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10 Smartphone Apps that Make You More and Manage Smart Money

Smartphone technology really changed the way human life to the next level. Just imagine, now almost all your needs can be fulfilled only by moving the fingertips, ranging from searching for information, navigate, to manage your own money. Speaking about managing finances, there are a myriad of applications that aim to it out there.

But, you do not need to bother again find which one suits your needs, best’ve summarized here.

1. Mint


Mint broke through the list of the best apps the App Store in 2012, not without reason. You can see how much your spending in each category of your budget through this app; he will help monitor any your transactions automatically with charts good. Just sign in and check where your money is used for the past week. With this app, you can keep your monthly bugged to keep it controlled.

This application is available on Apple and Android platforms.

2. Expensify


Expensify offers a user interface for the smartphone or web. The interface is minimalist highlight four main buttons: SmartScan, Add Expense, Time Track, and Track Distance. Through these features, you can scan receipts, see your mileage for frequent travelers, connecting debit and credit cards to find out how your spending patterns, and create expense reports. Exporting data to other app is also quite easy.

You can download this app on iOS, Android and Windows.

3. DailyCost

daily cost

If you want to know how much of your daily expenses through the app is simple and easy, then DailyCost could be an option. A wide choice of categories easy inputting all your daily expenses. If you position your phone horizontally, you can see a graph of your spending and statistics. This app also keeps track of weekly and monthly spending through the categories and can be backed up to iCloud.

Download this app in Apple at a price of $ 1.99.

4. Toshl Finance


For those of you who are fond of traveling, Toshl is suitable app to track spending and your budget. This app can handle multiple currencies and separate the traveling with a daily spending budget. Toshl also provides standard features money management applications, such as bills and reminder timer, and can be synced to another device.

The App is available on Apple and Android devices.

5. Tricount


You usually hold group activities will be greatly helped with this one app. Tricount help you to divide the expenses that you do together to each person. With this app, you can create expense reports on your cell phone and set it up per person-how much should they pay-and send them via email so your friends know how much they are a part. With a variety of options for spending, balance, sharing, and settings, you do not need to bother to calculate it manually.

You can download this app via Apple and Android.

6. Check


With the check, you do not need to be afraid of forgetting to pay the bills. This application is reminiscent of when your bill is due, and easy pay right then and there from a bank account or a credit card; You can also schedule payments for the foreseeable future. Connect all your account in one app encrypted (you do not need to worry, your card data is “leaked) and monitor it for easy access and payment.

The App is available on Apple and Android.

7. Paypal


For you who often perform payment transactions abroad with Paypal, one application is clearly not to be missed. This app gives access to balance and transaction checks. You can also add, withdraw, or transfer funds to your friends. What’s more, you can use this app in the outlet stores, restaurants and other places that accept PayPal payments.

You can access this app via the iOS devices, Android, and Windows.

8. Dollarbird


Dollarbird offers the convenience of reading your daily expenses with a calendar format, so you can find out how much money you spend each day already. Just click on the date you want to see, and you will know how much money you spend and has been used to post anything.

Available on iOS and Android.

9. One Touch Expenser


Want to always look your expense, but again in a hurry and do not want complicated enter transaction details? One Touch Expenser that can answer your needs. With this app, you do not need to be afraid of forgetfulness data your expense; This app will help record your spending with a single touch, and providing a reminder to enter transaction details later. This app is designed very simple, but it is only that which you need.

Download this app on your Android device.

10. Accounting Book Keeper

book keeper accounting

Well, for you are self-employed, this app is important to you. Book Keeper Accounting is one of the best accounting application that can answer your needs both for small and large scale businesses to monitor transactions, balance sheet, sales, accounting, and others. This app also features the ability to perform inventory management.

The app is available on iOS devices, Android, and Windows.

Two Step Investing

investToday many people talk about investing. Of course, this becomes an interesting conversation. Then how do I invest? How good way to invest?

At least, there are two steps that you must do in investing. Both of these measures does not guarantee that your investment will not lose, but at least it can help you to help achieve your investment goals:

Learn as much as possible all the bids and existing investment products

Have you ever thought why you prefer to invest in deposits compared to the example of gold? Maybe because since childhood, your parents used to say that saving should always be done at the bank. Investing should always be done at the bank. This will indirectly make you a “familiar” with the investment in the bank.

Subconsciously you too “close” to an investment in the bank. The result is clear, you prefer to invest in the bank compared to gold or stocks, because you feel more familiar with the investment in the bank. But if you also want to learn about investing in gold or stocks, it is not likely you will also invest into gold or stocks. So, there is no harm if you learn all the bids and the existing investment products, so you can have more choices, than if you just “mastered” the only investment products.

Select investment products

After studying all offers and products existing investments and after knowing the risk comparison between one product with another product, then select the product of your investment.

Choose the easy way. First of all, of course, you have to look at the amount of your first. For example, it is impossible to Rp 200 thousand you invest by buying the land, the land must be purchased with a given number of units rather a lot (a few tens or a few hundred square meters, for example, where the price is very high of course).

After seeing the capabilities of your funds, the second is to select investment products that suit your investment period, where the longer your investment period, it is okay for you to take a more risky investment products. Well, how come?

Logically, the higher the possibility of profit to be had, the greater the risk. Thus, if your investment horizon is short, it is better if you take a low risk investment products, considering you do not have much time to make a profit.

