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Best Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Visibility

Are you wondering how most of the influencers and entrepreneurs are getting most of the business from LinkedIn? In recent years, Linkedin network has made several changes and updates in their network to make it more user-friendly for peoples. If you are already on linkedin and your company profile is created on Linkedin, it’s a great time to check it and refresh your online presence on Linkedin.

If you are looking for how to get started with Linkedin and improve you online visibility, here we have listed best steps to get started.

Fill up your LinkedIn Company Profile with All Details

Did you ever checked, when any visitors first visit your Linkedin profile,, you may have seen a box that highlight fills the screen.As there is saying that first impression is last impression, you should make your profile clearly and updated so that anyone can check out from your profile what you can do for them.

The interesting thing and feature is that it automatically suggest you step by step procedure to update your profile like uploading proper image, adding your education, work experience and much more data you can fill up in your profile to make it visible for peoples to check out.

Use your Skill as your Keyword on your Company profile

There is a field to add about you in summary section on your profile, there you can add about your and complete details in summary section in details.


Write the text in your summary section in the first person, as if you were talking directly to potential clients. Your profile should tell you everything about you and your complete story, your client can directly access from your profile. You can also simply use effective keywords and phrases where they fit.

Hint: The “specialties” section of the summary is a great place to list your areas of expertise using descriptive keywords.

List Your Company Profile On Linkedin

You can also create your Linkedin company profile from Linkedin for business page.There you can mention everything about your company, list your employees and much more. You can also list your company profile similar to Linkedin on

Join and participate in groups

If you don’t know, LinkedIn Groups has recently got a major upgrade with the new LinkedIn mobile application. You can easily take part in the group discussion on the go, that is really great for you to stay visible on active groups those are related to your company’s service.

linkedin 2

Joining Linkedin groups is also easy, click on group tab available on navigation menu and you can easily find groups you have joined, you are following, you may also like or you can also create your company’s group using linkedin and invite peoples to join your linkedin company group.

It is advised that you are joining groups that are relevant to your business and company profile to target your clients easily. E.g. if you are working on local business, you will need to check out the local business listing groups. You can easily connect with professional peoples in your niche using Linkedin groups.

5 Tips For Your Online Marketing Video Spectacular

Increasingly rapid development of Internet increasingly meet our needs will be most effective business marketing process. Not only can you take advantage of social media with content such as text or images, the role of online video has also become one of the mainstays in the field of modern marketing.

video marketing

Nothing is hard if we want to learn to make video marketing online creative and able to represent our business well. So that there are no mistakes in developing ideas about online video marketing, these 5 tips should we look at and practice before making an online video for marketing needs:

1. Projecting Business Value

Chris Anderson was the founder of TED TED share the secret of the success in making online marketing video that attracts the curiosity of many people. Chris claimed to invest heavily in the field of online video in order to highlight the business value well.

All the elements that support the online marketing video from the arrangement of light, the camera angle, audio mixing process and various other supporting elements considered in earnest during the making of the video. Thus, online marketing video produced will look special and professionally so that people more and more curious about the contents of the video.

2. Keep the Light on Audience

Viewers who watched video content online marketing are the ones who become the target of our marketing. Therefore, make an online video-oriented audience is something very brilliant.

Do not make online video marketing as a necessity to supplement marketing techniques. Because we actually have to start focusing on the wishes and interests needed by the audience. The essence is how to provide what viewers need, then slowly our businesses will also be known.

3. Mobilizing Support Professionals

Do not be too stingy with the budget we have for marketing. If we have a sufficient budget, try to hire the services of professional consultants so that the process of making online video marketing to be more focused and targeted.

In addition, the marketing budget can also be allocated to support video creation attractive locations, the use of tools that are technologically advanced and procurement of quality properties and is able to make video marketing online so more lives.

4. Determine Relevant Road Stories

Create a unique online video marketing and able to invite interest does require effort. Apart from having to learn many things about an online video creation techniques, determining the storyline in the video is also becoming common thread to interpret the essence of the business.

If we had started well trained to create a unique character and is relevant to the purpose of online video, it means we can start to put yourself in situations important from the point of view of the viewer. Viewers may be entertained with video marketing online that are funny. But if the video is funny and interesting really can create targeted marketing effect? Study it further in order to act persuasively in the online video viewers.

