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Doing Business Do not Know the Words Retirement

Small-BusinessThe key to business success is confidence in pairs. This is what has been experienced and tested on a pair Yenny Widjaja (58) with the late Sukyatno Nugroho, founder of the restaurant Es Teler 77.

Yenny tells her husband not only pass on the restaurant that is now growing in some countries in Asia. For him, building a business as a couple also needs to foster trust.

“He inherited an example that can never be forgotten. Her husband never wants to suppress wife. Always motivated by providing the right. Never forbid,” he said with emotion, when met at the launch of the book Female Compass on a business trip and a warning Es Teler 77 anniversary Sukyatno Nugroho some time ago.

Curb the attitude of the husband makes more eager to undergo Yenny restaurant with a menu of home-based businesses belong to this family. Working without suspicion make the business run smoothly without the barriers of conflict within the couple.

“It takes trust. If I am busy with the affairs of the kitchen, the husband was busy with his duties as marketing. Working unsuspectingly added spirit,” he continued, adding that the division of tasks is also made ​​freely explore the menu in her kitchen.

The spirit is still with Yenny to continue doing business with his sister and her son. Even businesses as a source of pride for women Yenny, and mothers who give an example to their children.

“There’s no retiring in entrepreneurship. During want to go through, still healthy and with a happy face,” he said again.

Quite the business through providing the spirit of life for women of three children. Business to provide activities that give rise to feelings of pleasure.

“It feels every waking, still nothing can be done, it can still plan want to do anything else today,” he said.

Hendy Setiono, the founder of the franchise Kebab Turki Baba Rafi is also building a brand Ayam Bakar Mas Mono with his wife, Nilamsari, recounts a similar experience.

The belief being said that flung firmly when asked about the secret of success in business with his wife.

“To whom else believe if not to his wife,” he explained.

The trust that is built is what makes Ayam Bakar Mas Mono grown in a year to operate. With Nilamsari leadership, culinary brand is increasingly penetrated and around Jakarta.

Right Management, the Key to Business Success Women

Business-InsuranceThe more creative women starting and running their own business. This broke that women are fragile creatures, and unable to compete in the business world, which is still dominated by men. However, there are still a lot of people – including women themselves – believe that businesses run by women is difficult, especially women who have housekeeping.

Difficult indeed, divide their time between business and family. But, with proper management, they can keep it running well without disturbing each other. Because the truth is, there are many basic character of women that can actually be a key factor success a business. Call it patience, emotional maturity, and ability to communicate.

Running your own business venture, women can more easily set the time, rather than when he has to work with others. The better the system of a business, the less time required by the owner to manage.

Another plus is the business itself, many types of businesses that can be done at home. A woman who had housekeeping or have children though, can still run their business. In business, a housewife may actualize himself, to develop creativity, so as not solely confined to the household affairs of the day. This will create a more open mind.

One more, with business, women can support their families. He became more self-sufficient, so have a ‘bargaining’ is higher in the presence of her husband.

Practical Ways that Business Profit Growing

business-profitBusinesses that already have you up needs to be developed, with the growing business prospects and raise profits.

1. Number of prospects

You need to execute a strategy to bring in prospects. Start open longer operational hours. Besides doing well strategic partnerships with other business related field. As a business owner, you still need to maintain a relationship, do networking that can extend your relationship. One of them is by attending various seminars that can bring you to the market. Another way that you can do to improve the prospects are doing marketing programs through a variety of existing facilities, such as telephone, mail, referrals structured, re-write the ad, make stickers, brochures, and even benefit also in the school bulletin board if the product is appropriate market segments.

Make also attach a business card and also advertising on the internet so that more and more prospects are netted

Expand your territory also attempt to open a new branch or move the business to a more strategic location can also be a way to hook the prospect.

2. The conversion rate

The next step is to make the prospect had become customers. Internally, there are several things you need to prepare, such as:
* Define sales targets
* Make sales script or letter of offer
* Make a list of the uniqueness of the product or service you offer
* Make a written warranty
* Create a membership card

After this preparation, do education to provide the value of the goods or services. Focus on value rather than price, including the production process and work your way. Give an example not just theorize. Then, ask your prospects to buy the products you offer. Thereafter, for testimonials from your customers for marketing and promotional needs.

3. The number of transactions

Having managed to hook the customer, the next mission to increase your business and profits are increasing the amount of the transaction. How:
* Make customers feel special by giving more than promised or reward on subsequent visits. You also specify the service customer satisfaction.
* Create a system to remind customers, about the promotion and other related products.
* Create a customer database that is neat and complete.

4. The average sales

If the number of transactions is increasing, it’s time upgrade sales. To increase average sales, do not hesitate to raise the selling price. This is where you as the owner time to start delegating the task of selling to people you trust. Portions are more business owners to set up a system of purchase and beautify the appearance of your business.

Practical ways to increase sales include:
* Give bonuses for a certain purchase amount.
* Facilitate the payment, the system of debit or credit cards for example. This means your business must already build affiliation with the bank.
* Selling wholesale systems or buy 3 get one free program.

5. Margin

Raising margin will give higher profits for your business. How:
* Focus and sell more high-margin product number.
* Begin to focus on the upscale market segment with higher purchasing power.
* Only accept cash payments.

“To get a larger margin can also be done by limiting spending. Make the budget expenditures and reduce overtime costs