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Challenging Management Structure

financeEach person tends to underestimate the management structure. We all worked in the corporate structure, and we tend to think of all the things we can change, this is the structure that can not be shaken.

Most of the organizational structure seems so old-fashioned; a pyramid with the leader at the top, “management” in the middle, and “workers” at the bottom. Leaders can challenge these structures and experimenting with new organizational models.

Founder Kongzhong (Chinese mobile internet company), Nick Yang, create a management system based senate were copied from the system of government by the board in Switzerland.

“I have 40 people working for me. Actually I have a very innovative way of management. We have what is called the Senate. I told the company that we are running a constitutional monarchy. There are certain things that can only be decided by the Senate. The Senate is the representative of the teams. Every 10 people has one senator. Senate to decide on matters such as budgeting, payroll, and compensation. Some problems such as, ‘Where are we going to go for spring break?’ or ‘How do we spend our team building budget?’ decided by the entire board employees. People are very involved and happy that they have that kind of empowerment. “

Zhang Ruimin is chairman and CEO of Haier Group, China’s leading manufacturer of the goods in which each department is facing their own clients.

“Our first step is to rearrange the organization of a triangle with its top facing up to the triangle that ends facing down. You put the client at the top and then line manager, employee, and then the important leaders on the bottom. Each department should take care of their own clients and become what we call “autonomous units”. The teams have ownership of their own income targets and incentive to generate additional revenue. There are three advantages to be gained from this method. The first is that the market does not respond to the request takes a long time. Line managers can make their own decisions without having to wait for feedback from superiors. Second, this method solves the problems of internal game. Each person has their own target market and they have to adjust their interest with the target to achieve the results that are equally beneficial to all parties. “

Management system “command and control” which is based on the traditional military model and adopted by major industrial companies in the world’s first since more than a century ago is almost certainly not a system that will bring success in the 21st century idea of modern management supports management models which is the delegate and empower managers and colleagues, and give them ownership of their own budgets. You are the leader. There is no rule that says you have to preserve the old-fashioned management structure. Be creative. Make sure that the organization as a fanatical focus on its customers. Try to give as much freedom as possible colleagues. Let the important decisions are taken as close as possible to the customers. Think about ways to be able to directly provide award.

How to Easily Create a Company Profile

BrandingA company profiles are important in the growth of your business. Profile of the company explaining the purpose and development milestones achieved by your company today. Company profile is a tool to demonstrate the performance of the company and attract more investors, other business owners, prospective employees, and customers to connect with your company. A company profile featured in a brochure to be able to show the impression of a beautiful and colorful but does not leave a professional impression. Existing information should be organized systematically and in detail as well as mentioning a different theme or loaded in a separate web page on the official website of the company.

How to make a good company profile? There are several steps you can take to compile a profile of the company itself.

The use of company profiles

A company profile important in the growth of your company. The main objective is to prepare a company profile to achieve an important new way to support the company’s growth. Company profiles can be used to direct investors towards your company, especially the investors who want to invest in sectors that are closely related to your company, new customers to increase the growth of new businesses or potential employees to jump-start the company. When you create a profile and send it to the investors, it will provide an overview of the specific areas that are considered relevant to their interest in your company.

Fill in company profile

There are some basic elements that must be present in the company profile. You can arrange a different profile to be shown to different groups of people, such as investors. This company profile type will only contain information about investment opportunities in the company and will not contain much information about the other parts such as employees or customers. On the other hand, you could have the option to create a course profile that contains information about all the parts in your company. Such profiles will contain parts that are important and relevant information for a particular group of people. It could be a better alternative as it will provide an overview of the principles and requirements of the company and its provisions.


Presentation is an important element in the company profile. A profile must designed by professional designers. If your company profile brochure designed in, then be published on high quality paper. If you create a company profile website, you should hire a professional web designer.

