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Become a Millionaire in the 30s? following Tips

finance tipsBecame a millionaire at the age of 30, why not? With proper discipline and of effort, you can be so rich in the 30s. Curious? The following 8 disciplines that you can apply from now on.

1. Follow the money

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Do not follow the money, let the money follow you”. But in fact, in the current economic environment, you can not achieve millionaire status simply by careless. First, you have to focus on efforts to double your income gradually and do this revenue increase repeatedly. Follow the money. This will force you to control your income and see opportunities.

2. Do not show off, but show up

Buy watches or your first luxury car, business and investment until you generate a steady income stream. Do not show off, show your work ethic. You are known for your work ethic, not trinkets that you buy.

3. Save to invest

Set aside 10% of your income to be stored into account untouched. Do not ever use that account for anything, even an emergency. This will force you to keep abreast of the first tips (increase revenue). When your business goes bankrupt, you still have savings to start the next business.

4. Avoid debt that does not produce

Owe should be used for the purposes of making more money. For example, as capital. Instead of buying something that does not produce for you. Follow the tips, do not show off. Rich people use debt to increase investment and growing cash flow.

5. Money does not sleep

Money do not know know the hour, or a day off schedule, so you should also do not know. Money loving people who have a great work ethic. Do not try to be the most intelligent or the luckiest. But be people who work harder than anyone else.

6. Poor is not reasonable

Quoting an expression of Bill Gates, “If you’re born poor, it’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it’s your fault “. So, get rid of all the ideas that make the poor as destiny and commonplace.

7. Find a mentor millionaire

Most of us probably grew up in a middle class neighborhood down until we refrain to act within the limits and the ideas of this group. Change your mindset to find a mentor who can motivate you to work hard to improve your lifestyle. Most people rich royal to share their knowledge minimal.

8. Shoot 1 million, not 1 thousand

Set your goals for greater profits. Money on this planet will never run out, there are only people who think big and spend less power and energy to pursue a small fortune.

Six Mistakes When Investing

Success is not just about what you do, but also can avoid the big mistake. This also applies to investment.

In the essay Charles Ellis’s The Loser’s Game in 1975 comparing investments with amateur tennis. Using static work and theories developed by scientists Simon Ramo, Ellis suggests that rare amateur tennis player won the game with a brilliant shot.

Even 80% of the time, the winner of the match is amateur players make fewer mistakes. So if you are a beginner who wants to increase investment, you should start with the basics.

mutual fund

Here are six of the biggest mistakes investors when investing. If you avoid it, may be an advantage to be gained:

1. Failure to store

If you do not save, you can not invest. Unfortunately, according to the Consumer Federation of America survey, nearly one-third of Americans do not save anything. People who keep not save a lot.

According to central bank data showed the United States (US), The Federal Reserve that the personal savings rate is about 4% -5% for 2013. It’s saving money difficult but important.

2. Do not invest in stocks

Over time, the stock has been a gold mine for investors. However, most Americans do not. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, only 24% of Americans think that stocks and mutual funds are the best long-term investment.

Then the others judge that the best investments are the property reaches 30%, and approximately 24% of people consider gold the best investment.

There is no doubt that the real estate investment can get a good result, but it is derived from rental income instead of appreciation. According to Yale economist Robert Shiller, if home prices after inflation is 0.2% per year. Too many Americans consider their home to be the biggest investment.

According to historical data, buy a bigger house or a house that did not generate rental income does not provide the maximum benefit after inflation. While gold, according to Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, gold is not much better in terms of return.

3. Pay the high costs

Over the long term, high cost has a very damaging effect on investment returns and your wealth. The high costs, especially regarding financial advisor.

4. Frequent stock trading

Trading can also be hazardous to your wealth. Brad Barber and Terrance Odean has been investigating the trading activity for 78 thousand accounts for six years.

During the years 1991-1996, the average annual gain of 17.9% market. They are often trading stocks averaged return of approximately 11.4%. While they are a little trading trading results posted returns of 18.5% per year.

5. Not diversification

When investing do not put all your investments in one basket. It is appropriate common sense. So it makes sense when you have other assets out of stock.

6. Trying to get rich quick

Want to get rich quick is human nature. This leads to large errors in invest . Moreover, if investors buy stocks do not have good fundamentals.

Now it’s six big mistake in investment. If you avoid these six mistakes, you will save in stock investing, holding a long-term investment, and portfolio diversification.

Doing Business Could Be One Of Investment

invesmentOptions for investing may vary. How big is the investment fund which you have and what goals to be achieved, the initial consideration for determining the appropriate investment. Business became one among many investment options.

Business is included in long-term investment. business is able to provide high income, profits from the business could reach 200-300 percent.

Thinking about the business does not have to be associated with something big. A small thing, like selling fresh drinks can also be an option. Do not be afraid to start a business and learn about the ins and outs of the business in order to capture market opportunities.

If the business became the main job at the same investment options, should be started as soon as possible. In a statistical overview, business takes five years for initial development. That is, the potential for new businesses and fortunes can be seen in the first five years. If it does not show positive results, immediately switch to other business development.

The key to success lies in the management of the business as well. Business must be controlled directly by the owner of at least the first 3 to 6 months, especially those choosing a business franchise system. “The failure of the franchise business is generally caused by a leak in the supply. This is related to the problem of recording. The fatal error in business is the lack of direct involvement of the business owner.

By engaging directly, businesses can learn what should be developed, where the shortcomings, in order to attract more market share. Business risk is quite high, but the results obtained can be very high. Prove it in five years as a measure of success, starting from the time you start a business.

