup can communicate easily with a number of large companies. It should also be supported by a mentor intuition to decide which one is best suited to the business that we select.

No need to rely on a lot of mentors to support startup if it turns out one or two is enough to help mentor our startup journey.

3. Mentor Also Startup Must Qualify

Being a mentor startup is not easy. Somebody deserves to be called as a mentor if it is successfully escorting some startup success and have a company which was a success in the field.

When compared as a doctor, a mentor is the party that should be able to help the growth and development of its founder together startup. In times of growing startup, a mentor will accompany a startup to get in touch with many parties, including investors.

4. It would be nice if the Mentor Invest

Capital invested by the mentor at startup is being mentor will be one of the evidence of the seriousness of the mentor. Certainly no one right people who want to lose money after startup to invest in particular. It is felt by the mentor will automatically create new ideas and mentor becomes more brilliant, futuristic and useful for the development startup.

5. Take advantage of Social Media to Conduct Investigation

The rapid development of social media can also be used to find the right mentor. Social media we can use to search for information or a similar business can support our startup. Through social media we can see information about the owner of the business or startup before deciding whether the owner figure fit to be a mentor for our startup.

Furthermore, we stayed establish an intimate and interactive communication by contacting the owner of the business. Open-minded business owners certainly will not mind taking the time to exchange ideas and share experiences to get a lot of amazing new science.