The length of the profile

There is no set length that must be followed in making the company profile. It all depends on the amount you want to give information about the different parts in your efforts. You should provide as much information as you can. A company profile should not be too long or too short. However, a good company profile at least over the 10 to 12 pages.

In conclusion, that all the basic things you can know about how to create a company profile. Develop a profile of the company is simple and easy, especially for those who have been involved long enough in the business world. Remember always that the company’s profile should be updated regularly and you have to add new achievements in your profile.

Condotel Investments, Is Profitable?

porperty invesmentHave you heard the word condotel? Condotel is a condominium hotel stands. Condotel is one of the attractive investment because it can provide a sizeable return. How to invest Condotel in order to produce the expected profit?


As abbreviation, Condotel or condo hotel is a building consisting of units like apartments. Each unit has a kitchen, living room or a room depending on the type of existing. In some Condotel, there are also studios. Each Condotel can offer different types. In condotel typically provided facilities such as swimming pool, spa, restaurant, meeting rooms and other facilities such as those provided five-star hotel, all intended for the convenience of visitors.

Each unit is then sold to investors. Furthermore, the units are managed by a hotel operator who will market and rent out daily to guests who will be staying at this Condotel. Condotel will function like a five-star hotel. Simply put, Condotel can be interpreted as a condo or apartment that is processed and rented like a hotel.

Condotel advantage

Buying a Condotel (condo hotels) or apatel (apartment hotel) is one way to invest in property. Return on investment through Condotel didaoat include:

Obtaining Operational Results

Use of Condotel which is operated as the hotel will generate operational revenue. This income is then distributed to the investors. The amount of revenue in the range of 8% -12% per annum of the purchase price. In comparison, this figure is greater than the deposit rate. This is different from a regular apartment in which you will not get revenue if no one renting your unit addition, the hotel management is usually done by those who are used to working in the world of hospitality that they have experienced to manage the hotel.

Some Condotel give payoff at the time of handover. The amount of returns are in the range of 8% -10% for 2-3 years which is paid directly at the time of handover of the unit. In other words, investors get cash back from their purchases.

Stay Free

As an investor, you can get to stay at this Condotel without paying so you can feel and comfort of the hotel facilities are also provided Condotel. The length of stay for free range 18-30 days per year for each unit Condotel.

Increasing the unit price

One of the highlights of the investment property is the price that will continue to increase with the increase in the rate of inflation. So also with the purchase Condotel, unit price that you buy can continue to increase, so will produce a distinct advantage. Increased rates can reach 20% per year. In addition, your ownership of the Condotel can be used as collateral to the bank if you need to borrow money in the bank.

What Should Certainly Before Buying a Condotel?

After seeing the benefits of investing condotel, might keep you interested as well to mebeli condotel units. But, so your investment profitable, note the following points before deciding to purchase Condotel:


In property investment, property location where the establishment is something very important. If a strategic location, has good facilities pendukkung, it will make property prices to rise faster. Then, review the first condotel. Because Condotel will function like a hotel, it would be better if the location is adjacent to the site Condotel business or tourist attractions, where many people who need a hotel for a layover.


The concept of the building and the built environment by Condotel can also affect people’s interest to stay as are the facilities provided in the Condotel. If the purpose intended Condotel business people who made the concept might be different if the target market is families. Ask in advance the concepts and facilities to be built.


Developer or developers who build condotel developers should have trusted completed building to completion on time and as promised. Do not let the managers completed the task with slow or even not finish the building so that the building dorman and you suffer a loss. This needs to be required if you want to buy Condotel which is still under construction or not yet built.


In order to provide comfort and satisfaction of the hotel visitors, it is necessary to note who is the manager of the hotel. It would be better if the hotel manager is a manager who has been accustomed to running the hotel business. Thus, they are more experienced in conducting hotel management, care of the hotel is also providing services to the guests. the result, guests will be delighted and will be back to stay at the hotel.