5. End Video Marketing Online

HearNotes CEO, Patrick Donohue stated that create compelling online video marketing is not something to be proud or be used as an achievement. Because of the compelling online video should be seen by many people, for instance by all members of the family at home. Online video can invite interest from a family is a good start for the marketing strategy.

Shortly before determining the concept of online marketing video that will be realized, we need to discuss a lot of things with our team. Discuss about the target audience, the way the story to be disclosed in the video as well as business values ​​to be shown clearly. Certainly not the length of duration that determine the success of marketing techniques via online video, because the quality and timeliness of delivery of purpose is the main point.

Setting up an online video marketing has become one of modern marketing techniques and easy to do. Although it easy, do not get stuck with the concept of online video monotonous that viewers are always looking forward to a surprise from the online video that we created.

Maximise Space (and Profits) with Storage

Storage is one aspect of business that too often gets left to chance. You need somewhere to put stuff so you buy a cabinet and think the job is done.

However, despite this being the most common way of solving storage problems, it isn’t the best way. Storage doesn’t need to be a passive thing – it can actively work with you, providing pathways to improved profits and making working space more enjoyable and productive.

office rent

Take Stock of Space

Look around your office area and ask yourself if the floor space could work harder. If you’re renting office space, you’re paying for every square foot, so it’s to your advantage to make sure no corner is underperforming.

If you have ranks of filing cabinets along a wall, could you get rid of a few by better utilising cloud storage facilities? There are lots of providers of free cloud storage where you can safely lodge company records and databases, doing away with the need to keep extensive paper records that are hardly ever accessed.

CRM is easier too, when all company information is cloud based. Companies of all sizes can benefit from comprehensive services like Microsoft Office 365 for business. Not only is all information safe and secure, it’s also instantly accessible to staff members who need it, regardless of whether they’re office based or in the field.

Rent out Office Space

If you’ve cleared some floor space by getting rid of unneeded cabinets, you likely have space for another desk.

Bringing in an additional desk lets you take advantage of the growing trend for shared office space. By renting a spare desk to a fellow business owner or freelance worker, you not only generate extra income but also enjoy less tangible benefits such as the energy new faces introduce to the workplace. You never know, you might even find someone whose interests complement your own, which could lead to a new, profitable collaboration.

Specialist companies, such as Office Genie, exist to match those with desks to rent with those who are renting them.

Make E-Commerce More Profitable

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business sectors today. Consumers love the convenience and retailers love the simplicity of the business model. The only real problem is the question of stock storage. You need enough space to house stock safely and organise it logically. You also need somewhere that’s conveniently located, with easy access for delivery vehicles, especially as the business grows and you buy in larger quantities.

A growing band of e-commerce businesses have realised the potential offered by self storage companies to meet all their needs. Self storage companies in return have realised how well their services complement business owners and now offer some specialised additional services. Some, for instance, will receive deliveries on your behalf when you can’t be there yourself, or offer courier services.

In addition, self storage offers the versatility that’s hard to find elsewhere. Short term rental contracts mean you can vacate with just a week’s notice, and similarly you can upgrade your level of space just as quickly when you need additional space – say for seasonal fluctuations or special overstock bargains you wish to purchase.

So convenient are the storage spaces offered by self storage companies that many e-commerce businesses also use their storage rooms as pack and dispatch stations. The installation of a small desk makes simple admin like wrapping and labelling very easy. Very often, e-retailers find they don’t need a separate office at all, but if there are times when you do want dedicated office space, some storage companies offer flexible office spaces with no long term leases.

If you’ve been guilty of seeing storage as a passive necessary evil, take another look and realise how it can work to increase your profits and ease your workflow. Self storage, cloud storage, and better use of available space make storage the dynamic business partner is should be.

Tips to Manage Finance For Unemployed

Crisis of job loss can be in two forms, namely emotional and financial. How to meet daily needs is a basic question. At this terrible situation, life would be better if you can manage your finances properly.

personal account

The following tips based Economic Times quoted, which can make the day sad loss of a job for the better:

1. Manage your debt well

Almost all workers with fixed income have an obligation to pay the debt, such as car loans, homes, apartments, and more. They have expectations of the job will still be there.

