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Doing Business Tips When Still Lecture

It is not a day longer a student only aspire to be a civil servant or a professional workforce in large companies. There is now a growing number of students who intend went into business as a young entrepreneur. Even more than that, much has been started since attending college.

If you’ve started, congratulations! At least you will not likely increase the number of unemployed graduate. Then, how to study and business can be run simultaneously? Surely the challenge is to balance energy, thoughts, and time, between business, dense lecture schedule, and tasks are always there all the time.

business still lecture

So that they run successfully, consider the following tips:

Strengthen Mental and Beliefs

Business, not just rely on talent. Your goal in business is the main thing. Mental steadiness of purpose to build a reliable, because business is not always as smooth highway. In trouble, remind yourself on purpose. In addition, keep the confidence that you are not a regular student financially dependent on their parents only. These are your advantages compared to other students.

Creative strategy

Frequently evaluate the development of your business. This is to minimize the risks and maximize opportunities. The results of this evaluation will lead to new challenges that will make you think hard to make a creative strategy. Make a list of standard questions to facilitate evaluation. for example; Why turnover decreased? What is the state of competitors? How is the quality of products lately? Is there another market opportunity? How the power of sale? etc.

Time management

Do not complain about the availability of time, but manage the carefully. As a business, time is money. As a student, time is a science, as well as the chance to enjoy the thrill of the campus. Manage time like this:

Maximize time learning in the classroom. Focus on the material until you truly understand that you do not need to spend a lot of time at home to study for an exam.

Turn off cell phones during class. Tell this state in relation or your subscription. Thus, when you are in the class really to learn.

Complete coursework as soon as possible, without delay. Do not be done in time to avoid thoughts mepet divided between coursework with urgent business interests.

Do not forget to make time for fun!

Separate account

Create a special account for the business. You will easily evaluate the extent of the financial impact of your business with just a glance at the number of balances. If the balance is running low, it means that there is something wrong with your business. Conversely, if the balance is growing steadily, it means that you have to prepare yourself so make the company after graduation!

Expanded association

Do not just college and went straight home. Extend association with different friends classroom, department or faculty. Easy way is to follow the student activity units or active in campus activities. Make the most of the environment in the campus before the outside environment because everyday you are on it.

Friends Learning

On campus, you definitely have college friends who are close to you. Treat them with two functions. First, as a pleasant companion in charge of your campus life. Your friends will make you eager to serve two roles as students and businessmen. Second, as a friend studying in moments busyness of your business is on the rise while at the same time, you are faced with a pile of assignments or research.

The Internet

Optimize the use of the Internet as a virtual store business. Put a lot of information about the product at the same venue for the promotion here. You can start creating a simple blog that are provided for free. This informative blog will minimize your time for meetings business presentations, for example.

Name Card

One sign you’re serious about doing business is to make a card. In this era, paperless, most people think of cards just throw the paper away. However, a business card is what will give the impression that serious in each of your first meeting with other people.

Indeed, through college while doing business is not easy. However, if you are careful and skillful balance, everything will be difficult to fun new challenge. Rest assured that you have a head start on a path of success. That’S Cool!

Build Business in Young

young businessAre you one of those people who want to have a business at a young age? Or, if you an young professionals who also want to build a business as an extra income? Is it ever occurred to you to invite colleagues / friends you build a business together?

Having a business / business at a young age is something to be said brave and great. Brave, because of a lot of risk in it. Great, because at a young age, we have more time than the relative when we run it at the age of aging and approaching retirement.

Doing business at a young age requires some preparation and planning. Start of capital often be obstacles, to the issue of mental preparation that sometimes often forgotten.
Well, in this article, we will discuss various experiences Indonesian youth who successfully built his business when young.

We will learn the story of their journey to start a business, ranging from tips on success, to a variety of things to kta avoid. Curious what? Let’s find out the tips of their success.

1. The principle of 3M from Lena Thong

“In business there should be 3 key (Want, Able, Money). If one does not exist to be partnering “

There is one important tips in the business of Lena Thong, CEO of a company ready to use office services provider. According to him, for young people who want to set up a business, need to check three factors: willingness, ability, and capital. Willingness advent of self, that is passion. The desire to run a business with a million visions and dreams in tow as well as our love for something that wants to seriously at it.

Lena claimed to be interested in the business of providing ready-made office because he was interested in the world of property. It captures a very good chance that it will be many emerging companies-small firms who need instant office. Based on this reason, Lena execute leader-dream.

Ability. The second factor that is important to have the time to build a business is our capacity to run it. This is related to our readiness in terms of insight into the business world, knowledge of the field which will we are working on, as well as managerial skills.

The latter is money, or capital. So what if we do not have one? Yup, the solution is to partner!

For example, if you have such a passion for fashion and has equip you with the insights of the fashion world, but lack of capital. Look for investors!
Conversely, if you have the desire and money / capital but do not know how to fig doing business, look for a partner / partners as part of management.

