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Success Recipe for Women Consumers

peopel-in-a-business-meetingYou have a business that targets the female market? If yes, you certainly understand that to seek, maintain, and increase customer is not easy. Women have some unique characteristics. There are certain things in women that make it a unique market.

Want to help other beautypreneur in Indonesia, published a book titled Womanology MTG: The Art of Marketing to Woman, Understanding Marketing Strategy, Seduce and Conquer Hearts Women. The five points is called The Diamond Model of Womanology.

The Diamond Model of Womanology is;

1. Connection

In the book launch, which coincided with the peak of the celebration of 40 years of MTG Beautifying Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Center, Tuesday (28/09/2010), Yuswohady explains, “Women are not only shopping to buy, but also to establish a connection.” In certain product categories, brand women serve as a tool for self-expression. Women looking for similarities in the products he wants to buy. Get up connection, for a woman to have a relationship with the brand and build connections with fellow customers.

2. Care

Women like to be liked and loved, then, be a playboy!. According to him, women want to be heard, considered and understood. As much as possible meet the needs of female customers before they ask. It’s good to keep abreast of trends to meet customer desires. Constantly innovating to follow the will of women

3. Value

Women want to pay less, but get much. Women are creatures of value-oriented. Not surprisingly, women like to bid. Women want to get the benefits of the product as possible. He will carefully conduct research or surveys on the quality of a product before making a purchase. He also likes looking for a recommendation of a fellow female consumers. Not to mention the amount of media that provide product knowledge, consumers became more intelligent.

4. Empathy

“Empathy has become something that is increasingly important in building a brand (brand-building), why? Know Oprah? Women of the richest in the world to build a brand on its own which makes it preferred by anyone, he was known as a person who has empathy beyond normal. When you reach a point high enough and able to share with others, share it. Do programs CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to build the empathy of the customer.

5. Trust

In his book, the authors write, “Because of the importance of trust for women consumers, we dare say, ‘marketing to a woman is about winning her trust.” Trust becomes a source of mutual understanding, mutual love, mutual care, mutual giving and mutual commitment among female consumers and the brand. “

How to Prepare a Business Logo

side-businessLogo was instrumental in the rapid known whether or not a business by consumers. However, preparing a logo for advertising in cyberspace and marketing materials in print form will be very challenging, especially if we do not know very well and have not experienced before in advertising or graphic design. Most people make the logo but each has a different level of success. Preparation of the less successful logo causes loss of time, money, and mind.

Follow these five easy steps to prepare the logo for marketing materials:

1. Buy and use a graphic software. Enough vector drawing program ideal for creating a logo that is representative.
2. Make the resolution of your logo file at least 300 dots per inch before starting work. Ignore this advice if you are using a vector drawing program to design a logo. A logo is a resolution of 300 dots per inch has to be said for the printing of high-quality professionals mainly for business cards or other materials.
3. Set the size of your logo. All kinds of logo should be clear enough to read or seen when reduced or enlarged logo design. Use one color when designing your logo for marketing materials with one color.
4. Design a logo. Logo text can be a good solution if you are not so familiar with the basic principles of graphic design.
5. Keep the logo in the extension .eps or .jpg file types that can be opened easily by designers and marketing materials printed by the printing press. Export the file as a jpg file type with a resolution of 300 dots per inch graphic software if you so require.

Setting up the logo for online use can be done in five easy steps:

1. Open your graphic software program. Use graphic software such as photo manipulation or vector drawing program.
2. Set the resolution of the image file up to 72 dots per inch before you start working. Ignore these instructions if you are using a vector drawing program for the preparation of your logo.
3. Get a canvas the size of your logo. All graphic elements should be readily apparent in the end result you later.
4. Design a logo. combine relevant charts and clip art accordingly. The logo is just a text easier to set up.
5. Keep the logo as a file with the extension .jpg. This format is universally recognized and widely used by various web designers and online advertising providers. Eksporlah the logo as a jpg file with a resolution of 72 dots per inch if you design it in a vector drawing program.

Tips and suggestions:
* Vector drawing program that is stored in a format .eps logo adjustable size during the design process of marketing materials.
* Logo made ​​in software photo manipulation could not be changed. .eps Format more easily be resized for use with commercial presses.
* Attempts to enlarge the logo file by 72 dots per inch for use in printed materials can be less than satisfactory because there is likely to be blurred. A logo that looks good on the web interface is not by itself going to look great when displayed in print. Prepare the logo for use in print materials with a resolution determined by commercial presses in order to get the best results. 300 dot per inch print resolution is the industry standard.

9 Main Mistake Entrepreneurs Starter

mistakeStarting your own business the same as learning. To build it, you can not only hear the success story of many people. When starting a new business, a lot of homework to be completed from the product test, failed, test it again and do the development.

Making mistakes is an important part of a process, including business. However, Ilya Pozin, the man who founded the company, Ciplex, at the age of 17 years said, not all errors can make you more productive.

In his observations, many entrepreneurs are repeating a lot of mistakes that make it fail in business. Here are nine mistakes new businesses and some ways to cope:

1. Direct investment without prior learning

Your business idea may seem advantageous, but without validation, you will lead the company to the brink of failure. Before you invest money and time for you to realize your business idea, take a little time to test it.

Consult your business idea with a number of experts from the business community. You can learn a lot and adapt your idea to potential customers.

Invest without prior experience and learning, is one of the most frequent mistakes new entrepreneurs.

2. Slow market entry

Although the need to do a consultation, but you need to know, a lot of business ideas fail because it is too long to be realized. Realize the business idea must be done strategically.

Do not spend too much time to realize the ideas and features of your business. All you have to do first is to focus and develop your most valuable product, release and observe how consumers respond.

We recommend that you do not go overboard in building a variety of ideas at one time but it is not finished. It can make you fail to achieve success.

3. Not knowing when to `slam stir`

Through a variety of efforts to validate the notion that done quickly, you may be faced with unexpected conditions. Instead of ignoring all that has been learned, it is better to adjust your business model to prevent failure. Many successful business since changing the business.

4. Too many businesses receive input

Put smart can make your business succeed, but also failed. Ignoring it can make you lose your chance for success.

Conversely, too much input is also dangerous. Expand relationships with experienced entrepreneurs who’ve built and sold his business in your industry field.

Suggestions for you, choose a business advisers specializing in the field you are, not in all areas of business.

5. No marketing, no matter

Too many entrepreneurs think great business idea will grow by itself. In fact, seeks to strengthen online marketing is one thing that must be done every company.

One that can be done is to optimize the search engine (search engine) so that your products are easily found on the internet.

6. No priority to consumer

Products and outstanding marketing concept becomes useless if it is not in accordance with the wishes of consumers. They will not buy it and you will not benefit.

You should recognize the needs of consumers before launching a product. After inaugurating the product, communication with consumers must be maintained.

7. One took the decision fundraising

Without money, you can not set up a business. But that must be taken into account is you how much you need and how to get it.

How to fund management is important to determine the appropriate funding strategy. That way, you can decide which one is right for your business.

8. Less network business

In the end, success depends on the people you know. If you’ve never talked to severe consumer and industry experts, then you will easily lose business opportunities.

Expanding the network should be included in the to-do list. As an entrepreneur, you have to know and be known by many people.

9. Hiring the wrong person

Brilliant ideas do not guarantee a success. But the people who work for you with a myriad of ideas can make you successful.

So it is important for you to look for employees who can work fast and have a high concern to the company. As a boss, you need people with different abilities. But you will also need the hardware to a specific task.