If you have a home loan and suddenly no longer have a job, then it could ask for waivers to the bank. More options, lower installment and extend the tenor up to get a new job.aid.

2. Avoid credit cards, use cash

When idle, should no longer use credit cards. This card only facilitates impulsive purchases. By using cash, you will reduce spending and tend to buy that you really need.

3. Reduce spending

Strikeout expenditures that do not need. Money hanging out, drinking coffee, and others must leave the list of expenditures. When unemployed you should be more concerned with the budget for food, health, and other primary needs. You have to think of money in savings will be depleted if not stop lifestyle unnecessary.

4. Think alternative earn revenue

You can take part-time job or freelance work to earn money. Think of a lucrative source of income, while still look for a better job

Tips to Make Attractive and Successful Product Launching

It is inevitable when launching event or the release of a new product into a very thrilling moment for business people. Hoping to get great enthusiasm of the people, of course, launching the product will be made as attractive as possible in order to outperform similar products from competitors team.

Although often the right moment to put expectations on the success of the product, apparently now launching the product often gets a great challenge from various aspects such as budget constraints, time constraints, the idea is not interpreted properly or various other constraints.

launch product

To overcome these obstacles, it would be nice if we learn to do several important tips that launching the product becomes more attractive and successful.

1. Find Out About Interests Customers

We certainly need to find out about the customer interest before we decided to launch a product. Customer interest typically vary depending on the needs, the level of economic, cultural background, area of ​​residence and living habits.

By conducting basic research on customer interests, then we can set a number of important steps next before launching the product.

2. Should Determine Target Markets

Where the businessman is not happy when the product can reach the entire community. But we must realize that there is a special segmentation should we prioritize as a target market for our products.

For example, advanced smartphone products usually target the market segment of the younger generation, businessmen or employees. While the smartphone at an affordable price and features are more limited economic circles of society usually targeting the lower middle. Make sure that the target market that we set will provide a great opportunity for the development of our products in the future.

3. Add Value to Products

What can be proud when we launched the product that poorer tantamount to other similar products?

From here we learn to give added value to our products. The moment of launching the product is the right time to introduce a number of advantages of our products compared to other products. Ways to provide added value to a very large assortment of products, for example by creating a package bundling with complementary products or giving discounts to customers who directly purchase products while launching event took place.

4. Oriented Customer Needs

Customers do not want to constantly listen to that boring information about the advantages of our products. Because the thing that they want is a product that can meet their needs and desires. So, stopping to explain a number of advantages of our products and begin to focus on customer needs. Try 2 the following sentence,

“Smartphone X is equipped with 4Gb of RAM capacity and reliable quality”

“The capacity of 4Gb RAM on smartphone X make browsing activities and playing games so more smoothly”

Of course, the second sentence was more interesting is not it?

5. Allocating Excess Funds

If we have more funds to hold a product launch event, there is no harm if we consult with a team of marketing consultants to create an effective product launch strategy.

In addition, the excess funds could also be used to hire the services of SPG and SPB (Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Girl and Boy) or preparing special gifts for loyal customers who attend the product launch.

6. Do not Forget Promotion Through Media

A number of mass media such as print media, electronic media and social media into one powerful weapon to introduce new products. Moreover, the current euphoria use of social media can be one of the best means to do promotion.

Do not forget to prepare a form of promotion of interest through the use of various media. So people who saw the campaign be interested to participate in the product launch event.

Although many obstacles to the successful launch of a product, but we also have to remember that careful planning and creative will be the key to success for the launch of the product. Do not delay to bring original ideas to make the process of launching the product became more impressive.

7 Profession of Endangered Because Machine Replaced

Technology is growing and growing each year make a lot of changes in the world. Technology is actually created to help humans in performing tasks and work, turned out to save something that threatens human dignity itself. One form of such threats is the replacement of human occupation or profession by machine.

According to the analysis of Glassdoor, job seekers community sites, automation is now being implicated in the whole hemisphere is predicted to have a 47 percent possibility of the occurrence of the phenomenon of replacement job or profession that will be taken over by the engine power. According to Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor Community Expert, there are several types of jobs with low skills, such as telemarketers who will most likely be replaced by the role of engine power.

