10 creative ways to make money

By | May 9, 2016

Who does not want to have a lot of money? Certainly almost all of us want that. If you are among those who want to earn a lot of money but do not have enough time to take a lot of work, looking for a passive income (passive income) may be a pretty good alternative.


Here are some ideas to earn extra income that is worth a try:

1. Take advantage of credit card bonus

If you always pay your credit card each month, use the rewards earned for all of your purchases. It becomes the easiest way to earn extra money every year is certainly a fun way. To maximize your earnings, choose a credit card that gives the highest cashback.

2. Find an online store that offers cash back

If you buy something online, try to open the sites that offer a percentage of your purchase back in the form of gifts or cashback.

3. Maximize interest income

Move your savings to banks offering high interest rates. If you’re not going to need the money for a while, consider putting into savings deposits which provide higher interest rates.

4. Rent of goods or unused assets

Do not let the helpful items around your unused. If you are observant, these items can bring in money by renting out the goods. Goods or assets that can be leased, including homes, vehicles or fashion products such as bags and shoes.

However, make sure you understand the risks that occur when the goods are used by others. At least, the items included in adequate insurance to cover possible bad happens.

5. Sell plant

If you have a field soil, you can plant trees or other plants that can later be resold. You also can plant fruit trees that do not require special expertise in care.

6. Sell used items or antiques

If you have the goods used or unused antique, create a mini stand in front of your house. Make the stand as unique as possible so that buyers want to come over and buy the goods you sell.

7. Advertise runs on car

Have a unique car and likes to spend a lot of time on the road? It allows you to do business ads to run. You can rent out advertising space on the rear window of your car. So you can get a monthly income from your everyday mobility.

8. Investment in shares

By investing in shares in companies that pay dividends, will get you the annual income passively from the company. Try to look for companies going public that have good prospects for the future.

9. Investments rental property

You can buy an inexpensive property and rent it to earn a monthly income. However, if you do not want to deal directly in the technical problems that will occur on your property, consider hiring a property manager to do so.

10. Sell ideas

If you have a lot of great ideas that are useful for other people, you can change it, into an e-book, application or other products that can be sold. By doing this, you are guaranteed to not have to work hardest because your money will be collected by itself.