Terms of Business by Lena Thong
• Know / Mastering the field that will be run in business
• There should be opportunities
• Passion

“A lot of people who think rationally would give up when faced with obstacles. Often passion is what makes us keep trying. “(Steve Jobs)

2. Win Like The Champion

Tips to success both in business at a young age is a mental “Win Like The Champion”
What does it mean?

We must have the mental to be a winner, not a loser.

Do you know the difference winner and champion?

A winner (winner) could be the winner of a time, but not necessarily be able to repeat the victory. Only a champion (champion) who is able to win, again and again, over and over again.

as well as in running a business, we must be prepared for the game and relentless struggle. This will add to our appreciation of the business in which we live.

When we’ve managed to achieve the target or dream of success, we really win like a champion who made it through the various stages of the match. Not just a new sense of pride because of the obstacles facing small.

3. Do not be too focused on the same financial

There is one interesting story that comes from Google’s headquarters. Charlie Ayers, first cook recruited Google, has a mission to provide food that is able to make at home the computer whiz in Google, ranging from breakfast, lunch, to dinner. He also had to create an atmosphere where people want to come early and come home late. Ayers also reduces pizza and replace it with sushi, which he believes good food for the brain. As a result, every employee of Google so fond of cooking and feel comfortable to linger in office.

From Charlie we can reap valuable lesson that in working / doing business, not only have about money and profit. The most important thing when we build the business is run by the liver. Indeed, profit is an important factor in business, but not all of the success of a company is measured by profit. The extent to which a company is able to influence the market and consumers and make meaningful changes in their lives is also an achievement that is expensive.

4. Do not be stingy to share knowledge

Other successful tips that come from the young Indonesian businessman Billy Boen work summarized in his book, Top Words 2 is the generosity to share knowledge.

In running a business, we can not only rely on themselves without the ability to share lessons and experiences to others. With often share knowledge to business associates or junior, we will get a myriad of benefits. Among other is an increasingly strong relationships with other businesses, the existence of widespread, as well as science increasing because we often repeated when sharing.

5. Identify the capabilities and direction that will be addressed

“Begin with the end Mind” (Stephen R. Covey. In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

One key to success in business is to determine and visualize the peak of your business. What do you want to go and want from the business?

Started from the end, but usually start from the beginning, starting from the beginning. Why should starting with the end? Why do we start from the end? End it is the hope and goal that we all desire. This means that our business is better we have to set a goal first. This is so that we have a clear focus.

Thus, when we already have unwittingly focus all our potential will be devoted to that purpose. Our bodies, our energy, our minds and our hearts will move with the definite and convincing steps to achieve that goal.

By imagining the end, you can easily find out details about anything you need to make it come true 🙂

6. Integrity, Passion and Fun

“Lack of passion is often the case that distinguish between failure and success” (Donald Trump)

One of the principles that are held strong by Ligwina Hananto, one of the leading financial planner in starting a business is Integrity, Passion, and Fun.

In addition to integrity, other important factors that must be owned by a new business is a passion and fun. Working with passion can help you get up quickly when he found the problem. Passion will be a compelling reason for someone to do what he aspired from the beginning. Moreover, in business we also have to run it with pleasure. Although it should be professional and serious about working on a business, make your business as a vehicle for fun.

7. Being, do and have. Focus on self

The last important tips before starting a business is to pay attention to three factors, namely “being, do, and have”. From the third case, which required the first time we have not do and have, but being. The meaning is, before we decided it wanted to do and have something, make sure we’ve ourselves with all our knowledge and skills. Because businesses will only be successful in the hands of those who deserve reap success. Are you one of them?

Before Investing, Watch Your Habits

investmentInvesting into the future land that is promising. However, to start investing preparedness need to pay attention and you are in shopping habits.

Not always big income can guarantee to save. To the need to do proper planning to start investing.

First, take the first money to invest your income or savings. Second, allocate items of income funds for the primary needs.

Explained further, as long as this is still one of the public mindset in terms of investment and saving. Society tends to think of the investment income of the remaining funds, should be prepared to invest earlier than income funds.

Meanwhile, to allocate funds indispensable requirement. For example, for social funds need to be prepared 2,5-10 percent, debt payment or the 30 percent maximum credit, insurance funds (health) 10 percent, 10-20 percent of future investment, 15 percent of education costs, living expenses exceeding 60 percent, 5 percent of the cost of travel, entertainment (entertainment) maximum 2.5 percent.

With eight posts should be in accordance with the needs of the total revenue by 100 percent. For that we need discipline, mental readiness and lifestyle that are not based on lust of your spending habits.