Still according Dobroski, although now the technology and machinery has become a very common thing, but not all jobs will be replaced machines. Some jobs that require creativity or skill multitasking and high social skills such as weeding planner (wedding planners) will never be replaced anytime soon. Then a job or profession What are threatened with extinction due to lost and replaced by this machine?

japan robotic

1. Bank Teller

The first profession of endangered and irreplaceable machine is a bank teller. Clear evidence that this profession is the emergence of potentially replaced machine engine technology Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

With the ATM that can run most of the functions of a bank teller, people are now preferring to use these machines for a variety of purposes such as withdraw cash, transfer funds, pay bills, and more. Indeed, by making use of ATMs, banking transactions can be easier and save time.

Especially now that the banking world is also developing applications of this ATM technology with the launch of mobile banking and internet banking, the bank teller profession will be increasingly endangered and extinct.

2. Cashier

In addition to the bank teller, cashier profession also endangered the engine replaced. The emergence of a special machine to serve the payment buyers in some large stores in the United States and European countries makes the profession increasingly threatened the cashier.

This particular machine is sophisticated because it has the ability to scan and serve the payment from the buyer independently through the machine. Until now, the standalone machine known to have totaled 430,000 units worldwide, up to four times as much than in 2008.

3. Reception

Receiving a phone call is one of the tasks receptionist who is now widely performed by an answering machine or a virtual assistant system. Answering system that takes over the job itself is called a virtual receptionist receptionist. In countries with advanced technologies such as Japan, the role of receptionist even had replaced the real robot.

4. Operator Phone

Subjected to threats on this front was also override professions telephone operator. Moreover, the main job is the telephone operator received a call from the consumer, of course, will be increasingly threatened due to an automatic answering machine now widely used by many companies.

5. Mailman

It is not a surprising thing again if the current use of email (electronic mail) has become a necessity and habits of the people. And the existence of an email that has now popular will certainly shift the role of the physical form of a letter. And the eventual impact is professions introductory physical mail (postman) will be increasingly endangered.

6. Travel Agency (Travel Agent)

Other professions which are endangered due to replaceable machine is a travel agent (travel agent). As we know that the number of airlines that opened its own website to serve ticket reservations and the emergence of many smartphone applications ticketing service provider will make the existence of a travel agent threatened. Indeed, with their wide range of services via the internet network users will feel the ease and practicality of its own rather than having to go to a travel agent.

7. Print Media Reporters

With the increasing blog services and online media professionals to make professional print journalists or newspapers are also expected to continue to decline. The ease and internet access increasingly affordable and cheap it is to make more people choose online media rather than having to buy a newspaper or a magazine. Threats to the profession of print journalists is starting to be seen by many print media are closed and folded.

Benefits of Buying Into a Franchise

In today’s world, more people are looking at owning their own businesses rather than working for someone else. Buying into a franchise is often the route that many business owners take due to the benefits that come with the experience. While it may take a bit more money to get started than it would to work out of your basement, the benefits can help secure your success and an improved way of life in a short amount of time.

Benefit franchise

Established Brand Names

Franchises allow you to benefit from a brand or product that has already spent time becoming established. Thanks to generalized television, newspaper and Internet ads, people in your area may already know the company and what it represents. Before you spend a single dime in marketing and advertising, your business could already be a household name. People may immediately recognize logos and signs outside of your establishment before you open the doors for business.

Often Provides Assistance

Many franchises will often provide a great deal of assistance ranging from financial needs to management practices. As opposed to starting your own business, you have the benefit of knowledge from those within your franchised company. You don’t have to go it alone or spend weeks studying business practices on the Internet. Your success feeds into the corporation’s success, and most people will be willing to offer as much insight as possible to improve your business practices.

Provides Supplies

Franchises will often provide you with everything you’ll need to succeed. You’ll have access to items that are specific for the business that are purchased from all other locations. For example, your menu for a franchised restaurant may be the same that is experienced in other areas. You won’t need to worry about securing your own suppliers for products, which is an incredibly daunting task depending on where you live.

For more information about how you can get into a franchise, check out the available featured opportunities. Buying into a franchise could greatly reduce the stress of building a business from scratch while promoting faster profits. Find the opportunities that work best for you and begin working for a brighter future.