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Tips to Build Credibility For Young Entrepreneurs

handshake-businessStarting a business is a challenge, especially for entrepreneurs who entered the category of young and lack experience. The biggest challenge may be not only lies on target to achieve revenue but in fact in building credibility. While going to drain a lot of attention, time and effort but do not let age deter step in building credibility.

“Young and inexperienced can be a real challenge,” said Susan Gregg Koger, 26, founder of ModCloth online fashion retail companies he founded at the age of 17 years. Now, the company has 240 employees and has opened a branch in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. “Learning quickly and understanding what the user wants Facebook and Twitter it is important to study the demographics and consumer tastes,” he explained.

He added that it was important to implement a strategic approach in developing the business, especially when you have no experience as a capital. That is the importance of building credibility. But, how?

Here are five tips to help young entrepreneurs build credibility so that his business success as quoted from the site

Focus. Focus. focus

You have a myriad of ideas and very eager to make it happen. It is natural and almost all entrepreneurs will experience it, especially in the early stages of starting a business. But to establish credibility, entrepreneurs should really focus. “You may not be skilled in 20 different things at once,” said Jared O’Toole, 25, founder Under30CEO-organization for young entrepreneurs based in New York. “There is always someone better than you in control of one of 20 that.” Therefore O’Toole added, rather than create a strategy on how to build a multibillion-dollar company, it is better to focus on your endeavors. “Focus like that would give birth to credibility,” said O’Toole

Creating Online Business

Cyberspace is a real place to start to build credibility as a business owner. Such beliefs Neil Patel, 26, founder of KISSmetrics-web analytics company located in San Francisco. “A web presence, in addition to cheaper, also a great way to show the audience what you create,” he said. “As a young entrepreneur, it is very important.”

Koger added that he thinks not only blogging and social media was instrumental in acquiring the public’s attention, but to relate to each other online businesses is also a key. “I often approach with other online businesses in the early pioneering business,” he said, “And, you never know who (relations) that can help you.”

Take Time for Ground Coffee

Active in a number of social media is important. But, the ground coffee to expand networking is also equally important for the entrepreneur. “You may have to establish a strong relationship (to the consumer) through the mail or social media but it alone will not make you progress to a higher level,” said O’Toole. Meet directly with clients can also affect the credibility.

O’Toole suggests, a relationship with someone who knows the industry could increase your credibility. When the audience knows that a person who has influence in the industrialized world to know you, they will surely think that you have done something important in your business.

build Relationships

Building a strong relationship with the client at the beginning of the business is also important in creating credibility. For Aaron Battalion, the chief technology officer and founder of daily deal company LivingSocial-which is located in Washington, DC, building cooperation, and develop close relationships with distributors and customers is very important to establish the company name. The 27-year-old battalion at starting LivingSocial with his friends in 2007, has now been successfully employing 2,500 employees with 40 million members around the world client.

Be Yourself

You may be trying hard to make yourself look older than his actual age to gain credibility in the eyes of many, but it does not need to be done. According to Patel, the young entrepreneur to be confident and be transparent. “If you look mature and intelligent in your age, why not show it?” He said.

Sorry for the lack of experience and being young is an attitude that is not wise, that in the opinion of Richmond. “If you work with someone who is concerned about your age, it is not a possibility that you should develop cooperation,” he explained.

Meanwhile, according to Battalion, focus on what is your skill and disregard the age is important. “You build the credibility of the field you are good at, it’s more important. Make sure that expertise is something that becomes your passion, “concludes Battalion.

5 Lessons Learned from the Founder of Wendy’s

dave_thomasIf you who like fast food a la the land of Uncle Sam, the name “Wendy’s” certainly is not foreign to you. Wendy’s logo featuring a very distinctive bright red color with a picture of a girl whose hair is braided in two.

Behind Wendy’s, we can find the story of an amazing journey of an entrepreneur, Dave Thomas (1932-2002). Dave is the founder of the restaurant chain Wendy’s is experiencing a fairly severe childhood. At age 5, her adoptive mother dies. He was then raised by his adoptive grandmother – Minnie Sinclair- until adoptive father remarried. Husband adoptive grandmother died a few moments later when working in a railroad project, and to sustain the life of four children, adoptive grandmother had to work extra hard. Thomas said that he was getting his humble nature of the adoptive grandmother.

Thomas had an adoptive father who was married three times so Dave had to follow it and move -Moved from one house to another. In birografinya, “Dave’s Way,” Thomas said that childhood trauma is what gave lessons about the important lessons in business. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from Dave Thomas for business success in the future.

Lesson 1: Find the person you care and learn of their

Such people are commonly referred to as “mentor”. They could have a family member who is closest to you, a figure which you consider to be a role model or someone who can give you advice is simple.

For a Dave Thomas, Minnie Sinclair is a figure that can be referred to as a role model and source of inspiration. Minnie at the time caring for Thomas often shows how the importance of service and good treatment and respect for others. Introduction to positive values ​​makes young Dave Thomas knows the importance of the role of values ​​and in his adult life he applied to build a solid business. He is serving each customer well and treat them like he wanted to be treated, which is with the attitude of all friendly and respectful.

Lesson 2: Dreaming early and get your goals based on the dream

Dave Thomas advised the youth to use the time to dream and make it happen. Do feel free to dream as a youth because of the time we are still relatively more.

Lesson 3: Learning to be independent early

Dave Thomas started a career and the world of work from a very young age. The first job he got at the age of 12 years. He worked in the restaurant “The Regas” in Knoxville, Tennessee but to be in conflict with the employer. Dave Thomas at age 15 moved with his family and working in Fort Wayne, Indiana at a restaurant called Hobby House Restaurant.

Lesson 4: Create a daily progress

In business, make real progress every day a little more noticeably lighter and more likely to be achieved rather than making great progress in a relatively short time.

This is Dave Thomas did when working with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Harland Sanders who was then wanted to find a restaurant that is willing to be a partner in its KFC franchise business are met with Dave who works at the Hobby House Restaurant.

Thomas then worked hard and was involved in various projects of KFC. He did venture brand recognition in the consumer and providing valuable advice on the development of the KFC franchise. In the late 1960s, Thomas decided to sell its stake in KFC and start a new business, Wendy’s.

Lesson 5: Appreciate education

One of the biggest regrets Dave Thomas is the time to quit education. He decided to quit school at the age of 15 years and chose to devote his energy and mind in full-time employment at the Hobby House restaurant. Even so, he remains enthusiastic about getting a high school diploma at the age of belonging no longer young, 61 years old. Dave Thomas earned his high school equivalence diploma after passing the General Educational Development exam in 1993. Thomas did this because he fears will affect many young people to leave school / college only to pursue the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Therefore, the maximum value of education because education (appropriate, relevant and applicable) can enhance and accelerate the progress of our business.

Dave Thomas died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2002. He died after many years had to fight suffering from liver cancer. Dave Thomas is buried in Union Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. At the end of his life, Dave Thomas has managed to establish more than 6,000 Wendy’s outlets in North America.