Condotel ownership can be done through a bank loan through the NAC (Apartment Loan). If you intend to make an investment through Condotel, try to do the calculations first and find out more on Condotel you choose. Find out more about the income that you will get. Are there any other costs you have to pay and the contents of the agreement so as not to harm you.

Buying condotel could be one of the current property investment options. You can have a private hotel at the same condominium through Condotel investment.

Choose the Right Type of Investment

finance tipsOften we see that someone who has a bigger income but assets or property are less than everyone else who made less. One reason is that extravagant lifestyle and without calculation, so that little or no part to save. If you are planning to save money, there are several options offered. Alternatively, you can also consider to start investing.

Investing means we invest some money or buy an asset with the intent to obtain advantage. In investing there is always a risk of loss that may be experienced. An investment that can provide greater profit opportunities, it will usually be followed with a greater risk of loss as well. You should know the benefits that come along with the risk of loss that may be suffered.

Type of Investment

In general, assets that can be investment advice is divided into two, namely real assets and financial assets. Real assets are assets that are owned and has a shape that we keep or possess. An example is the home of real assets, land and gold. Meanwhile, an intangible financial asset, usually just a paper that is proof of our ownership. Examples of investments include savings accounts, deposits, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, gold, property, and more. Now, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of investment.


Saving money in the bank to be used later if needed.

Advantages Savings

Can be taken at any time and has no risk.

Savings Losses

Money can be easily reduced, as it can be taken at any time with ease and little interest.


Saving money for a certain period, if not maturity money can not be taken or will get a penalty if taken before his time.

Advantages of Deposit

The risk is very low. Flowers that can be received is greater than regular savings.

Disadvantages of Deposit

Gains or interest earned less when compared with other types of investments that deal directly with the market risk.

Mutual Funds

It is a place to collect funds collectively. The money raised will be managed by the Investment Manager to be invested in other investment types. When the profit or loss will be divided equally to the investors. This may be an option for those who are just starting to invest. Different types of risk, depending on the type of risk that is selected. Type is a money market mutual funds, fixed income funds, equity funds, and mutual funds mixture.

Advantages of Mutual Funds

No need to have a lot of knowledge, because it is managed by the Investment Manager. Due invested a lot of places, so if there is a loss in one place could be saved somewhere else that might make a profit.

Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

For some people, because it is not managed themselves often dissatisfied with the results. The advantage is less than stock and there are costs incurred for managers.


Bonds are debt securities, is proof that we are providing loans to certain companies or governments. Debtor will be paying interest for a certain period. Debt repayment period of more than one year. The safest bonds are bonds or debentures of the country.

Bonds Gain

Flowers larger than deposits.

Bond Losses

Long term (> 1 year), so it can not be thawed when needed, or if you want to invest another. If the debtor insolvent, meaning it can not restore its debts.


Having a stock means you have ownership in a company. The money we invested serve as the capital for the company. The company will provide benefits earned to shareholders is called dividend. When a good or a lot of people who are interested to buy shares of a company, the price will go up, so if you sell the shares will benefit. Conversely, if the company suffers losses, its share price may go down so that you could sustain a loss. Shares can be purchased at a securities company. For each sale or purchase transaction, you will be charged.


Can bring in huge profits if the stock price rises. With little capital, can be obtained the results many times.

Stock Losses

Greater the risk of loss, when the stock price fell.


Gold prices tend to rise every year, which is why many people are buying gold and then sell it when the price goes up. If you want to use for investment, gold should be purchased in the form of bars or coins of precious metal than gold in the form of jewelry. Gold bullion or coins not experience shrinkage or cost of manufacture is usually worn when we sell in the form of jewelry.

Gold Gains

Is the liquid assets or assets that are easy to sell.

Gold Losses

Difficult in storage because if not careful can easily be stolen.