What if your investment horizon is long, it does not matter what your take on riskier products, given the money anyway will you wear in quite a long time. Even if the value of your investment down in the middle, yet you still have plenty of time to raise again the value of your investment. Right?

Again, these two steps does not guarantee that your investment will not lose, but at least it can help you in helping to achieve the investment objective that is in front of your eyes.

Hopefully you are always successful in making investments. And most importantly, do not ever give up on investing if you suffered a loss, because of the silence and not investing is still worse than investing the losers though. Because by trying to invest and lose money, you would have a very valuable experience that can help you to be more successful in investing in the future.

Basics of Small Business Insurance

business ideaQuite difficult to determine what type of insurance you need for your small business. A variety of different types of insurance have similar names dizzying; state, city or county (county) may impose insurance requirements of each; and many industries have special insurance coverage for them.

Insurance is one of the responsibilities of a small business the most neglected. The unavailability of appropriate insurance for your small business is a mistake because a disaster can shut down your company for ever, or at least destroy the whole of your assets.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) in the city of New York estimates that about 40 percent of small business owners did not have insurance, as many people mistakenly believe that they can not afford the insurance premiums. The truth is that small business can not do not have to have adequate insurance. Without insurance, you should not make your livelihood at risk. That is also why many landlords, suppliers, and any other entity associated with your business may require you to have insurance coverage.

If you are having trouble deciding which type of insurance you need to have, check with the following agencies:

  • County or city officials
  • A branch office of a local industry association
  • State insurance office

Below are some types of insurance which is used by small businesses.

Insurance for Your Business

  • Business Owner Policy
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Insurance (Errors & Omissions) Professional Liability
  • Commercial Car Insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Insurance Income / Expenditure Supplement Business
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Additional Equipment Insurance
  • Special Equipment Insurance

Insurance for Yourself and Your Employees

  • Health Insurance
  • insurance powerlessness
  • Life Insurance
  • Key Employee Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Kick-Ass Strategies to Compete with Bigger Companies

business strategy3This Kick competition is currently very complex business. No doubt, we often compete with larger companies and well-established. Are we going to lose? Not necessarily, if we have a mature business strategy.

If you want to compete with the big companies be the best. It is not true that only big companies can hire the best talent. As reported by, Les McKeown, President and CEO of Predictable Success business consultant, has more than 30 years helped many SMEs get world-class talent, and he had never seen a solid business owners deprived of the talent they want.

Do not just hire a good employee. Every time we plan or launching a product or service, ask yourself: Are the people we serahi responsibility is the best of the best of the existing or only do we have?

Talking about products and services, we look back offers. In industry, the geographic area, the niche we serve, whether the products and services we have become the best?

Providing products and the best service in the industry that we’re in need of the best talents. We can only attract the best talent if we are committed to providing the best products and services in its class. Both go hand in hand.

Culture is one area where small business owners can beat the big companies if they are able to master it. In fact, many large companies are having problems with the culture. There are several reasons why large organizations have a culture that is badly from start to laziness, do something stupid to the entropy, one of which could be due to the size of the organization so that communication is more tenuous. Waking the right culture with good communication and SMEs the opportunity to do that with the size of a small organization.

Smart Tips to Manage Business Finance

financialActivities to manage business finances, often make employers scrambling. They always feel turnover is earned big enough, but why its profits are always discharged without residual business? Perhaps this is also often do you experience when starting a new business. Most beginners, do not separate between business money and personal money. So the business money consumed for daily use, and private money is used to join the business operations.

Things like that is the big challenge for entrepreneurs, so that they can organize business finances well and control all income and expenditure efforts. For that before you entangled with the increasingly complex problems of money, let’s discuss together intelligently manage business finance tips that hopefully can help you.

First separate business finances with your personal money. It is often forgotten that the beginners, they assume its still small so do not need to separate their personal money with business money. In fact, it became one of the major mistakes that could disrupt the business cash flow. Because by combining two of the money, then you will have difficulty in controlling income and expenditure of effort. Therefore, any small business you should separate the business money and personal money. Before you can record all business transactions neatly.

Both after separating personal money and business money, then specify a large percentage of which will be used to finance business needs. Such as what percentage of the money used for the operations of the business, what percentage of income that you define, what percentage of the money for business cash reserves, as well as what percentage of the money used for business development. Usually a large percentage of the specified individual entrepreneurs are not the same. Most importantly the way, can help you manage your business finances in accordance with a predetermined portion of the beginning of starting a business.

Third make bookkeeping neatly. The existence of the books aim to control all financial transactions, good income, expenses, and accounts payable and accounts receivable owned businesses. Furthermore neat bookkeeping will also facilitate you to evaluate business development.

Fourth much as possible reduce the risk of trade payable. Develop the business by way of debt, it is allowed. But be careful with your debt, because if financial condition is not good business. The burden of debt repayments, will only worsen the state of your business. For that if revenues are not being able to meet the needs of the business, as much as possible reduce the risk of debt.

Fifth always control your business cash flow. If your cash flow smoothly, then all obligations to be paid by the company can also be satisfied. Most business opportunities will be disrupted all operations, if there are cash businesses running smoothly.

Well, it used to intelligently manage the financial tips from our efforts. If you have additional tips, can share together and posted in our comments field. Hopefully the above tips can help your business in managing business finances. Good luck and greetings success.