How to Starting Business

business online tips

Starting a business is not an easy matter, so make sure you know how to start a good business. You need to realize that the business does not have to be worth millions or billions. So do not dwell with the capital you have, but also do not forget capital when you want to start a business. For example, the Mark Zuckenberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. Formerly he was just an ordinary student who then DO. Without much capital he started to create or establish up from zero to now worth billions of dollars. Of course Mark Zuckenberg how to start a business with other business is different because every business has different characteristics. But the point in starting a business, both small and medium businesses or large businesses must have stages you are going through. is a blog site to review tips about business, finance, business strategy, Internet business and always provide business tips with the times. You can find all kinds of tips that can help you succeed in starting a business and grow the business.

Before starting a business it helps you learn the first business you start or develop them. Never start a business without a little knowledge of the business, if you do it without a knowledge of the risk of failure will be higher. In addition you should also be able to predict whether you will develop a business that can work well in the future, you can see from the business difficulties and also where you build a business. To overcome these problems, hadirlah that will assist you in learning to become a successful businessman.

Choosing Art Co-Founder Startup

business idea profitMany people prefer to be the only innovator in startup. However, this kind of thinking is wrong. Successful companies usually starts and becomes a very big thanks to the contribution of the two founders or even more. Instagram is made by two people, Twitter was founded by 4 people.

In order to obtain a suitable co-founder and harmonious with you, the necessary number of equations fundamental view as mission and vision in the work later. According to a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, similarities include similarities perspective in matters required by customers, how the market will evolve, how technology will change and so on.

Related scale business, Guy also explained that it was also necessary to find in a future co-founder of you. Ask the questions:

  • What kind of company we want to set up and run?
  • How big is the company that we have in the future?
  • What will be the name of our company in the future?

Regarding business commitment, you must thrusting questions on potential co-founder of you as follows:

  • Is our personal priorities?
  • Sacrifice what shall we do?
  • How long are we going to do this?

Here Mindset Must Owned By An Entrepreneur

young-investorBeing office workers is quite comfortable, because the monthly salary will make a person feel safe and protected from financial constraints. However, a routine that worked pretty boring. Well, so do not get stuck with style comfort zone workers, begin to accumulate capital and planned over the profession as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs must have a responsibility far greater than ordinary workers. Success or failure of the career of an entrepreneur is determined directly from the size of the business they run. The greater pace of their enterprises, the greater their chances of getting success. We must forge mentally to become more responsible, disciplined and innovative. Throw away the mental workers if we want to become a successful entrepreneur. Mental like what should be owned by an entrepreneur?

1. We Responsible For Any Situation and Decisions Taken

Entrepreneur is a remarkable figure who had the opportunity to create something that was not there to be there. Back when so a worker, that may be we just run all tasks without having a headache to think good and bad of the task contribution to the company. This mindset must be changed, because an entrepreneur is not only responsible for the well-being of himself, but also to be responsible for the welfare of its business or even the welfare of the business team.

2. Vision Short Term and Long Runs Alongside

A worker usually focus on the things that are short-term only. However, the entrepreneur must establish short-term vision and long-term vision and then run simultaneously. Never lazy to realize every vision and brilliant ideas that have occurred to us over the years.

3. Make “Discomfort” As the Comfort Zone

Entrepreneurs are always required to think “out of the box”. All new ideas are wild and the desire to make it happen should be run in a planned manner in order to be profitable and good reputation of the business that is being built. Get out of your comfort zone a worker, and make discomfort as part of the learning process.

4. Learning is The Endless Journey

Specific skills typically required a worker to complete all of its liabilities. But chose to become an entrepreneur means decided to make the process of lifelong learning. Because a business can not be won without the learning process on an ongoing basis. Learn from a lot of things will make us more aware of the situation changes significantly.

5. Objective Personal and Business Love Built

Sometimes a worker should strive to complete all the work that he did not like. But when a worker has been transformed as an entrepreneur, it means that the entrepreneur has chosen field would he loved. Perform any objective way and it makes sense to start promoting business built from scratch.

6. Breaking the Rules Is not It Tabu For Entrepreneurs

Breaking the rules when working with other companies could lead to dismissal, but not so with an entrepreneur. Breaking the rules and practices of conventional means finding new ways to drive business positively. Being eccentric to achieve success it turned out fine, as long as it is lawful and does not interfere with the rights and interests of others.

7. Dedicate Time Infinite

Eight to five, that’s roughly the hours that must be obeyed by the workers. Being an entrepreneur means sacrificing happiness when he saw the figure 5 in watches. Because an entrepreneur requires infinite time to build on the success of a business. Look for a variety of innovations in a state that is relaxed and at ease so that we do not feel overwhelmed by the time we are using.

8. Start From Now!

Many people are confused when the time is right to get out of your comfort zone and begin to transform become entrepreneurs. The key is only one, namely to start from now. If we are still bound to work with the company, we can pioneer the business with the help of family and loved ones.

There was no immediate successful entrepreneur when starting a business. Spirit to move forward and great dedication will bring a change to a more positive direction. We stayed convince yourself to select and run the business in accordance with the interests and talents that we have.