Just like gold, the price of the property is a house and land tend to rise. By purchasing the property, and sell it in the future will be profitable because the selling price has gone up. House prices will quickly rise if the strategic location or proximity to public facilities, this may be a consideration when choosing the location. When going to buy a house in housing yet or still under construction, ensure that the developer can be trusted and their agreement clear, because there are some cases, after we pay, housing construction was discontinued resulting in losses.

Advantage Property

Little risk and can be rented out so that it can provide extra income.

Property Losses

Need funds to buy a house or land. Property is not a liquid asset because it is not easy to sell a time when the need of money.

Also consider when you want to take back the investment, if only for a short period or for a long period of time. If you have any need in the near future, choose investments with low risk and liquid. Meanwhile, for the long term, you can choose a high-risk investment that can give greater profits.

Because investing has risks, it is necessary to prepare mentally when a loss or failure to not be discouraged. At least, invest better than all of your income used for expenses without any parts are stored.

10 Myths Incorrect Property Investment

property-investmentIn every line of business there is always a myth and miss perception or attached. Though the myth is not always true in reality, as well as in the real estate business. There are many questions in the minds of new investors who want to start investing in property.

The lack of information obtained can be very difficult for you to separate the facts and myths. Instead of having to lay out all the facts, some myths that are often encountered in business property below, could provide a knowledge of the property industry:

1. Investing in property is only for the rich

It’s true, money can move the world, and certainly very help people achieve their dreams. But property investment instrument not only for the rich. Many well-known property entrepreneurs start a small business. However, slowly they climb to the top with hard work.

2. Invest in high-risk properties

Some people assume that because capital usually requires quite high, so if it fails in the middle of the road, the loss is quite high. When in fact, the risk of investing in property is one of the lowest. Especially when compared to the stock market or other financial institution. Indeed there are risks, but all can be taken into account.

3. Buying and selling a home is the best way of investing

House flipping is buying a house with the intention of resale could be a good way to invest in property, but certainly not the best because there are still other options. In the current economic situation, the price of the house is high enough, and you have to wait long enough to be able to get higher profits through reselling the house. Renting out your property could be a better way than to sell it for granted.

4. You need a lot of experience

This myth is more plausible than the other myths. However, if you think about well, if all investors need a lot of experience before starting there would be no such thing as property investment instruments. The experience is very helpful, and can only be achieved with time and flight hours. The most you need is the desire to learn.

5. Many have failed to invest in property

Just like an investment instrument, the property also has risks, but do not make you afraid before starting. Thoughts like this are common due to lack of information after the decision. Instead, if you are not able to invest in the sector, better not. But do not let you off investing just because the input from others, especially the advice from those who have never entered into this sector.

6. Investing in property is only successful if you ‘know’ the right people

In business and in any industry, have a lot of relationships would be very helpful. Is it mandatory to have much relationship to start? Of course not! You can build a relationship over time. Begin to meet and chat with other investors, lawyers, brokers, and anyone who can help you in the future.

7. Buy property at below market prices is definitely favorable

This theory is not entirely correct for the property industry. Although buy properties at below market prices favorable on paper, you will not get a return before a successful sale or lease. Sometimes a property is sold cheaply because of several factors which must be taken into consideration, such as the location or poor construction. You should be more careful.

8. No more nice property available

All people need a place to stay. A family will be growing every day, so it took a new property. You will always find suitable properties to invest in, just that you should be more frequently and actively seek it.

9. The key to successfully invest in property, attach a price not too high

In most cases the investment property, the numbers is crucial. In fact, you can offer a price well above the market average if your property has been polished to be very interesting.

10. You need information from an ‘insider’

Actually you do not need the information that is critical of the ‘insiders’ who are more experienced. With high flying hours and a lot of interaction with the professionals, you will gradually become ‘insiders’ is.

Successful Freelance Work

get-paid-from-freelance-jobsWorking with a schedule that is free, without stress due to congestion, more time for the child or family, without scolding from the boss, or want to get a larger salary. Maybe this is you can enjoy when you work on a freelance basis as a freelancer or working independently or freelance workers. To be a successful freelancer, there are several things to note. Because in addition to the positive things that you can enjoy, you also must be ready to cope with unpleasant things from a freelancer.