Fog Cannon of Hennlich, Sophisticated Tools that Effective Dust Suppression

hennlich engineeringHaving a company that runs the Coal Handling business, Demolition, Construction, Mining & Quarrying or engaged in any field related to dust and should have advanced technology to address the problem of generation of dust that very much. Dust is the small particles that can pollute the environment, which is unhygienic and have a negative effect on the safety of all operations.

Dust can be very distracting workers, not only interfere with a job but also can damage the health of workers. With the discovery of the fog cannon is the solution to the danger of dust haze, fog Because the cannon can help to minimize dust, reduce health risks and improve air quality. The dangers posed if not considering the problem of dust is covering cause lung conditions, rendering the site can not be executed and blinding workers temporality.

Fog cannon (also known as the fan guns, cannons dust suppression, emission control units, fighters dust etc.) This tool is designed specifically for effective dust control.

The best solution to overcome this problem is to use the Fog Cannon from Hennlich, Fog cannon in Design with tube axial fan, set fog jet nozzles, rotary frame which allows the oscillation 0-350 °, water filter unit, pump and control box. Unit of Fog cannon is very flexible because it can be given with or without the trailer wheels. HENNLICH ENGINEERING also offers several units of different sizes, fog cannon with a range of 30 m (type GUN 30) and 50 m (type GUN 50).

Can Invest Since Young?

young-investorMany young people are still hesitant to invest because the feeling is still in the stage of building a career and salary are still relatively small. In fact, the investment required for anyone, including young people.

Here are the things that should be noted about personal finance that can be considered.

1. Self-control

One thing that should be controlled in the management of your finances that are just starting a career is the use of a credit card. It is usually necessary to buy a “working capital” such as bags, shoes, and clothing or simply treat friends with newly acquired salary. However, transactions using credit cards must also be controlled. To control the use of credit cards, you should control spending due to “swipe” the card. In addition, it is better to not have too many credit cards so that expenditure can be braked and some revenue can be invested.

2. Browse to where your money goes

Without proper planning, your salary can drift off somewhere. You can only buy things that actually do not need. The best way is to make the budget of every paycheck you receive. Make a list of your expenses each month. Do not forget to set aside some of the funds to be invested so that your income can be channeled properly and are not used for anything unnecessary. Here discipline and self-control you will be required.

3. Keep health

When you can not use health insurance products due to limited income, the most powerful way to limit spending as a result of the disease is to maintain health. This method can reduce your risk of “visiting” the hospital. With a healthy lifestyle and regular anyway, at least you can reduce the cost of treatment. Furthermore, if your salary is slowly crawling, you can use health insurance products. No one knows what will happen next, right?

4. Keep income

To be able to enjoy their own hard-earned income, you have to keep it just disappeared. The simplest way is to set aside income to save. However, if you can invest on the part of the proceeds to acquire return, why not? Before investing, you should find out the characteristics of each investment product. Choose the product that best suits your financial condition. Happy investing!

Key to Success Serving Customer Complaints

Good quality services to customers is a key to success in the market competition. There are times when an employer has to deal with consumer complaints that often come with anger. The challenge is the ability of employers to deal with the situation and make consumers feel satisfied.


The ability of employers to handle complaints effectively likely change dissatisfied customers into customers that promote your business.

The following tips are oriented keep consumers in dealing with customer complaints:

Listen carefully

Do not be defensive. Customers simply angry because it has a problem with a product or service, not in a personal thing. Say reset all their complaints to show that their complaints are heard.

Ask carefully

The more information from the customer, the better employers in understanding the customer’s viewpoint.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

In dealing with complaints, the goal is to solve the problem of a businessman not argue with the customer. As a customer, they want to employers on their side and empathize with the problems being faced.

Apologizing without blame

Apologize to the customer without the need to blame the other party. Say “We are sorry for the inconvenience,” without the need to blame others or other division (which may be where the problem comes).

Be a partner in solving problems

Ask some solutions and recommend one of them. Although customers do not know which one is the best solution, ask again whether the proposed solution is acceptable. Attitude in the face of such a complaint can ease the burden on customers.

Solve the problem as soon as possible

Research shows that customers are more like people who talk less and quickly resolve the problem. If the complaint to the higher chain of command in a company, it will be more difficult to handle and make customers more depressed.

Employers Should Understand Character Products If you want to win Compete

Small-BusinessMicro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) need to understand the characteristics (special features) products to be able to perform optimally sales.

Prior to marketing, SMEs must first recognize that their product production as long as there are still many who do not understand the characteristics.

The challenge by former Sales Manager Unilever Indonesia is certainly not easy because every entrepreneur has the same goal, namely to sell their products so they can make a profit.

As long as this is often the case, he said, is that many businesses tend to prioritize care for profit and less understanding of the products that are less able to compete with other businesses.

The buyer would have to choose products with reasonable price so if the products we sell are too expensive, they are reluctant to buy it.

Furthermore, by controlling the benefits of the products sold, said True, a seller can make a superior offer.

Because today’s buyers are always faced with many choices and of course the buyer will choose the best to meet their needs.

He admitted to be able to obtain optimal sales results can only be done by a powerful businessman, not relentless, and creative so they can grow their businesses.

According to him, not only to understand the product being sold, but the businesses also have to understand the target buyer of the product, how to find or reach the target buyers, and to understand the ways in which the product can attract buyers.

By understanding the product sold, the businesses can provide information superiority of the product.

Equally important, he added, the SMEs should be able to provide the products that they sell in strategic places so that people easily reach them.

If the product is difficult to obtain, according to him, will let consumers so they turn to the same product with other production.