Being a freelancer it can be an option for those who are bored with office work are not flexible. Now, the number of freelance workers has been increasing, such as photographers, designers, writers, insurance agents, programmers, and others.

Supporting Facilities A Freelancer

Working freelance boosted thanks to the advancement of the Internet has become part of life. Ideally, a freelancer seek jobs that will be doing. This can be facilitated by searching through the Internet. Or if you have trouble getting the project to work on, there are many freelance agency you can find on the Internet. Agency will provide a workable project. Once done, you can simply send your work via the Internet and you will get paid from your work.

Another benefit of the Internet is a place for freelancers to promote their expertise. The rise of social networking sites and blogs to facilitate the free labor does not have to bother with a brochure to promote their products or paper that is not necessarily effective and cost more.

The development of communication technology that is cheap and easy to have a bridge between the needs of consumers with freelancers. By using SMS, email, or messenger makes freelancers do not have to spend more money to meet the transportation costs of consumers. Frequently asked questions and offered products can be easily delivered in a short time.

Ease A Freelancer

A variety of things that can not be enjoyed by a full-time worker (full time) became a regular thing that can be enjoyed freelancers. Some of them are:

flexible time

Generally, you are free to do your job at any time origin can be completed before the deadline (deadline) that have been determined. So, you get off at will and be closer to family. You also do not need to go to the office that may have passed through bottlenecks that create stress.

No need to get pressure from your boss or company

You work for yourself, so there is no boss who will scold you or tell you to do something you do not like. There is no firm rule that would make it difficult for you. If you do not like the job, you can simply find another job easily without a contract company.

Greater Revenue

Usually a removable worker earning bigger because all the benefits can be enjoyed alone or having to share, a greater portion than the usual salary received. As a freelance worker, you can define the amount of income you want to receive.

Trouble A Freelancer

Besides the positive things, freelancers also have to deal with the negative things that are less pleasant, for example:

There is no certainty of a fixed income every month

Unlike office workers who receive a salary every month, freelancers have to struggle looking for a project to earn revenue each month.

Ready to work on a holiday

You may have to accept telephone or forced work your project on Sunday due to the imminent deadline. Or when someone else is available, you are forced to be busy working on the project because the project owner orders. Even as there are limited hours of work, you must do the work until late at night. Even sometimes not sleeping freelancers to complete their project.

Do many things themselves

In addition to working on a project that will be created, when you have to find your own project, you have to act like a salesperson (sales), which is interesting to learn to speak like a public relations, set the income and expenditure of money for work on projects such as an accountant, and certainly as experts in the field that you are working on.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Not a few freelancers who fail are not able to work or get a project that is not paid. If you do not want this to happen to you, there are some things you should do, namely:


Because you are free to determine the time to work on your project, it does not mean you can be free. If you are not disciplined, then the project became dormant and missed the deadline specified, so it can not be resolved. Discipline must be applied with a good time while working on a project.

Having a wide network

Because must find their own projects, so if you have more friends, certainly can help you find the desired project.

Consider the talent and character

Each person coined the talent and unique properties. Note that in you so that you can find the appropriate field and not just follow the trend. Example: If you are a shy when it must offer a product to their friends, then became an insurance agent may not be suitable for him.

Customer oriented

Consumers can be an effective means of promotion. If your work is good, he would tell his friends that meant being potential customers for you.

Price matching

The rise of competition may make you think you need to lower the cost of services, but when it gets too low, you may experience a loss that makes you fail. Services can be determined based on experience in Constructing the same project, portfolio, testimonials from your customers, and others.

Being office workers or freelance workers merupkan choice. Talent or specify the nature. Hope you can find a suitable job and enjoy happiness. Are you ready to become a freelancer?